Does Voter Fraud Happen in America! A Look at The Eye Opening Facts!!

Does voter fraud exist in America? If so, who is responsible? Any responsible America should want fair elections, or do they? Will some do anything to win including committing fraud on We The People?

A none for profit organization called True The Vote Started because “True the Vote was established in 2009, after a small group of volunteers worked at our local polls and witnessed firsthand both the need for well-trained election workers and blatant, undeniable acts of election fraud. Since then, we’ve continued to grow – and now we’re a national organization, providing comprehensive, state-specific programs of education, research, and support for volunteers in all 50 states. We have empowered fellow citizens, increased public awareness, advocated for continued election improvements and reforms, and spoken out about the misleading messaging of those who insist voter fraud does not exist. It does.

This was during the Obama Administration and the constant media blitz of “Voter I. D.” is Racist.  At this point in this modern age, I for one would like a list of what is racist and what isn’t. It is so confusing!!! This poor woman was targeted by the liberal machine with Obama at its head for wanting Fair Elections. Let that sink in. The power of the Federal government was unleashed on this American citizen by multiple federal agencies, and her crime was simply wanting fair elections!!

Actions speak louder than words. You know a tree by the fruit it bears. If there is NO VOTER FRAUD WHY ARE LIBERALS SO SCARED OF AN INVESTIGATION INTO IT? A quick google search will bring you to almost every media source saying voter fraud does not happen.

I can show you why this was such a threat to Obama. It was the means by which he was elected and re-elected and why Hillary “won the popular vote”!

Ex-ACORN worker: ‘I paid the price’ for voter registration fraud This is from CNN!! “ACORN said it has registered well more than 1 million voters, most of them Democrats. Though the group is under investigation in a number of swing states, such as Ohio and Nevada, amid accusations that it turned in fake voter registration cards, Schnapper said” “there’s no evidence that any worker intended to commit voter fraud and actually take those names, produce phony identification and vote on Election Day.

There are 2,000times it happened in the first Obama election, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. voter fraud

Here is a story that is supposed to be there but somehow disappeared, HMMM!!!

18 Former ACORN Workers Have Been Convicted or Admitted Guilt in Election Fraud By Fox News report of 18 convictions across many states. So for the National media and liberals to say this never happens is just another lie they tell to cover their actions.

Did you ever wonder why the national media was so sure Hillary was going to be our president? This had worked for Obama twice. Of course, there were no real investigations into voter fraud. Why would he expose his misdeeds? In fact, as you see with True the vote you better not go near this issue!!!! Think My fellow citizens Think!!

When Donald Trump wanted an investigation into this issue he was met with resistance from many states. Why? The cited “privacy issues” They all of a sudden are worried about our information being sent over an unsecured server. Seriously? After the Hilliary email fiasco now you are concerned? All the info that the Federal government wanted to ensure FAIR ELECTIONS AND STOP FRAUD is public knowledge record anyway.

Yet here is another report on voter fraud from the Washington Times: No, voter fraud isn’t a myth: 10 cases where it’s all too real ”

As Donald Trump takes on the Republican establishment, Democrats, and the mainstream media, he’s telling supporters they’re fighting against a “rigged” system, rife with voter fraud and those eager to protect the status quo. The left, predictably, says this type of talk is “dangerous” to the integrity of our electoral system, and then glibly asks for Mr. Trump to prove his voter fraud allegations.

This is where the left is wrong: The argument isn’t whether voter fraud is real, but how widespread it is. Here are 10 examples documenting that voter fraud isn’t a myth and how Mr. Trump’s claims aren’t just speculation.”

Let me ask you, my fellow citizens, DO YOU THINK VOTER FRAUD EXISTS IN AMERICA? Have you had enough of this liberal fraud perpetrated on We The People and staining the reputation of America? I ask is this a part of the liberal agenda to destroy freedom in America and push their socialist/Marxist agenda!! Now does it make more sense when Obama Promised: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”? So declared Barack Obama in Columbia, Missouri on October 30, 2008, on the cusp of his historic presidential election.

I leave you one more video from an organization doing tremendous undercover work exposing voter corruption, union corruption and media corruption, Project Veritas Action. They have undercover videos on The Trump/Hillary election also that I will do another article on!! Please go look for yourself and discover real journalism in action!!

Not only do Mexican citizens vote in our elections they are assisted by the Democratic Party!! Why no National media coverage? ~RJH



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Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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