President Trump is now being maligned by the unfair fake news for not pardoning or commuting the sentences of vast multitudes of so-called ‘nonviolent drug dealers’ as Obama did. First of all the term ‘nonviolent drug dealers’ is a complete misnomer. Most of these folks are underworld figures who would mow down anyone who crossed them and no doubt have; not to mention the crimes many of them committed after Obama cut them loose. Most of these so-called ‘nonviolent drug dealers’, who Obama unleashed upon America like a plague of locusts, had rap sheets as long as your arm. Do the math!

Putting aside the nature of this rogue’s gallery and all of the violent crimes they didn’t get caught for before and after Obama emancipated them, let’s consider the human toll that these so-called ‘nonviolent drug dealers’ exacted and many are undoubtedly still exacting upon their victims. Let’s weigh in the balances the horrible damage that their trafficking of controlled substances to our children has caused, resulting in many deaths by drug overdoses and the frying of many of our children’s brains brought about by them taking synthetic drugs and drugs laced or cut with all manner of lethally toxic substances. Can the deaths and the ruining of the lives of so many of our kids caused by the taking of the drugs sold to them by these worthless drug pushers, who Obama and the fake news thought deserved another chance to prey upon our kids, actually be called nonviolent?

Alice Johnson was convicted, and sentenced to life mind you, for attempting to ‘POSSESS’ cocaine and she was a first time offender. She was obviously done a terrible injustice in which the crime grossly did not match the punishment. She has done far more time than she should have already. President Trump corrected this injustice and rightfully commuted the sentence of this great grandmother to live out the remainder of her days with her family and no doubt continue her good works of educating young people about the ills of drug use and the benefits of living a drug free life.

This all begs the question – why didn’t Obama commute the sentence of Alice Johnson? Could it be that Alice haplessly did not fit into his agenda of his all out blitzkrieg to destroy America, one big area of this crusade being his multi-pronged effort to foment racial tensions in America in any and all ways that he possibly could. It’s actually kind of simple. Bad people do bad things. You sure can’t start a race war without some hard core agitators, or community organizers if you will. As one of Obama’s heroes, Vladimir Lennon, once said that you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

Who can forget Obama’s incitements of violence in Ferguson and Baltimore, just to name a few of the hotbeds of racial upheaval in which Obama consistently sided with the vicious mob over law enforcement. As he said – ‘I am with you’. Yet the fake news has remained silent about Obama’s blatant advocacy of lawlessness.

Not only did Obama pardon many hardened criminals in his all out assault on law abiding citizens, he unthinkably released a large number of criminal illegal aliens between 2009 and 2011 who went on to be charged with 19 murders, three attempted murders and 142 sex crimes, according to a House Judiciary Committee report.

Then there was Obama’s early release program that he said that he established supposedly to correct inequities of convictions among African Americans compared to other segments of the population. Wendell Callahan, a convicted crack dealer who left prison early as part of this mass release by the Obama administration of federal inmates was indicted by a grand jury for fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend and her two kids in Columbus, Ohio. This gruesome crime drew national attention because the children, ages 7 and 10, were murdered to eliminate them as witnesses in the brutal massacre of their 32-year-old mother.

Despite the barrage of baseless claims by the left, especially from the hollyweird crowd, that Trump is a racist and Obama was the savior of black people, the facts paint an entirely different picture. The monsters that Obama released went back home to the African American communities they were from for the most part and instead of strengthening those communities, they wreaked havoc and destruction, returning to their lives of crime like a dog to his vomit.

President Trump, on the other hand, has strengthened and brought hope to these ravaged communities. He has attained the lowest unemployment rate among African Americans in history. But you won’t hear the fake news ever mention that. And instead of furthering the tearing of the social fabric of these communities by letting more criminals loose who are the scourge of society, he instead has commuted sentences of deserving people like Alice Johnson, who should have been freed by the so-called African American savior Obama, who will actually be an asset to her community instead of an agent of it’s demise.

The bottom line is Obama was working to destroy America and Trump is fixing America. But it’s not too hard to see that this could have easily been predicted years ago. You don’t have to look any farther than Obama’s ties to the Weathermen, a domestic terrorist group, the alignment of his ideas with communism and his sympathizing with radical Islamic terrorism in which he never could mange to even utter those words. Then there is the church he attended for over 20 years, the pastor of which espoused profusely his hatred for white people. Obama must have liked his teachings or he wouldn’t have kept going there for that many years.

The fact of the matter is that President Trump has done a massive amount in less than a year and a half to help all Americans and he has done much more than Obama did in all of his 8 years as president to help Americans of all cultural heritages. But the left would cite Obama’s aid programs like food-stamps; 45 million of them – absolutely disgraceful. Most of those people would rather have jobs, not handouts. But there weren’t hardly any jobs, especially good paying jobs, under Obama. That is because he was just interested in redistributing wealth to take us down the road towards socialism and then communism.

President Trump freed Alice Johnson not only to right the injustice done her but her reentry into society is yet another act that President Trump has done to make America great again because her crusade against drugs will pay immeasurable benefits in the changed lives of Americans who will get off of drugs because of her shining example. Obama didn’t do that because he didn’t care about helping anyone. He just wanted to send this country right down the tubes just like his buddies in the fake news.

UPDATE – Upon further study and review, I feel compelled to admit that there are valid concerns by the camp opposed to the granting of clemency to Alice, even within the Trump administration itself, John Kelley being one. Alice’s entrepreneurial role in this cocaine ring made her a vital cog in this operation. She was indisputedly up the chain of command from simple street dealers.

But it should also be noted that there is substantial reason to believe that Alice has always without fail showed remorse for her crimes and woefully regrets her involvement in the ring. Those people close to the case who believe not only that reform is possible but also that Alice is in fact a success story of it contend that she has undergone a complete transformation, has been a model prisoner and is an example that the correctional system does actually do what it was intended to do if someone truly wants to turn their life around. Her case worker and warden wrote letters of recommendation for clemency. This is almost always unheard of.

This is clearly a controversial case. Many of the ex-convicts who Obama granted clemency committed horrible crimes after their release. Only time will tell if Alice will show the world that she truly is sorry for her crimes and is the changed person that she has shown to be during her incarceration. The appeals court was certainly one of her major detractors who felt she was undeserving  of another chance.

To be fair and balanced in my analysis of whether or not Alice was deserving of clemency, I felt that it was my obligation to present here that there is merit to the arguments of skeptics of Alice’s commutation. That case was probably made the best that I have seen in this enclosed article. However, it is President Trump’s as well as her supporters and her family’s sincerest desire, who have been fighting in her behalf for years, that Alice will prove them wrong.


Nathan Anderson



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