Islamic Inbreeding, When Telling The Truth Makes You Racist!!

Cousin marriage in the Middle East Ever Heard of it? Cousin marriage is allowed and often encouraged throughout the Middle East. Anthropologists have debated the significance of the practice; some view it as the defining feature of the Middle Eastern kinship system while others note that overall rates of cousin marriage have varied sharply between different Middle Eastern communities. There is very little numerical evidence of rates of cousin marriage in the past” Wikipedia

PJ Media reports in  The Problem of Inbreeding in Islam “Massive inbreeding among Muslims has been going on since their prophet allowed first-cousin marriages more than 50 generations (1,400 years) ago. For many Muslims, therefore, intermarriage is regarded as being part of their religion. In many Muslim communities, it is a source of social status to marry one’s daughter or son to his or her cousin. Intermarriage also ensures that wealth is kept within the family. Islam’s strict authoritarianism plays a large role as well: keeping daughters and sons close gives families more power to control and decide their choices and lifestyles.”

Reproductive Health Reports in Consanguinity and reproductive health among Arabs

“Many Arab countries display some of the highest rates of consanguineous marriages in the world, and specifically first cousin marriages which may reach 25-30% of all marriages.”

Here Springer Link Reports the effect of this practice in Effects of inbreeding on Raven Matrices “Indian Muslim school boys, ages 13 to 15 years, whose parents are first cousins, were compared with classmates whose parents are genetically unrelated on the Raven Standard Progressive Matrices, a nonverbal test of intelligence. The inbred group (N=86) scored significantly lower and had significantly greater variance than the noninbred group (N=100), both on raw scores and on scores statistically adjusted to control for age and socioeconomic status. Genetic theory predicts both of these effects for a polygenic trait with positive directional dominance.”

Is this another practice by Islam we are supposed to be tolerant of? The more you dig into this Barbaric Ideology the more you see it sure is not of God. Jesus said, “You know a tree by the fruit it bears” Seems like Islam and the Catholics come up a little short on Godly fruit. Both also seem to want to dominate the world if History is the measurement.

Here Gavin Mcinnes blows Joe Rogan’s mind because he has never heard of this before. Which once again brings to mind where is our media? They claim Islam is peaceful.

Please, share and help expose this Barbaric Ideology for what it is. Do not worry about the names people call those who stand on the truth.~RJH

Matthew 10:22

“And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.”



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Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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