It has become inescapable but to conclude after the release of the Inspector General’s report, the testimony given by the IG at the House hearing not to mention the mountain of anti-Trump and pro-Hillary texts between Peter Stzrok and Lisa Page that the FBI can no longer be trusted to conduct fair and balanced investigations. The IG, after being tasked to explain how the drafting of the exoneration of Hillary before she was even interviewed, which was not even conducted under oath by the way, and the tirade of Trump hate-filled texts between Stzrok and Page before and after the start of the so-called Russian collusion investigation compelled him to ever so gingerly walk back the assertions made in the report that there was no evidence of outcome determined political bias by the FBI investigators in these investigations.

Chairman Gowdy nailed it on the head when he pressed the IG to explain how Stzrok’s text response to Page’s text asking him if he thought Trump would be elected, just after the start of the Russian collusion investigation, in which he replied – ‘No, we will stop him!’ could be considered anything but political bias. The IG then did an awkward dance to try to sidestep the question which was pathetic at best.

Chairman Gowdy so aptly observed that he couldn’t imagine a stronger example of outcome determined bias than what occurred in these two investigations. Stzrok was a lead investigator in the Hillary email ingestion and the so-called Russian collusion investigation. In one Stzrok prejudged Hillary to be innocent before the investigation had ended and in the other he prejudged Trump to be guilty before that investigation had even begun. So what might a reasonable person surmise from what has come to light concerning the culture that has pervasively infiltrated the FBI manifested strikingly in the botched Hillary email investigation in which irrefutable evidence existed that multiple crimes were committed and a fabricated witch hunt investigation of the Tump campaign in which there was no probable cause that any crime had even been committed?

Think about that for a bit. The only basis for this so-called Russian collusion investigation was a fake dossier paid for by Hillary and presented to a FISA judge as intelligence community Intel. Just imagine what would happen to you or I if we had lied to a Judge like that. One would surely shudder at the prospect. The judge would most definitely lock us up and throw away the key. But such a horrible fate would not await you if you are one of the fortunate ones to be lucky enough to be on the upper tier of this two-tiered justice system that we have in America today.

The most telling picture of the prodigious level of political bias that existed in these investigations can be seen by looking at the vastly different ways in which these two investigations were conducted. The difference is stunning. In the Hillary email investigation there was irrefutably multiple instances of classified information found on her home brew server (a felony for each instance). Some of America’s most guarded secrets resided in those emails. Plus there was irrefutable evidence that the server was hacked by foreign actors from powers hostile to the United States. Then Hillary, knowing how damning the emails under investigation were, obstructed justice by instructing her minions to acid wash with bleach bit the hard drives and then smash them with hammers. Again, what do you think would happen to you or I if we destroyed evidence in a case in which we were the object of a criminal investigation? I think we all know the answer to that one.

And think about how self-incriminating the thorough destruction of those servers was. Are these the actions someone who is innocent, who has nothing to hide? Are these the actions of someone who, in spite of the obvious fact that she had to have been well versed and exceedingly familiar with the policies for the proper handling of anything marked classified and had to have known like the back of her hand what classified markings looked like, in the decades that she was First Lady, a U.S. Senator and then Secretary of State, would have us believe that she didn’t know what that little ‘c’ meant? Give me a break! And if such actions and excuses for those actions don’t wash with ordinary Americans even among casual observers with merely a modicum of common sense, what kind of red flags would you expect to be raised and sirens to go off in the minds of seasoned FBI investigators? This not only doesn’t pass the smell test. We are getting our faces rubbed in it big time!

Aside from the statutory crimes committed by Hillary in this case let’s consider the even more serious crimes she committed? Treason is defined in Article III, section 3 of the U.S. Constitution as follows: “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” The U.S. Secretary of State is the chief foreign affairs officer of the United States. Storing top secret classified information on an unsecured server is not only illegal but it raises questions as to whether this was intentionally done in the Clinton’s pay for play scheme of passing off requested classified information to foreign actors in exchange for large donations to the Clinton foundation. This would be a veiled way to give foreign actors access to such information by simply storing it on a server that could easily be hacked. There is a huge amount of evidence that this was in fact the motivation behind setting up this Mom and Pop server. There certainly is a history of decisions rendered by Secretary Clinton favorable to the interests of various foreign powers shortly after either very large donations were made to the Clinton foundation or huge fees were paid to Bill by these powers for making one of his ‘spellbinding’ speeches.

So what we had in Secretary Clinton was more like an agent for foreign powers seeking either favors or perhaps information on troublesome American operatives that that they wanted to take out. The point is it didn’t matter really what the info was. It was all for sale in the Clinton Sate Department. Basically she was a spy for hire to whatever hostile power to the U.S. ponied up to acquire her services. This coming from the U.S official sworn to be the chief agent in U.S. foreign affairs. It was more like she was the chief agent for whatever foreign power she was bribed to be the chief agent for. This sure looks at the very least to be in violation of the foreign espionage act not to mention out and out treason!

But the FBI investigators of course never considered any of this because they decided almost from the get go that she would never have to pay for any of her crimes. She would be found completely innocent and as pure as the wind driven snow no matter what she did. The fix was in. She was going to get off no matter what. And if the remaining left leaning investigators of the so-called Russian collusion investigation are able to fulfill their heart-felt desires, Trump will be pre-determinately found guilty of collusion and these hit teams can get back full time to their primary objective of finishing off America and finally after long last transforming all of us from citizens into subjects. And don’t think when they gain absolute power that they are going to cut anybody slack because they happened to be Hillary supporters. It’s all about control folks. These brain dead democrat freebie seekers, not to mention the waves of illegals, are just vehicles to be used to get what the Clinton crime cartel wants, nothing less than full despotic control of this country. And all the FBI is is just one of the weaponized arms that they have been using and will continue to use to accomplish their nefarious goals unless we the people grow the stones to stop them!

Nathan Anderson


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