Tommy Robinson’s Crime? Reporting The Truth About Muslim Rape Gangs In His Country!! #freetommyrobinson

I am writing this because free speech is a God-given right to all humanity. Most here in the United States have no clue that this is the only country where Free Speech is a Constitutional Right. Most Americans have no clue that, that is a fact!! In fact in England today you can go to jail for “hate speech”

According to Breitbart in British Police Arrest At Least 3,395 People for ‘Offensive’ Online Comments in One Year, of course, seems to be a one-way street.


“The seeming inconsistency in the enforcement of free speech restrictions has also been a source of contention, with the Metropolitan Police — who detained 867 people in 2016, according to the Times figures — appearing reluctant to investigate people such as Nadia Chan, the self-described Islamist who was revealed as having made a number of deeply racist remarks about white people on social media after an appearance on public broadcaster Channel 4.

Chan branded Israeli Jews “parasites” and ranted that white people were “swine” and “pasty bland bitches [who] have NO culture, no rich history, you ain’t shit, our ancestors were cave ppl”. She also openly endorsed terror attacks on Iranian state network Press TV —  but the Met refused to say whether they would bring charges against her.”


“Similarly, people who reported mixed-race transgender model Munroe Bergdorf for saying “the white race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on earth” in a segment produced and aired by the publicly-funded BBC — an apparent violation of the laws against ‘inciting racial hatred’ — were met with official indifference.”

Here comes the kick in the ass if you are white, Christian or Pro-Trump you can only be racist. The New York Times reports, London Mayor Allows ‘Trump Baby’ Balloon for President’s Trip to U.K.

It is ok to disrespect your number one Ally’s President though? Is that tolerance? Is that not hate speech? So reporting on Muslim Gang Rape will get you thrown in jail, but it is ok for Muslims to disrespect others? That is the message England sends to the world? Is it any wonder that Brits are in the streets rallying to get their freedom back? Oh, wait you didn’t see that on American media did you? They sure plastered the Anti-Trump rally across the evening and cable news though. What does that say about our media?

The Pro Trump and Free Tommy Robinson Rally was much bigger than the Anti-Trump rally something you would think our American media would point out and show.  So where do the loyalties of American media lie? Could all the political correctness they have pushed down our throats have an end game like hate speech laws you see in other western countries? Are you not called racist and other names for any dissension to the liberal way or thought in America?

The Globalist and their agenda are hell-bent to destroy freedom in the world. It is their way or no way. They have a few things standing in their way and the biggest is America and her Constitution. They hate it and the freedoms we enjoy. After all, if you do not believe as they do you are a racist. I seriously have never debated a single liberal without being called that. They also use the blanket term of Alt Right as a weapon to silence those who disbelieve in the socialism, Communism, and tyranny they peddle!!

Let the Arrest of Tommy Robinson be the new Boston Tea Party moment. Let’s support our Brothers and Sisters in England with their wish to be free from this tyranny!! Tommy was trying to expose the huge miscarriage of justice in his country. According to Sputnik News International in  EXCLUSIVE: How UK Authorities Cover Up Child Abuse by Muslim Grooming Gangs

“In March 2018, shock and outrage surged across Britain as the true extent of a historic child sex abuse ring in Telford, Shropshire was uncovered in the mainstream media.

In what has since been dubbed the “worst ever” child abuse scandal in British history, as many as 1,000 young local girls may have been groomed for sex by a 200-strong syndicate of British-Asian men. Victims were said to have been trafficked, drugged, beaten, raped and in some cases even murdered. While the scale of the criminal conspiracy and the specific offenses involved, predictably sickened members of the public far and wide so too did allegations local authorities knew about the problem in the early 1990s, and failed to maintain details of abusers in Asian communities for fear of being labeled racist.”
This is what Tommy went to prison for!! He was trying to expose this evil. The courts had put a “gag” order on the trial, why?  Now think about the balloon again. The Muslim Mayor of London allowed it, yet Tommy was jailed for exposing Muslim rape gangs. This is a wake-up moment, but our media ignores the truth aiding in the censorship of injustice!!  If this does not show you the true motives of our media you are blind and do not seek truth!!
As our media keeps us distracted with anti-Trump propaganda Islam grows stronger every day in Europe. Please, think about that!!
Here is the whole Rally. Please, when you can, take the time to watch this. Please, share this article and help fight the censorship of justice!!~RJH

Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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