Levoy Finicum the Real Hands up Don’t Shoot story in America! Uness you ask The National Media!!

While our “President” Obama was touting the BLM and encouraging “protest” over media spun stories of Justified shootings of criminals as injustice this story got negative press by the media. Why? was it their race? Was it they stood up to an unjust overpowering federal government?

Here is a video of the whole event.

Here is a video of Levoy getting out of the car in slow motion. It shows His hands up in the air and bullets hitting the window immediately. His hands were over his head as he was being gunned down.

The whole thing stinks. When they were “pulled over” it was not a marked state patrol car. It was in a cell dead zone by unmarked black vehicles with police in swat gear armed to the teeth. When they left to go to the sheriff’s office up the road were more black vehicles blocking off the road. Is this a routine traffic cop or a planned takedown?

How did the media report this? They labeled the Ati Government. Is that the truth? Or were they anti illegal government? For generations, they have ranched the disputed land. This protest was because of the Obama Administrations reversal on watershed rights that were recognized until the Obama Marxist Administration.

These citizens were charged with terrorism and later acquited. FBI agent indicted for making false statements in LeVoy Finicum shooting  Once again the media was silent.

What was all of this over? Here is a full-length documentary on the incident and protest. If after watching this and seeing the power of the Federal Government and it’s abuse of fellow citizens you are not Angry please pack your bags and get out.

The outrage and complete disregard for the rule of law during the Obama administration has brought America to its knees through division politics. Divide and conquer. With a sold out, traitorous national media do we stand a chance? Boycott the mainstream media!!

Here is a link to American Standoff   a full-length Documentary. please, watch this instead of your nightly news. Facts and Truth are what you should seek!!~RJH



Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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