Bombshell from Fox Business news!! #AMERICANPRIDE ~RJH

The scandals and cover-ups in the last administration dwarf any in the history of America!! In Benghazi people died and the past administration lied saying it was all over a video. Was anyone held responsible?

Arrotney General was censored by Congress for committing perjury. Think about that for a minute. Here the top law enforcement officer in the land lied to Congress under oath and committed the felony of perjury!!! He ran the DOJ so who was going to prosecute? No accountability. He violated WE THE PEOPLES trust and then would lecture us as an activist even bragged about being one. He committed Perjury over the FAST ANS FURIOUS scandal that left a border agent and fellow American citizen dead.

Now we have this report from Fox, Courtesy of Fox Business news. Shocking video Courtesy of Fox Business news. Shocking video

Today we are having hirings on a smokescreen devised to distract from the crimes and treason of the past Administration!! Their journalist hacks in the “news” claim “facts” from unknown sources!!! They need the Russian Bogeyman to cover up their crimes!!!


Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

3 thoughts on “Bombshell from Fox Business news!! #AMERICANPRIDE ~RJH”

  1. With this added to the coverips, 0 accountability for their trail’s of blood. Myself as well as mine , with so many more remember, witnessed, still hold dear to our hearts Ruby Ridge. Though there really is no actual Ruby Ridge, the place I speak of is named so due to what happened. Ruby Ridge —Randy Weaver Book . So many deaths go by. Failure of all top officials, Failure of our states elected officials everywhere are failing we the people. Judges off their damn rockers, on and on. For they all commit murder , makeing all we the people live by criminals laws. MmmmmmmMmmmMmmm

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