What has happened to the self-proclaimed “party of the tolerant? #AMERICANPRIDE

First, let me make one thing clear!!!  I will not listen to this is “art” smoke and mirrors fantasy!!! This is disrespectful to all of us that voted for this man!! We voted more to get people who make this venom and call it entertainment out of power!! We are tired of you embarrassing us!! We are sick of your lectures and lies!!

We The People DEMAND honesty and freedom!! Here you have a “play” that ends in the assassination of our duly elected President of The United States. New York City play !!! Are you American citizens? Do you not have this countries best interest at heart?. I see commy flags at liberal political rallies not conservative. Who have the Russian connections and shady bedfellow?

We The People deserve the TRUTH!! We tire of the lies and deceit. We want politicians that understand what public service means. Hint: it is not self-service!! If you get rich serving the public, you failed the public!!! We are tired of the hate and poison coming from the left!! We are tired of being called names because our opinions do not match your Marxist agenda. We are tired of your “division” politics that divide American citizens by any way possible.

Enough is enough. There was no Russian Bogeyman !! Want those that committed crimes in the last administration to pay the piper!! Show us they are not above the law like they seem to be!! Show us Justice is still blind in this country and has not sold out to the highest bidder!!

Trump may turn out to be a bad President, but he deserves a chance!! He is the President! Get over it and help make this country great again instead of hurting it. United we are strong divided we fall Limited govIt is time to Stand for our rights. use or voices and exercise our FREE SPEECH. Tell the lunatics who push this dribble that we will not accept it anymore!! WE THE PEOPLE ARE #SNOWFLAKEMELTING !!  Please feel free to leave comments below!!! #AMERICANPRIDE ~RJH

Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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