Low Birth Rates Historically Destroy A Race And Culture!!!

What are birth rates and why do they matter?



It seems that in modern America we want everything fast and immediate. Most of us seldom take the time to really look into anything we read or see on the news. Many after working another long tiring day just want to put our feet up and relax. It is just Human nature. I have been researching the issue of Birth Rates for a few years. I have touched on it here and there, yet never in depth.  I will try to explain THE IMPORTANCE OF BIRTH RATES AND HOW IT AFFECTS RACE AND  A CULTURES SURVIVAL TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY:

We will start with the U.S. Birthrates:birth rates by race in America

This is one of the big reasons I am against Country Crossing on our Southern border. The media plays on our emotions and goodness while this is not in America’s best interest nor any countries.

Sub-replacement fertility is a total fertility rate (TFR) that (if sustained) leads to each new generation being less populous than the older, previous one in a given area. In developed countries, sub-replacement fertility is any rate below approximately 2.1 children born per woman, but the threshold can be as high as 3.4 in some developing countries because of higher mortality rates. From, Wikipedia, Sub-replacement fertility

An interesting fact about marriage pops up “A study of the United States and multiple countries in Europe came to the result that women who continue to cohabit rather than get married after birth have a significantly lower probability of having a second child than married women in all countries except those in Eastern Europe.[25] Another study, on the contrary, came to the result that cohabiting couples in France have equal fertility as married ones.[26]

A large survey in the United States came to the result that married women had an average of 1.9 children, compared to 1.3 among those cohabiting. The corresponding numbers for men were 1.7 and 1.1, respectively. The difference of 0.6 children for both sexes was expected to decrease to between 0.2 and 0.3 over the lifetime when correcting for the confounder that married people have their children earlier in life.[27] In the United States, those who cohabit without marrying had increased fertility when the male earns considerably more than the female” God’s Law leads to Survival!!!

According to the World Population Review: ” The United States is highly diverse, with many races making up the total population of more than 318 million. White Americans are the majority at 73.3% of the total population (although this drops to 65.8% when the substantial Hispanic population is included). The largest minority group in the United States are Black or African Americans, making up 12.6% of the total population, while Asians represent 5.2%, although this is likely to include individuals from many different countries.” , But

“The United States has become more ethnically and racially diverse over the past century and will continue this trend into the latter half of the 21st century. By 2060, the breakdown is projected to be the following: 68.5% White (43.6% Non-Hispanic), 14.3% Black, 1.3% American Indian, and 9.3% Asian. The overall Hispanic population is expected to increase from 17.4% to 28.6%. Currently, the non-Hispanic White population is the majority demographic, representing 62.2%, but in 2044 this population is expected to drop below 50% of the total population. At this point, the US will become a “majority-minority” country, where no single racial or ethnic group is more than 50% of the total population.”

As the population of White Americans declines so will our culture. Already, our values are being attacked daily by the media through the mass media lie of Political Correctness!! The media tells us how we should think, talk and act. How many of our holidays and customs are attacked every year as our voice fades more and more?Religion in America

The Judo-Christian voice and our values are attacked by every sort of perversion. Our Family values laughed at by those advocating for lawlessness as we watch law n order attack on the nightly news. No presumption of innocence until a trial and the facts come out.  Instead fast quick judgments of outrage from a small clip of the truth!!

Our kids taught to hate themselves for the color of their skin at schools in America. All of this from a voice DEMANDING SOCIAL JUSTICE!!! While rioting and destroying other Citizens business and property!!

We are not alone in this fight. All Around the world, Western Culture is under attack. Refugees flood into European countries by traitorous politicians that have betrayed Western Civilization.


“A “high” migration scenario projects the record flow of refugees into Europe between 2014 and 2016 to continue indefinitely into the future with the same religious composition — namely Islamic — in addition to the typical annual flow of regular migrants. In this scenario, the number of Muslims could reach 75.6 million, or 14% of Europe’s population by 2050 — nearly triple the current share.

The impact of these scenarios on different European countries is astounding: Under the high-migration scenario, for instance, the Muslim population of Sweden — a formerly homogeneous Christian country — would reach nearly one-third (30.6%) of the overall population by 2050, followed by Cyprus (28.3%), Austria (19.9%), Germany (19.7%), Belgium (18.2%), France (18%), Norway (17%), Britain (16.7%), Denmark (16%), Netherlands (15.2%), Finland (15%) and Italy (14.1%).

The raw numbers are equally jarring:

  • In Germany, the Muslim population would increase from 4,950,000 (6%) today to 17,490,000 (around 20%) by 2050 in the high scenario, compared to 11% in the medium scenario and 9% with no further Muslim migration.
  • In France, the Muslim population would increase from 5,720,000 (8.8%) today to 13,210,000 (18%) by 2050 in the high scenario, compared with 17.4% in the medium scenario and 12.7% with no further Muslim migration.
  • In Britain, the Muslim population would increase from 4,130,000 (6.3%) today to 13,480,000 (17.2%) in the high scenario, compared to 6.7% in the medium scenario and 9.7% with no further Muslim migration.
  • In Belgium, the Muslim population would increase from 870,000 (7.6%) today to 2,580,000 (18.2%) in the high scenario, compared to 15.1% in the medium scenario and 11.1% with no further Muslim migration

From: The Gatestone Institute in, How Many Muslims in Europe? Pew’s Projections Fall Short

As White European birth rates fall to dangerously low levels Islam allows for the marrying of young girls and more than one wife. How will Europe deal with this in the future?

Let’s put this in a little perspective!! Here the Dallas News in: Muslim Brotherhood’s papers detail plan to seize U.S. Reports, ” A 1991 strategy paper for the Brotherhood, often referred to as the Ikhwan in Arabic, found in the Virginia home of an unindicted co-conspirator in the case, describes the group’s U.S. goals, referred to as a “civilization-jihadist process.”  YES, “A CIVILIZATION JIHAD”  Their words not mine!!!! Islam will tell you exactly what they are up to if you listen to them instead of what our’media” says about them. Why the deception from our “media”? 

What stands in the way of this Plan? The American Christian that believes in Freedom!!! Our morals and those set forth by our laws and Constitution will never co-exist with Saria law which EVERY MUSLIM BELIEVES ID THE SUPREME LAW NO MATTER THE SOIL UNDER THEIR FEET!!

    SO WHY THE DECEPTION OF ISLAM EQUALS PEACE? 1 Thessalonians 5:3 “While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.”

Globally, Muslims have the highest fertility rate, an average of 3.1 children per woman—well above replacement level (2.1) due to the young age of Muslims. They knew they could not take America by force, They are trying to take our WILL!! So many in America are brainwashed into thinking Muslim equals Race, Islam is a religion and oppressive culture. They will destroy anything and anyone who dares to stand in their way of world domination and use their “holy” book as justification.

Please, wake up to what is right in front of your eyes my fellow citizens. Please look at the facts and evidence before you pass judgment. Civil is our way.  If you do not believe me listen to this Muslim tell a man in Germany how they will DEFEAT them.

Please, do not take my word for it take theirs!! Think about the future of your kids and their kids!! This is the foremost reason to end Illegal immigration. Stop looking the other way and get involved. Use the 1st Amendment and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE~RJH









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Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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