Trump Was Right It Is The Democrats Fault And Illegals Do Commit A Lot Of Violent Crime!!

Here we go again. The media and your politicians are lying to you!! Even Wikipedia has wrong information on Illegal immigration. The big question is why and who is behind it!!

Let’s take a look at when illegal immigration started and why. 

1956 immigration act

Representative Emanuel Celler of New York proposed the bill, Senator Philip Hart of Michigan co-sponsored it, and Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts helped to promote it. Yep there it is the Democrats pushed this bill and never even allowed debate on it. There are two possibilities for their passage of this bill:

  1. They wanted to be more Inclusive or tolerant, and this became massive Illegal immigration, an unintended consequence.

  2. They knew what they were doing and still do to this day!!!

Either way, they own it!! Trump was right this is the fault of Democrats    

 “Indeed, after 1965 the number of immigrants entering the country did increase, and the flows did come to be dominated by Asians and Latin Americans. Although the amendments may have opened the door to greater immigration from Asia, however, the surge in immigration from Latin America occurred in spite of rather than because of the new system   

Thus the 1965 legislation in no way can be invoked to account for the rise in immigration from Latin America. Nonetheless, Latin American migration did grow. Legal immigration from the region grew from a total of around 459,000 during the decade of the 1950s to peak at 4.2 million during the 1990s, by which time it made up 44 percent of the entire flow, compared with 29 percent for Asia, 14 percent for Europe, 6 percent for Africa, and 7 percent for the rest of the world (US Department of Homeland Security 2012). The population of unauthorized immigrants from Latin America also rose from near zero in 1965 to peak at around 9.6 million in 2008, accounting for around 80 percent of the total present without authorization (Hoefer, Rytina, and Baker 2011Wasem 2011). How this happened is a complicated tale of unintended consequences, political opportunism, bureaucratic entrepreneurship, media guile, and most likely a healthy dose of racial and ethnic prejudice. In this article, we lay out the sequence of events that culminated in record levels of immigration from Latin America during the 1990s. We focus particularly on the case of Mexico, which accounted for two-thirds of legal immigration during the decade and for three-quarters of all illegal migration from the region.”

Reported by NCBI in Unintended Consequences of US Immigration Policy: Explaining the Post-1965 Surge from Latin America

So know that we have established that it was either planned or once again an unintended consequence from a feel-good “tolerance” bill that has helped to change the culture of America for the worst. Have we ever been so divided? Was that the goal? Possibly a voting block for the Democrats like the African American?

What voting block? Before you dismiss that as a conspiracy theory let’s take a closer look at the facts. 

According to Pews Research: 20 metro areas are home to six-in-ten unauthorized immigrants in the U.S.

“Most of the United States’ 11.1 million unauthorized immigrants live in just 20 major metropolitan areas, with the largest populations in New York, Los Angeles and Houston, according to new Pew Research Center estimates based on government data.

The analysis shows that the nation’s unauthorized immigrant population is highly concentrated, more so than the U.S. population overall. In 2014, the 20 metro areas with most unauthorized immigrants were home to 6.8 million of them or 61% of the estimated nationwide total. By contrast, only 36% of the total U.S. population lived in those metro areas.

Immigrants by city

Unauthorized immigrants account for about one-in-four foreign-born U.S. residents. They make up a somewhat higher share of immigrants in the Houston (37%), Dallas (37%), Atlanta (33%), Phoenix (37%), Las Vegas (35%), Denver (37%) and Austin (34%) metro areas. They make up a somewhat lower share of all immigrants in the New York (19%), Miami (18%), San Francisco (17%) and San Jose (17%) metro areas.

Here is a map and it immediately reminded me of one I saw at the end of November 2016!


Mass immigration has had a significant effect on American electoral politics. Despite the fact that it is a crime for aliens to vote in federal elections, noncitizens and illegal aliens are counted when apportioning congressional districts.  This means that areas with large numbers of illegal alien residents gain additional representatives in Congress.

Laws requiring voting registrants and voters to establish proof of citizenship have been repeatedly challenged in recent years.  The most frequent objections to these reasonable measures are that voter fraud is a “myth” and that voter ID requirements will unreasonably interfere with the right to vote.  However, these claims seem patently unreasonable given that there have been numerous reports of unlawful voting by aliens but no virtually no reports of voters being disenfranchised

As a result, the preferred form of documentary identification in the United States is the drivers’ license. Drivers’ licenses are issued by the states, pursuant to a widely varying body of state-specific laws and regulations. Currently, twelve states and the District of Columbia allow illegal aliens to obtain a drivers’ license.

Congress attempted to address these issues with the Real ID Act, enacted May 11, 2005, which established standards for state-issued licenses and other identity documents – including verification of immigration status. However, only 24 states and territories are currently compliant. Many of the allegedly compliant states have continued issuing licenses and state ID cards to illegal aliens and short-term visitors. Others – such as Delaware Utah – have continued to issue “driving privilege cards” or other non-license documents.

There have been a significant number of alien voter violations alleged in recent years. Yet, there appears to be a stunning lack of federal interest in this issue. The U.S. Election Assistance Commission published its last report on Election Crimes a decade ago in December 2006

For more on REAL voter fraud in the 2016 election read:

Did The Democratic Party Commit Domestic Terrorism During The Elections?

Does Voter Fraud Happen in America! A Look at The Eye-Opening Facts!!

This issue is real and the pushback on voter I.D. laws is liberal spin to cover their fraud and deceit!! “Municipal ID cards that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is launching for undocumented immigrants and others will be a valid form of identification for people both registering to vote and voting in Chicago, according to a letter aldermen received Friday.” reported by the Chicago Tribune in Chicago ID card would be valid voter identification

 Who’s Hometown is Chicago? Yep, you guessed it the same man that is telling this Illegal immigrant it is OK to vote:


See a pattern? Wait there is more: IMMIGRANTS ARE GETTING THE RIGHT TO VOTE IN CITIES ACROSS AMERICA Reported by Newsweek

From Redding: Non-citizens to start voting in California

Isn’t it funny how the National “media”ignore this and play emotional politics to take advantage of Americain’s goodness? Don’t you dare bring this or voter fraud up you, RACIST!!!! Don’t you care about these children? On and on they go trying to get an emotional response instead of a logical one. The people at blame are those who chose to come here illegally!!!. They can come to any port of entry and apply for “asylum” legally.

Does it really make sense to allow anyone in that crosses the border? No vetting at all? No check for mental illness or disease? No background check what so ever? Yet I need one to purchase a gun?  Both Constitutional Rights!!!

Now let’s turn to the second part of the title. Do Illegal Immigrants commit more Crime than American Citizens? If you listen to the media they will quote this study or that study, and tell you they, in fact, commit less crime than Citizens. That claim could not be refuted because of the lack of information on this subject.

Illegal-immigrant crime calculations conveniently and invariably leave out the numerous crimes committed by illegal immigrants related to procuring fraudulent social security numbers, obtaining false drivers’ licenses, using fraudulent green cards, and improperly accessing public benefits.

Illegal-immigrant crime data, regardless of source, likely UNDERESTIMATE crimes committed by illegal aliens. That’s because illegal-immigrant victims are less likely to report a crime, and even if crimes are reported, illegal immigrants are less likely to appear as witnesses leading to a conviction.

It’s peculiar that government agencies, notorious for aggregating the most obscure statistics imaginable, do not tabulate crime data for illegal aliens. I ask Isn’t one crime by illegal immigrants one too many? 

But low and behold new data has come out from the U.S. Sentencing Commission


Murder22% yet the Estimates in 2015 put the number of unauthorized immigrants at 11 million, representing 3.4% of the total U.S. population. Wow, that is an awful lot of violence. Facts matter!! 72% of Drug Possession?

Here are 2 major cities in America


These stats prove the media lies about the issue. Liberals act as if they have the moral high ground yet only spew lies from their forked tongues!!. Wait there is more

HEARING BEFORE THE COMMITTEE ON OVERSIGHT AND GOVERNMENT REFORM HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES:  Obama released 86,000 Convicted Illegal Aliens back onto our streets including 200 murderers. rapist and violent criminals!! How is that for national security? It should outrage every American Citizen.

There are approx. 44,000 Americans that have lost their lives to Illegal aliens!! Why do no politicians or our media speak for them? Do their rights not matter? I wonder what they would say on this issue if they could?

I am tired of being lied to, are you? Why go to all the trouble?  For votes and political gain? Do the Democrats want to win at any cost? It sure seems that way. Can you imagine the outrage if the media would report the truth? Enough is enough!! It is time to Demand that no illegal vote in our elections!! And I am DEMANDING AN EQUAL INVESTIGATION INTO MEXICO’S INFLUENCE IN OUR PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION AS RUSSIA’S

Will you join Me? Let’s stop this madness and take a long hard look at building that wall!! There have been 2 bills introduced that sum it up quite well.

H.R.5876 – Border Wall Trust Fund Act This bill would allow the Secretary of the Treasury to accept public donations to fund the construction of a barrier on the border between the United States and Mexico! That is right a Citizen can not Volunteer money fro the wall.

Democrats’ Border Separation Bill Would Let Nearly All Parents Who Commit Federal Crimes Get Off Scot-Free This Will would devastate our country:

“Every Senate Democrat has now signed on to cosponsor a bill written so carelessly that it does not distinguish between migrant children at the border and U.S. citizen children already within the United States. The bill further does not distinguish between federal officers handling the border crisis and federal law enforcement pursuing the ordinary course of their duties.”

Guess which one the media will endorse. This is where we are because of illegal immigration. The mess at the border is not Trump’s fault. He is only following the current law. One thing is for sure if the wall was in place we wouldn’t have these problems.

Please, take action!! The worst thing you can do for your country is nothing!!!

If you found this article helpful please share and get the word out!!!~RJH


Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

4 thoughts on “Trump Was Right It Is The Democrats Fault And Illegals Do Commit A Lot Of Violent Crime!!”

  1. I am a resident of Mesa, AZ one of the metropolitan areas on your list of suspects. For the record, I am not Hispanic, my grandparents on both sides were born in Scotland. I am a Democrat and I am neither a liar nor a cheat. The GOP has been shouting the same insulting claims that you have made here since 2008 when a good portion of the state voted for President Obama rather than hometown boy John McCain. The GOP has challenged Arizona’s election results in every primary and general election since then. It always gets plenty of attention when the GOP waves their hands in the air screaming “voter fraud in AZ” but results always show no corruption and that gets zero attention. Arizona does have one of the largest Hispanic populations in the US (not surprising, seeing as it was Mexico until 1848 and didn’t become part of the United States til 1912) yet Arizona is still a solidly Republican state which doesn’t exactly fit your narrative.
    It is true, AZ may not be quite as solidly GOP as it once was but that has less to do with the racial make-up of the population and more to do with the age and education level. It was once a retirement destination for wealthy, predominantly white, people from the North East who wanted to retire somewhere warm. The influx of multiple tech companies in the late 90’s have turned it into a mini silicon valley and with IT growth the population has shifted from a majority GOP to a more half/half mix of Democrat and GOP.
    Now, there HAS been voter SUPPRESION, with the worst being the 2016 primaries when our very GOP election officials inexplicably eliminated 2/3 of the polling locations even though the voter turnout had seen record growth for the past several years. When investigated by DOJ she stated that we all should have been registered to vote with early ballots if we didn’t want to wait for 12 hours in a polling place line. 75% of AZ voters took her advice and are now registered for mail in ballot voting so they don’t get cheated on election day again. Now in 2018, the GOP is having a fit over the large number of mail-in ballots in AZ (that they told us to get in 2016) and trying to get the newly elected Democrat election officials removed from office. It’s beyond insulting at this point. The GOP has become very sore winners and even sorer losers. This low integrity smear campaign is not just insulting to Democrats it is insulting to the good solid salt-of-the-earth Republicans like my parents and my in-laws who do still have integrity and believe in winning on the merits not by rigging the voting system.


    1. You are blind to.the corruption of your own party and turn a blind eye to voter fraud. There are many examples caught on undercover video, but those are fakr news, right? Keep.your pathetic smear comments. I am.a.Proud boy and have been banned off twitter and FB because of 2 the English language. Free speech? No your party is the one smearing everyone that Your party is harrasing and attacking citizens because they belive in freedom and Rights. Keep your pathetic excuses and stop chipping away at our freedoms. Give your up if you want, but leave mine alone. Your party believes in Socialism Aka social justice. America is not going to accept it. Learn the difference between postitive rights and negative eights. Equal outcomes is an impossibility. We are tired.of the corruption of your party and leaders and their pathetic emotional politics which you fall.for. You do.not desreve the freedom many fought and gave their lives for. Learn what social justice is and who is behind it. The UN is trying to take Americas.sovereignty awayand your party is so willing to give it away. If you want to.debate any issue we.are.willing. We have a podcast.


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