Mexican Citizens In America Illegally Turn On Nancy Pelosi!

Nancy Pelosi gets a taste of the unruly unassimilated Mexican Citizen in America illegally. More important is the statement by the Illegal Alien who thinks that if you pay taxes you are an American. This would make any foreigner who pays a sales tax on a visit here a Citizen. Wow!!


He also threatens political action if both parties do not give in to their DEMANDS!

What does he mean by that? Is Mexico trying to influence our elections? See my article DEMANDING AN EQUAL INVESTIGATION INTO MEXICO’S INFLUENCE IN OUR PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION AS RUSSIA’S This is a much bigger threat to the integrity of American Elections. millions of Mexican citizens in America and no voter ID law. What could go wrong? They are not supposed to work in America either but present fraudulent documents to skirt those laws. Is it too much of a stretch to think they would not do the same in our elections?

Here are some articles on voter fraud.

Did The Democratic Party Commit Domestic Terrorism During The Elections?

Does Voter Fraud Happen in America! A Look at The Eye-Opening Facts!!

It is time to elect politicians that actually work for the American citizen!!~RJH

Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

2 thoughts on “Mexican Citizens In America Illegally Turn On Nancy Pelosi!”

  1. Tucker ,You have to think more in line of locust ;).
    They come to a place and destroy ,pillage and plunder . When they decide to go home . They will steal a truck/trailer and take what they want until they cross the United States border .
    They are now rich in their country ,not to mention the money they have been wiring home for years . Rape and murder along the way ,sure ;).
    These so called anchor babies who only know American ;). That is bull and no fault of America . Let them sue their parents, in their country :). Bye-bye to ALL illegals.
    It matters not how you broke the Law . It matters that you broke the law . Here,We call it guilty by association .
    I will say for the millionth time .
    We will treat you how your country treats illegals entering there ;). Enough said .
    You come to my country ,because your economy is bad,but you then cause our country to become economically unstable for the Working American ,even the jobs our high school kids need . You terrorize any who are not illegals our you push your primos dope on them. Then hook them up with an illegal get pregnant with them and they are citizens and your familia is fixing to get bigger and bigger ;).
    How do i know this ?
    Long story Tuck and it involves our government and drug cartels,coyotes,ice backs and wet backs and last but not least . We are on their land illegally,ask them ;).
    I can not help but shake my head at Our elected-representatives ,afraid of hurting some savage illegal criminals feelings ,over those of We the People !
    When the housing bubble burst and the bail outs came . How many Trillions did that cost We the People ? Yet I offered a bail out program that started with giving every American citizen , One million dollars,minus all debt they owed . Estimated cost one point three Trillion dollars ;). And i was accused of wanting to bankrupt America ;).
    Stay the Way sir , together we will ,separate we “hope” ;). Think on it .
    Thanks for your show :).

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