Why Was Anthony Weiners Case Sealed in the First Place?

We all know about the disgraced Ex-senator!! We all also know he was married to Hillary’s confidant and Top Aid Huma Abedin. What we do not know is why this case was sealed. This is an unusual practice. There are only a few reasons why this happens.

The rumors are it is going to be unsealed. Why was it sealed in the first place? This question demands an answer after all the “conspiracy” that has been uncovered during the elections by his wife’s boss and the DNC.


Records are commonly sealed in a number of situations:

  • Sealed birth records (usually for so-called closed adoption, in which the birthparents’ identity is usually anonymous)
  • Juvenile criminal records may be sealed
  • Other types of cases involving juveniles may be sealed, anonymized, or pseudonymized (“impounded”); e.g., child sex offense or custody cases
  • Cases using witness protection information may be partly sealed
  • Cases involving trade secrets
  • Cases involving state secrets

    They even tried to divorce in secret

    “Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz has decided to remove the ” Anonymous vs. Anonymous ” designation from the pending lawsuit.

    A court spokesman confirmed that the case will soon be referred to in public records as Abedin vs. Weiner. Matrimonial records are sealed and the judge chose not to use his authority to release his decision about the anonymous caption.” reported by New York Post

    If this falls under the state secret category this may get more interesting. Could there be information on that laptop that confirms the DNC spied on Donald Trump? They could have easily redacted the Minors name that he was sexting.                             Why divorce in secret? What are they afraid that may become Public Record.           Isn’t it, We The People Vs. Anthony Weiner?  Don’t we have the right to know? The public record is where any other citizens records would go. Is this more cover-up by the last administration?                                                                                                                  It is time to come clean to the American people. We are tired of this circus. The media has not been honest the DNC has not been honest and one thing they all forget is they work for We The People. ~RJH

Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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