One thought on “Blog post title”

    “Should he stay-or should he go”!?
    For the purpose of this discussion I’ll state-Mueller appears to be a bi-partisan, fair prosecutor to most people.
    Does that have anything to do with his mandate to investigate and now expand the Russia/Trump Campaign investigation to “Obstruction of Justice” involving the firing of FBI Director, now “de-merited” Boy Scout image Jim Comey?
    First, we know that President Trump himself was not and is not a part of the “Russian Collusion” which seems to be evaporating like a morning fog.
    Second we know that according to all reports, in 11 months no evidence of any collusion with the Russians and the Trump Campaign Team has immerged.
    Third, as far as Obstruction of Justice, no order was given to stop the investigation of General Flynn and if he had ordered it he had Constitutional authority to do it.
    With these things in mind, it would appear that the hiring of Mueller was a bit premature and now that Comey’s testimony and Attorney General Sessions has been conducted, all pertinent questions as to whether a “crime” has been committed have been answered.
    We have a Constitution that separates powers. President Trump has not violated this supreme law of the land.
    Special Counsel Mueller must now seek a “crime”, instead of investigate a crime. He must dig until he finds one or he and his staff are merely useless appendages that need to be gotten rid.
    My recommendation is this—–President Trump should carefully prepare a statement as to how we came to be where we are.
    He should delineate the Constitutional authority that he has exercised in firing Director Comey for which he has multiple excuses.
    He should carefully lay out the reason for bringing in a Special Counsel and show clearly that those reasons have evaporated with evidence of no crime, no prosecution should result.
    He should point out carefully how time and treasure will be used to pursue rabbit trails to find a crime while the real issues before the country and the reasons he was elected are ignored.
    He should ask for time on National TV to speak to the Nation and lay out a case that is persuasive and in the National interest. I believe he should not “fire” the Special Counsel but ask him in the interest of the nation to end his investigation and step down.
    I believe if this is what happens, he will have overwhelming support even from “some” Democrats. I believe, the American people want to move on from the never ending attacks on the man they elected who is trying to enact the agenda they elected him to put in place.
    I pray that this scenario or something akin to it will take place.


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