“Children should be able to do anything they want?” #AMERICANPRIDE

Is this what the liberals think is normal? This is an amazing video!! IF your parents don’t agree you need new parents. Sounds like this poor little girl needs some that are for sure.

Why is this acceptable behavior? Why if we speak against this are we labeled bigot by that verbal assault weapon of political correctness? Rules on free speech do not equal free speech. You can not silence one side using your right to free speech “safe spaces” You can not DEMAND another opposing opinion remain silent!!

Watch the video for yourselves!! See for yourself click to watch!! This is the liberal Utopia? It is time to end this poison running through this country. We must stand up and DEMAND better from ourselves!!! This does not represent WE THE PEOPLE!!! ~RJH

Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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