President Trump and Tweet’s

Joe and Mika–

For months now Morning Joe (MSNBC Show) hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, have been mercilessly taunting and defaming our commander-in-Chief.

First they couldn’t get enough of him in the 2015 through early 2016 months of his campaign, then after begging him to come on, great interviews, even visiting the Presidential Candidate at Mara Lago, they started with seemingly no cause to castigate him and doubt his ability to be President and that he even qualified to be a candidate.??

My guess what happened–They got the memo–Donald J. Trump was not one of them, not one of those who should be favored by the left-wing media. It probably wrote something like this–MIKA and JOE? You’re playing on the Democrat team . The novelty of DJT has worn off and now he is an actual threat-GET IN LINE or GET OUT!

My guess this or something like this happened. At any rate the long knives came out DJT could no longer do anything right or be considered clinically sane when it came to occupying the Ova Office.

After the election it got really intense because he had won. Now, how do we keep him out of office or get him out as quickly as possible.

The left-wing media has been vicious. None more vicious than Mika and Joe.

Is it Presidential to tweet that Mika didn’t look like good company after her cosmetic surgery and after the way they treated him on air DJT didn’t actually want them around? That’s the way “OUR” President handled it.

All the crazy channels can handle him the way they have been and maybe worse. He’s our guy and he doesn’t take guff from light-weight media stars.

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