Did The Democratic Party Commit Domestic Terrorism During The Elections?

Why has the National media ignored this eye opening undercover footage? These are the same con artist that sell you Trump and Russia colluded!!~RJH

Obama said you can not rig an election in America. Have we forgotten what city he comes from? His arrogance is amazing. His disregard for the rule of laws was so evident throughout his whole administration.

Why was a Trump win so dangerous to the DNC and their cronies in the press? Why are they going full throttle to find a shred of evidence or wrongdoing to impeach the duly elected president of the United States? Why do our fellow citizens fall for this, parroting talking points from obviously corrupt “media”? Why won’t they look at the evidence anyone can see if they take an honest look at the leaked emails?

Could they be trying to save themselves a long stay in a 6 by 9? More truth leaks out every day as the spin masters try to keep from being exposed. Why does the media ignore the real investigative journalism of Project Veritas?

After their first undercover video hit social media.  ProjectVeritas was scheduled on national news programs to discuss their video. They pulled the plug out of fear of the Clinton Crime Cartel. Should the Free Press Fear a President or should a President Fear the Free Press?

Look what happened to the American Hero Seth Rich for leaking their emails to wiki leaks (the reason they never gave their server to the FBI). Human nature is predictable. I ask why No Democrat is calling for the solving of Seth Rich’s gangster style murder. Why have they not used his murder to further their gun control efforts? Would it not be the perfect fit? Those are the questions reporters need to ask.

Here is the first episode in Project Veritas’s Undercover work of the corrupt Hillary Campaign and the total disregard to law, morals, and ethics!!! The FBI may have sent an agent into the Trump Campaign, but Project Veritas has Trumped them!! Is Putting A Spy In The Trump Campaign Treason?


This video doesn’t exist

So what have we learned here? First, and for most, America made the right choice!! After watching these videos it was against all odds!!! No matter your opinion on Donald Trump this is not how America is supposed to work!! They sent agitators to Trump rallies to start trouble and then smear Trump and his supporters for the violence!!!! Agitator training?

The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations defines terrorism as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives

     UNION GUYS WILL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT THEY ARE TOLD: Unions are bad for a Republic and sow seeds of discontent!!!!

We are watching the same people who did this to We The People smear the President we elected. Has honor, respect, and truth left America? Is this the new “social justice” we hear so much about?

Here is video II


This video doesn’t exist


     They took advantage of the Mentally ILL!!

devil hillary

The same media that will not cover this obvious rigging of an election will, but be the first to tell you there is no voter fraud!!! They believe the American citizens are stupid!!! If this does not offend you, you need to research what it is to be an American!!!

      Is it no wonder the Democratic party is against voter I.D. laws? That would make their job of fraud much harder !!! 


Video III:


This video doesn’t exist


      This is a political party that is supposed to be about PUBLIC SERVICE. They are only interested in SERVICING THEMSELVES!!!! What a shame they are to all those men and woman who laid down their lives to ensure freedom in America. 

Coordinated efforts to disrupt Trump rallies in an effort to smear Donald Trump in the press. The sad part is the “Press” was all too willing to help!!!

 What laws haven’t they violated? 

Video IV:


This video doesn’t exist

After watching this undercover videos an HONEST person would have to be offended. Elections in America should be HONEST!! Have we slid so far down the moral ladder that this is viewed as OK by our fellow Americans? Is this what America stands for today?

After watching this is it a far stretch to see that the DNC tried to set Donald Trump up with this Russian ghost story? This shows them as obvious liars and cheats. Are we suppose to believe that they now are telling the truth and care about WE THE PEOPLE!

Why has the media decided to ignore this eye-opening footage? Is our media so corrupt that we can no longer trust them? I implore my fellow citizens who have a shred of morality to use social media to shame the national media. There is tremendous power in FREE SPEECH!! What can YOU do? SHARE, SHARE AMD SHARE until these criminals are where they belong!!~RJH




Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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