Why Is Islam Allowed To Establish No Go Zones in America?

What is going on in America? We have all watched how the School shooting training camp is ignored and downplayed by the media. We have reported about these training camps in Sleeper Cell Documentary: Radical Islamic Camps in America and A Ride Through Islamberg. Why The Need For All The State Troopers What Were They Guarding? 

Here is one that the locals had to take down because the Feds wouldn’t do it. Terror in the Rocky Mountains: Special Investigation in this eye-opening report we find:

“COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Blades.  AK-47s.  M-16s.  Bomb-making materials.

The weapons cache, hidden in abandoned mine shafts, was immense.

And, that wasn’t all.

In a remote mountain camp just outside Buena Vista, Colorado, law enforcement raided dozens of members who grafted themselves into a radical Islamic ideology.  Men, women, children – living on a 101-acre compound, learning the ways of jihad as taught by their leader: Sheikh Mubarak Al Gilani, a Muslim leader, headquartered in Pakistan.”

“Despite appearances – no running water or working electricity and members living a polygamist lifestyle – Ul Fuqra’s camp in Chaffee County was sophisticated: members bought the land and sustained the camp using money they bilked from the state, using fake workers compensation claims, sometimes under non-existent businesses.

The system worked for years – $355,000 – was amassed before state investigators sniffed it out.”

Yes, they were stealing from We the People and using the money to prepare for a war with We The People!! This is one of many camps around America. Why is this insanity allowed on our soil? Oh, yeah the media tells you it does not belong to you!! After all the borders should be open and anyone should be allowed in America. This Anti-American, NFL kneeling, flag hating and freedom-loving bashing is an attempt to break our national pride. This is how you break a nation!!

Unfortunately, it is coming from many of our own citizens that would call me racist for pointing out this about Islam. That is the sad shape we are in after years of globalist rule. Make no mistake both parties have been influenced and infiltrated.

It is time to quit ignoring the truth grow some balls and take a stand for freedom. Here is Reseach on Holy Islamville in South Carolina Regional Organized Crime Information Center SPECIAL RESEARCH REPORT From the report. Click on the link to read!

CBN put this video out:

There is something very wrong in America. It is time to DEMAND these “camps be thoroughly investigated and taken down.

New MOA Terror Training Video Exposed

Bombs and weapons found in the only one raided. Another in New Mexico training kids to shoot schools up. I guess all the McCain and Trump news is just meant to distract because we have much bigger problems!!~RJH


Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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