Why is this “Rev” allowed to travel America preaching hate and calling for the murder of American citizens?~RJH

kill louis We are going to start a journey through a series of articles that show who sows the seeds of hatred in America!! Who uses the same m.o. and who is dividing America.

This is not about equality!! This is about revenge,retribution!! Why do I not hear about Islam and the Muslim slave trade.Muslims selling African slave in Libya. American media silent This is a problem in the modern-day world, yet no mention of real oppressed Africans. Silence from the Black Lives Matter movement also. I find that “interesting” to be politically correct, and play the liberal verbal venom game.

If you are going to cry about human rights make sure it is for all human not just a one race!!! This hate speech and “oppression” talk come from Black liberation theology. I will be writing further on this subject . Former President Obama was a lifelong member of a church in Chicago that taught it and is the real name of the BLM (Black Liberation Movement) If black lives mattered to BLM wouldn’t they be in the inner cities after those killing all the black youth? The Gangs? More blacks die by the hand of other Blacks in America than the KKK killed in its history!!! Black on black murder.

Our media has sold you white guilt to make you complacent. They have programmed your mind to the point where what ever you say it is racist if it does not fit their narrow view!! Now we are back to segregation but from whites. MLK would be so proud!!! In America on our Universities  ” A day without whites?” I ask what is next? A week , month, a year, forever? What is the goal? This poison has to be stopped !!!

Retaliation louis


Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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