Healthcare Speech to the Nation

1. Government Insurance isn’t Healthcare. (Which is what you want.) Government managing and insuring people for health incidents will lead to more programs like Medicare and Medicaid—both broke and growing progressively more bankrupt and irredeemable daily.
2. Healthcare is a personal, private matter that each of us should consider a PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY so as not to become insolvent and a burden to others. It is primarily only suitable for CATASTROPHIC accidents and diseases as normal checkups, tests, etc. become exorbitantly expensive when doctors and hospitals have to satisfy Insurance Co.’s and the Government that they are doing what needs to be done, nothing else and they are not over-stepping the guidelines of either.
This MEANS your routine healthcare costs go way up, needless tests and medications are recommended so the aforementioned Doctors and Hospitals cover their butts.
3. We expect Americans to be responsible adults, buying the catastrophic insurance (cheaply) early on for themselves and their children to avoid financial calamity. This can be done through straight catastrophic and Health Savings plans now on the market. As we remove MANDATES for procedures that most people won’t have or desire to have covered this insurance will be far cheaper.
4. FACE the FACTS–Half of all births in this country are now paid for by Medicaid. Medicaid is now available to people able to pay for their own insurance who make 400% of the poverty level. Many of the births are to non-resident visitors or illegals who have slipped in or visa over-stayers. Those babies are automatically American Citizens through what we believe are erroneous Court decisions of the past and we are going to re-visit those cases. GREAT Savings will accrue when those able to buy what will be affordable insurance on their own and we get the non-citizens off the Medicaid roles.
5. We expect Congress to act responsibly, quit posturing, and pass legislation at the Federal and State levels that allow actual competition between Insurance Providers, Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics and etc.
6. This is America, the greatest experiment in self-rule and free markets the world has ever seen.
We must not lose it because we have become a nation of bureaucrats checking up on others, telling them what they need and how much they need of it AND CITIZENS WHO ALLOW IT!!
I ask you my fellow Americans to stand up and declare that you are responsible and “if” the bureaucrats, congressmen and women will allow it, the healthcare crisis, which is actually an insurance crisis in America will be over.



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