Social Media Companies are Taking out Conservative Voices to Hijack Midterms

We are now at a critical juncture in our nation’s history. With the ubiquitous connectivity of everyone on social media platforms these days, we are now in a new tech era that the laws of our country have not yet caught up with.

It is certainly arguable that social media is more apt to influence the thinking of the masses than even radio and television now. This reality presents some very serious issues regarding interference in our election process.

The social media platforms were established upon the premise of free speech. They grew in popularity for a large part as being open forums of ideas where public discourse could occur unimpeded notwithstanding criminal activity. In other words they were presented to us at the outset as a modern day version of the town square.

What has become increasingly clear to conservatives with every passing day is the ramping up of censorship as well as expulsion from these platforms of conservative voices. On Facebook, the big dog of SM, 2018 has been a rough year for conservatives to say the least. Owners of the Conservative Facebook pages and groups who have the largest number of followers, some up in the millions, have suffered multiple 30 day bans from any activity on FB without any stated specific violation except for the vague notification that the accused has some how violated Facebook’s community standards. The gods of Facebook have even gone so far of late as to even unpublish many of these large conservative pages for no discernible reason, apparently just because they felt like it. One can only conclude about this massive campaign to silence conservative voices on Facebook, in the absence of any real violation of the terms of agreement, that the owners of Facebook are using their platform as a mouthpiece for their leftist ideology, where conservative viewpoints are not welcome.

Facebook whistleblowers expose routine conservative censorship

Facebook’s scorched earth policy against conservatives is very telling of their agenda. I myself have witnessed the stark uptick in Facebook’s censorship. After Trump won the election I was one of the editors on a pro-Trump page. Posts on this page routinely had thousands of shares early on. But as time went on they dipped lower and lower. Owners of many other pro-Trump and conservative FB pages as well as groups were reporting the same things as well as the above mentioned bans. It seemed increasingly obvious, as Trump was improving life in America in so many ways, that the iron fist of Facebook was coming down harder and harder on conservative Facebook page and group owners.

But Facebook is not alone in their efforts among social media platforms to stamp out conservative voices. Earlier this month, Alex Jones, one of the leading conservative talk show hosts and founder of infowars, one of the leading media organizations in the patriot community for over two decades, within a 15 minute time span was removed from over 200 platforms. This is way beyond the scope of coincidence. This could only have come about as the result of the collusion of the owners of these many platforms.

First Alex Now The Proud Boys Are You The Next Conservative Voice To Be Silenced? Exposing The ANTIFA Playbook!!

Make no mistake about it, Alex Jones is a test case. If they can get away with getting rid of him on social media they can do the same to any and all of the rest of conservatives. The gauntlet has been thrown down. If this purge of Alex is allowed to stand then it is only a matter of time that all conservatives will be eliminated from social media and the air waves for that matter. The who’s who of the conservative icons – Rush, Hannity, Ingraham, Carlson, Savage will all fall like dominoes.

And with the midterm elections looming in less than 90 days this is an extremely troubling trend. We are now facing a similar situation that occurred in the 20s with the advent of radio. It was feared by political leaders of that time that a candidate flushed with cash could potentially purchase enough air time to saturate the air waves with political ads to the point where the candidate’s name recognition among the people as well as the disproportionate things being heard favoring such a candidate could unfairly sway elections.

This problem which cropped up because of the onset of a new broadcast technology with massive reach to the American voting public was addressed by Congress by forming the Federal Radio Commission in the Radio Act of 1927. It established the equal time rule that stated that all candidates running against any candidate who purchased or was given air time on a radio station shall have equal air time on that station.

Once again, we are faced with the same dilemma. Where the nexus comes in between the unleveling of the playing field of elections caused by radio in the 20s and that of these SM platforms of today is the enormous reach that exists on these platforms now as it similarly did on radio then. But now the issue of the enormous impact on the body politic of SM does not involve the candidates themselves. It is instead the effect of the aggregate of all of the people who participate on SM platforms.

What we intrinsically have here by the very nature of these platforms is that everyone who participates on them by the submission of content in all of the forms available, be it posts, comments, videos, tweets, etc., are in essence broadcasters in their own right.
And the major players on both sides of the political fence, who own large pages and groups or have large YouTube channels, or have a lot of followers on their Twitter accounts, in a very palpable way, have far reaching access to and effects on the thinking of the voting public.

If you just think about what we all see all around us every day you can see how this new technology has transformed our culture to a large extent from living in the real world to living more in a cyber virtual reality for much of the population. It is getting to the point that much of our society is spending more time online on these platforms than they do interacting with other people in real face to face conversations or experiencing and enjoying the world around us as we were created to do. For the most part it is more and more becoming a way of life for people to essentially live in their phones. Some people have even walked out in front of cars and have been ran down because they were plugged into their phone and oblivious to what was going on around them.

Our society is becoming plugged into this cyber matrix more and more every day probably plugged into Facebook more than any other platform because it has become the social gathering place of choice for friends and relatives to stay connected. The other platforms of course have their smaller portions of market share but most of their content ends up getting shared to Facebook where the overwhelming largest reach exists.

In the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump was the visionary candidate who saw the power of social media in getting the word out. His campaign focused on SM as a major component to get his message to voters. Trumpers all over the country did all they could on their pages and groups and via shares of posts and participation in comment sections and all other modalities to join in the effort to get him elected. And a large part of what got Trump elected maybe even what pushed him over the top was social media. Clinton on the other hand did not see the supreme value of SM and channeled her efforts elsewhere.

Zuckerberg, Google and the execs of the other platforms recognized what Trump did and now they are trying, the dictatorial leftest puppeteers that they are, to put the toothpaste back in the tube. By throttling conservative voices in a myriad of ways, through shadow banning, blocking, Facebook jail, and now in the Jones case, out and out deplatforming people they really don’t like, not just from one platform but colluding together to erase them almost virtually from all platforms, these platform owners have transformed these platforms from conduits of free speech to safe spaces where people can be free from hearing those evil conservative truths that might actually persuade them to vote republican in the midterm elections as millions did that climbed aboard the Trump train in 2016.

Some time shortly after Trump got elected one can visualize these platform owners, these boy wonder self appointed saviors of the left wringing their hands ensconced in some pixie dust infested star chamber somewhere out in the ether far above all of us mere mortal deplorable commoners saying something like – Well, we gave these scumbags free speech so we could grow these platforms and look what happened. A do gooder used it to take over OUR presidency! We ended up with a president who is unraveling all of our glorious plans to destroy America and usher in a one world government! We must get Trump at any cost! We will censor conservatives on our platforms so that this never happens again and make it so that what comes across the sheeple’s phones is only what we want them to see and hear. This will insure that we win back Congress in the midterms and then we will impeach Trump! Our buddies in the beltway will keep us safe from the backlash from us killing the free speech of those disgusting conservatives!

Before they went into overdrive on squashing conservatives the big justification the SM owners rolled out to censor conservatives, when the left was ramping up their Russian collusion delusion, was to accuse them of being Russian bots without any evidence. They just used that as an excuse. Now the gloves are off. They just unpublish and deplatform conservatives without even trying to justify it.

The interesting thing about this Russian bot hysteria is that these Russian bots were said to have been used to interfere in our elections by spreading propaganda to influence voters in how they think and thusly how they would vote. Notice that no evidence has ever been put forth by Mueller’s team that one single vote has ever been altered by the Russians in any of our elections. So if interference in elections is defined as influencing public opinion, how much more can public opinion be influenced by not allowing one side of the political argument to freely speak their minds about the issues of the day in this massive public forum where ideas are debated and considered far more than anywhere else in our society?

When the effects on the election process in this country from what is broadcast to the masses on these platforms is weighed in the balances it is not difficult to see how the throttling of one side of the debate over the other can not be tolerated in a free and open society. The robust and vigorous debate of issues regarding the future of our country must be allowed to be presented in these so very public forums that virtually everyone has access to to insure that the voters are informed as much as possible to be able to make the best decisions possible when they enter the voting booth.

Congress urgently needs to step in immediately and stop these leftist SM platform owners from censoring and silencing conservatives on these platforms soon. This denial of the first amendment rights of conservatives in these public arenas is nothing less than enormous in kind contributions to all democrat candidates and should be treated as such. If they are not stopped they will use this powerful medium to take control of Congress, then impeach Trump and undo all of the good he has accomplished and get back to destroying the country. If Congress doesn’t take this on soon the leftist ideology will have won and all the people will hear going forward is the leftist side of all arguments and their propaganda will reign supreme and render all future elections meaningless formalities. The country will be their’s. God help us if it is allowed to get to that point and it is getting there fast!



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