These are the People Who Have Been Telling us How We Should Think?

These dirtbags have had the unmitigated temerity to control what we have been hearing and seeing on CBS for years, which includes the 2016 election cycle by the way. Well let me ask you all a question. Do you folks think that predators like this, who have used their powerful positions at CBS to serially abuse and victimize their female underlings for many years should have had any place having the say what America gets presented with as ‘the news’ every day and night.


And if you don’t think they cracked the whip on what was ran with as news, CBS all but admitted it on air by reporting the memo on CBS This Morning in which Fager threatened the reporter about airing the damning quotes from his victims, who were former CBS employees, telling her that others have lost their jobs after as Fager put it they reported information to ‘try to harm him’.

CBS, with the revelation of that memo, told the world that the execs at CBS micro manage which stories are aired on their broadcasts and which are not.

So much for independent reporting by CBS reporters! And just think, these were the clowns behind all of the stories during the 2016 election cycle trying to brand Trump as a masogonist. Wow! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

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