Fake Law or Rule of Law

I write these articles about the injustices in the Hillary email case in that it was thrown out in the face of overwhelming evidence of her having committed many crimes and the so-called Russian collusion farce of an investigation (the fishing expedition in search of a crime) and part of me thinks – Am I really just wasting my time? I really wonder if we are beyond the point of no return in this country. The deep state has managed to weaponize our federal law enforcement institutions to the point that rogue agents can seemingly do whatever they want and nobody ever stops them.

The FBI illegally embeded agents within the presidential campaign of the opposing party to spy on the opposing party and even sought to entrap the opposing party which begs the question had the FBI been perverted into a private investigative firm for Hillary. Then these criminals within our own government lied to a FISA judge to get a surveillance warrant on the opposing party’s presidential candidate. The left screams bloody murder about interference in our elections by foreign actors when in reality the real interference was perpetrated by Hillary and her career bureaucratic co-conspirators.

Think about it. These pernicious operatives falsified documents to obtain a FISA warrant to actually attempt to nullify the results of an election of a U.S. President. They committed crimes in a no holds barred effort to overturn the will of the American electorate fabricating a crime against a President elect using federal law enforcement to try to pull it off. How in the world could an election be interfered with any more than that? By hook and by crook the Clinton cartel worked in the shadows to effect a coup and they broke many laws in that effort. But then why would people trying to overthrow a government care about the laws of that country they are trying to overthrow anyway? The answer is simple – they didn’t!

We are now two years into a witch hunt while the real criminals remain seemingly untouchable. We have a special councel engaged in an endless search for a crime which is not only groundless but insanely ludicrous. But concurrently we have a mountain of evidence that crimes have been committed to effect a coup, not to mention multiple commissions of obstruction of justice for each of the dozens of classified emails on Hillary’s illegal private server and then the criminal abuse of power committed by Comey and Hillary’s other rogue FBI agent buddies who decided in their stunning feigned omnipotence that Hillary would never be prosecuted for anything no matter what crimes she committed.

We are in the middle of a full blown constitutional crisis here folks that makes Watergate look like a kid’s marbles being stolen in comparison. The excellent questioning by the oversight committees should be applauded but if there remains any chance of our republic being saved these deep state criminals must be brought to justice. We need a special councel established (a legally justified one this time) to investigate the actual crimes that have been committed in an all out effort by the Clinton cartel, through their deep state cronies, to supplant our republic with a totalitarian regime. Make no mistake about it, they want nothing less than to do whatever they want not only as they did in their official capacities (the rule of law be damned), but they would end game like to do whatever they want with all of our very lives! In other words it is their most fervent desire to convert us all from citizens into subjects; subject to their whims under the thumbs of their absolute power!

These deep state criminals, Stzrok, Page and the rest, sit behind their thinly veiled costumes masquerading as law enforcement officials protected to this point by the ruse of this so-called ongoing investigation that is still in search of a crime. The fact is that this whole dog and pony show with their FBI councels in tow, and the whole Mueller team is nothing more than executioners of fake law. The oversight committee has the power to obtain whatever information they ask for if they would only use it and they have the power to get the wheels turning to finally at long last bring these enemies of America to justice by way of contempt citations, impeachments, criminal referrals and the convening of grand juries all of which should have already happened long before now.

It is a sad day in this country that such corrupt players have been allowed to ascend to positions of power within our federal law enforcement institutions. It speaks volumes about the state of our Union. They have virtually succeeded in overtaking these institutions and making the laws of this nation of none effect. It cannot be understated the peril that we now face. We are in the most dangerous time in our nation’s history. The system is broken when a criminal cartel has been allowed to get away with conspiring to overthrow the Presidency. This is the kind of corruption that only happened in third world countries, not in the land of the free. But now we have found out otherwise.

The dream of America is slipping away before our very eyes. And just think, if Hillary were elected all of this systemic corruption that essentially would have paved the way for her coronation would have been swept under the rug and would have never seen the light of day. It would have all been over but the crying. This dream called America would have been just a footnote in history.

But things didn’t go according to their script. Something happened. Donald Trump happened. And make no mistake about it, they hate him. He singlehandedly foiled their plot to wrest control of the reigns of power and take us down the road of despotism.

As hopeless as things seem we at least now have a chance to ferret out these underworld figures whom we wouldn’t even have known about and all of their nefarious misdeeds had Trump not been elected. We desperately now need to bring them to justice and right this glorious ship called America. They have been exposed for who they are and what they have done. The Democrat party and the fake news are doing everything they can to try to control the narrative, turn truth on it’s head and unimaginably portray these traitors as patriots. But it is backfiring on them. It is instead exposing the Dems and fake news for what they really are, subverters of the truth if not total aiders and abetters of these criminals. And bear in mind again, we would have never have known about about any of this if Hillary got in. It would have been business as usual in the beltway. We would have never known what hit us.

But we have a chance if we seize the moment. It was not in the play book of the cabal. We were never supposed to see behind the curtain. Well now we have thanks to the dedication to America of one man – Donald Trump! I cannot stress this strongly enough. He has passed the baton to us. It is our duty as Americans to hold the feet of our representatives to the fire and demand that this mob be rounded up, prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and the rule of law be restored in our nation. This we must do to get our country back.

And then if we somehow by the grace of God manage to rid ourselves of this pestilence and Hillary and her co-conspirators are finally brought to justice, Congress needs to seriously examine the very legitimacy of the FBI and the Justice Department. Have these institutions founded to blindly enforce the laws of the land, sunk so low that they are so riddled with corrupt officials that they can no longer be trusted to do the work of the people and uphold the rule of law in this country? Remember that Congress has, maybe above all of it’s constitutionally established powers, the power of the purse.

Nathan Anderson



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