The FBI Had The Weiner Laptop Emails In September 2016 And Did nothing!!

  Discovery in September 2016 of Emails on the Weiner Laptop
Discovery of Emails by the FBI’s New York Field Office In September 2016, the FBI’s New York Field Office (NYO) and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) began investigating former Congressman Anthony Weiner for his online relationship
with a minor. A federal search warrant was obtained on September 26, 2016, for Weiner’s iPhone, iPad, and laptop computer. The FBI obtained these devices the same day. The search warrant authorized the government to search for evidence relating to the following crimes: transmitting obscene material to a minor, sexual exploitation of children, and activities related to child pornography. The Weiner case agent told the OIG that he began processing Weiner’s devices on September 26, and that he noticed “within hours” that there were “over 300,000 emails on the laptop.” He said that either that evening or the next morning, he saw at least one BlackBerry PIN message between Clinton and Abedin, as well as emails between them. He said that he recalled seeing emails associated with “about seven domains,” such as,,,, and The case agent immediately notified his NYO chain of command, and the information was ultimately briefed to NYO
Assistant Director in Charge (ADIC) William Sweeney on
September 28.

We found that, by no later than September 29, FBI executives and the FBI Midyear team had learned virtually every fact that was cited by the FBI in late October as justification for obtaining the search warrant for the Weiner laptop, including that the laptop contained:
• Over 340,000 emails, some of which were from domains associated with Clinton, including,,, and;
• Numerous emails between Clinton and Abedin;
• An unknown number of Blackberry
communications on the laptop, including one or
more messages between Clinton and Abedin,
indicating the possibility that the laptop
contained communications from the early
months of Clinton’s tenure; and
• Emails dated beginning in 2007 and covering
the entire period of Clinton’s tenure as
Secretary of State.


Comey said that he recalled first learning about the additional emails on the Weiner laptop at some point in early October 2016, although he said it was possible this could have occurred in late September 2016.
Comey told the OIG that this information “didn’t index” with him, which he attributed to the way the information was presented to him and the fact that, “I don’t know that I knew that [Weiner] was married to Huma Abedin at the time.” Text messages of FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok indicated that he, McCabe, and Priestap discussed the Weiner laptop on September 28. Strzok said that he had initially planned to send a team to New York to review the emails, but a conference call with NYO was scheduled instead. The conference call took place on September 29, and five members of the FBI Midyear team participated. Notes from the conference call indicate the participants discussed the presence of a large volume of emails (350,000) on the Weiner laptop and specific domain names, including
and The Midyear SSA said that NYO also mentioned seeing BlackBerry domain emails on the Weiner laptop. Additional discussions took place on October 3 and 4, 2016. However, after October 4, we found no evidence that anyone associated with the Midyear investigation,
including the entire leadership team at FBI Headquarters, took any action on the Weiner laptop issue until the week of October 24, and then did so only after the Weiner case agent expressed concerns to
SDNY, prompting SDNY to contact the Office of the Deputy Attorney General (ODAG) on October 21 to raise concerns about the lack of action.

This is amazing. Here the top echelon of the FBI knew of these emails communications and they did nothing. Why? Because they thought it would interfere with Hilliary’s chances of winning. Think about that!! If Hillary would have won as these “law enforcers” expected she would we have known nothing about this!! They censored criminal activity from WE THE PEOPLE!! Their job is to enforce the law on whoever breaks the law!!


Comey’s Public Statement on July 5 “Endgame” Discussions
As we describe in Chapter Six of the report, by the Spring of 2016, Comey and the Midyear team had determined that absent an unexpected development, evidence to support a criminal prosecution of Clinton was lacking. Midyear team members told us that they based this assessment on a lack of evidence showing intent to place classified information on the server, or knowledge that the information was classified. We describe the factors that the Department took into
account in its decision to decline prosecution.

I have reported that Hillary asked to have the headings cut off and that along with deleting 33,000 emails that on her word were personal in Hillary Lied: She Asked For The Classified Headings To Be Cut Off

All of these Men believed Hillary was going to win and this would then never be exposed!! They gambled and lost. Now this group with their allies in the government and media call Trump every name in the book, The attorney general of New York has filed his 100th suit against Trump and Republicans wasting We The People’s money and abusing his power. The Media calls him every name in the book and crooked politicians want to impeach him because they just don’t like him. Or could it be a full court press to cover their own Treason and Felonies? ~RJH

DON” TAKE MY WORD FOR IT READ THE REPORT YOURSELF!!! A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election  Your Welcome!!

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