American Courts Are Supporting Sharia Law! Somalis Get 1.5 Million In Settlement

This is how the take over spreads. In America, you go to work to work not pray!! Why should Muslims get special treatment? This is outrageous and to think our courts are going along with it.

Twin Cities Pioneer Press is reporting in $1.5M Cargill settlement for Muslim workers fired in prayer dispute

  • “A large meatpacking division of Cargill has agreed to pay $1.5 million to 138 Somali-American Muslim workers who were fired from their jobs at a Colorado plant after they were refused prayer breaks, a federal anti-discrimination agency said Friday.
  • Wichita, Kan.-based Cargill Meat Solutions denies wrongdoing but agreed to settle to avoid further litigation, the federal agency said. The dispute dates back to the firings of the workers in late 2016 after management rescinded policies allowing Muslim employees to take short breaks for prayer.
  • In 2017, the agency found that the workers had been harassed and discriminated against for protesting the unannounced policy change that denied them opportunities for obligatory prayer. Hundreds of Somali-Americans work at the plant in Fort Morgan, northeast of Denver.In a related announcement, a Teamsters union local that was supposed to represent the workers will pay them $153,000 to settle discrimination complaints.

    The federal agency said it determined that Teamsters Local Union No. 455, based in Denver and in Fort Morgan, failed to advocate for the Muslim workers in their dispute with Cargill and even harassed them because of their race, religion and national origin. The workers were dues-paying union members.”

This is part of the Strategy Islam uses to take over land that is not theirs. Just think American’s gave these people refugee and they thank us by suing because we will not accommodate them. That is outrageous.

Here is there step by step strategy to take over a land through refugee invasion.

Is Islam Guilty of INFEDELPHOBIA? Exposing The 4 Stages Of Islamic Conquest!!

This is real and needs to be addressed if America wants to stay a free country. Time to hold the media and politicians that claim “Isalm is peaceful” accountable for their treason! THEY ARE NOT HERE TO ASSIMILATE THEY ARE HERE TO DOMINATE!~RJH

In this video, Somalia refugees show just how grateful they are to their American hosts!!

Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

One thought on “American Courts Are Supporting Sharia Law! Somalis Get 1.5 Million In Settlement”

  1. Why Muslims go to Christian countries: They have been at war for 1400 years; taking over other lands is what they do. They are invading, infiltrating and multiplying in yet another area (the USA) that is a possible addition to the 58 countries they already OWN AND CONTROL. (No infidels are left in those countries: they’ve been eradicated.)

    The people in the United States fall easily into their web of taqiyya (lies) and muruna (pretending to forsake Islam and sharia to gain your confidence).

    There are approximately 6-10 MILLION Muslims here now and growing quickly while they slaughter your unborn babies with organizations like Planned Parenthood and so forth. These people are NOT refugees, they are an ARMY. This is a dangerous and deadly situation. When their numbers are 5%, they will change. If you think they are DEMANDING now, just wait until you become their slaves.

    They are teaching your kids in your own schools to pray to Allah. YOU let them tell your children they cannot even say the word “God” aloud in school or it will offend the Muslims. They are here to KILL ALL INFIDELS!

    I am NOT saying these things in hate. I’m saying it for self-preservation. There are many Muslims who do good work every day and are personable and likable, but you must NEVER FORGET why they are here. NEVER FORGET!


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