Dismantling The Smear Campaign Launched Against Brett Kavanaugh

Disclaimer: I have a very personal connection to Sexual Assult. It has happened to my Daughter and I had to fight The Round Lake School District in Lake County, Il about it. The liberal’s and Obama Administration Asks Schools to Drop Zero-Tolerance Approach  The School literally gave legal advice to the Predator that as a witness to the crime stated “looked like he was trying to rape her” Yes this even had a witness to the actual crime. Still, the school backed the predator and his family. I had a Judge break his word and it took over a year to get this Predator charged with the big crime of “Battery”. He locked my then 12-year-old in an Equipment room and also eld her down and dry humped her.

I do have my daughter’s permission to tell her story because her dad showed her how to stand up and fight for her rights even though we lost. So I moved to Southern Illinois. The school system was the key factor. I had won in court the year before when she was in middle school.  The High School entered and I walked into what was supposed to be a hearing which was only a ruling, was told to shut up by the Judge when I tried to point out he was going back on his word. So I am very much against perverts and what they do. Liberal Policies did not stand up for my girl, after all, she was white and he was black. The witness was latin. My girl was the minority in that school and justice is not found there!! When it first happened The school wanted to suspend the kid for 5 whole days!! How do you think that made my daughter feel? Liberals have selective outrage!

That being said let’s get to the facts of this slander Campaign. Here is contestant #2. Her name is Deborah Ramirez and her drunken memory has holes in it. There are no eyewitnesses again surprise, surprise. Actual eyewitnesses standing up for Judge Kavanaugh are now themselves being accused of participating in the assault.

Farrow said he interviews some 36 witnesses, and half were part of it. So she can remember 18 people at the party yet she was slur your words drunk. Being that drunk clouds your judgment. She remembers what he did vividly after 6 days of talking to lawyers and trying to remember. We they just perfecting this new story of slander?

There was a walkout planned today which has now had her named added to it.

Far left Maria Claire reports in Why People All Over the Country Are Staging a Walkout Today 

“The walkout, initially planned around the relentless targeting of Dr. Ford, has expanded to note its support of Deborah Ramirez, who came forward to accuse Kavanaugh of an alleged assault in a New Yorker piece published Sunday night by Jane Mayer and Ronan Farrow. It will register its support of both women, but also serve as a message for the survivors who have dealt with a painful and triggering news cycle of late: You are not alone.”  

It continues  “Two things are at play here: The very real and terrifying question of whether we, as a society, will allow a man twice accused of sexual assault to be appointed to the highest court in the land, to make decisions on behalf of millions of women—and the equally real but more symbolic question of how we treat allegations of sexual assault. Whether it matters when it happened, how it came about, or whether the victim reported it to authorities. Many Republicans and commentators have already picked a side, and this march is designed to showcase the other one: We believe you. You are not alone.”

So who is behind this march?

“Women’s groups and progressive nonprofits have thrown their full weight behind the walkout, including Planned Parenthood, EMILY’s List, TIME’s Up, the Women’s March, and many others ”

We all know Planned Parenthood. Emily’s List supports Pro-Choice women and helps get them elected.

EMILY’s List is an American political action committee (PAC) that aims to help elect pro-choice Democratic female candidates to office. It was founded by Ellen Malcolm in 1985.[4] According to the Washington Examiner, EMILY’s List is “the nation’s most influential pro-choice political action committee.”[5]

The group’s name is an acronym for “Early Money ILike Yeast”, Malcolm commenting that “it makes the dough rise”.[4] The saying is a reference to a convention of political fundraising: that receiving lots of donations early in a race is helpful in attracting subsequent donors.

Emily’s List bundles contributions to the campaigns of pro-choice Democratic women running in targeted races.[6][7]

From 1985 until the 2008 election[clarification needed] EMILY’s List had raised and spent $240 million for political candidates.[1] EMILY’s List spent $27.4 million in 2010, $34 million in 2012, and $44.9 million in 2014.[3] The organization was on track to raise $60 million for the 2016 election cycle, much of it earmarked for Hillary Clinton, whose presidential bid EMILY’s List had endorsed.

In 2012, 80% of the candidates endorsed by EMILY’s List in the general election won a seat

Candidate Race Outcome
Amy Klobuchar United States Senate election in Minnesota, 2012 Win
Ann Kirkpatrick Arizona’s 1st Congressional District Win
Ann McLane Kuster New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District Win
Betty Sutton Ohio’s 16th Congressional District Loss
Carol Shea-Porter New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District Win
Cheri Bustos Illinois’ 17th Congressional District Win
Christie Vilsack Iowa’s 4th Congressional District Loss
Claire McCaskill United States Senate election in Missouri, 2012 Win
Debbie Stabenow United States Senate election in Michigan, 2012 Win
Dianne Feinstein United States Senate election in California, 2012 Win
Dina Titus Nevada’s 1st Congressional District Win
Elizabeth Esty Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District Win
Elizabeth Warren United States Senate election in Massachusetts, 2012 Win
Erin Bilbray Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District Loss
Gloria Romero Roses Florida’s 26th Congressional District Loss
Grace Meng New York’s 6th Congressional District Win
Janice Hahn California’s 44th Congressional District Win
Joyce Beatty Ohio’s 3rd Congressional District Win
Julia Brownley California’s 26th Congressional District Win
Kathy Hochul New York’s 27th Congressional District Loss
Kathyrn Boockvar Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District Loss
Kelda Helen Roys Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional District Loss
Kirsten Gillibrand United States Senate election in New York, 2012 Win
Kyrsten Sinema Arizona’s 9th Congressional District Win
Lois Capps California’s 24th Congressional District Win
Lois Frankel Florida’s 22nd Congressional District Win
Louise Slaughter New York’s 25th Congressional District Win
Maggie Hassan New Hampshire gubernatorial election, 2012 Win
Maria Cantwell United States Senate election in Washington, 2012 Win
Mazie Hirono United States Senate election in Hawaii, 2012 Win
Michelle Lujan Grisham New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District Win
Shelley Adler New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District Loss
Shelley Berkley United States Senate election in Nevada, 2012 Loss
Susan Bysiewicz United States Senate election in Connecticut, 2012 Loss
Suzan DelBene Washington’s 1st Congressional District Win
Suzanne Bonamici Oregon’s 1st Congressional District Win
Tammy Baldwin United States Senate election in Wisconsin, 2012 Win
Tammy Duckworth Illinois’s 8th Congressional District Win
Tarryl Clark Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District Loss
Tulsi Gabbard Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District Win
Val Demings Florida’s 10th Congressional District Loss

Source Wikipedia

Time’s Up is a movement against sexual harassment and was founded on January 1, 2018, by Hollywood celebrities[2] in response to the Weinstein effect and #MeToo. As of February 2018, it has raised $20 million for its legal defense fund, and gathered over 200 volunteer lawyers

In November 2017, the Alianza Nacional de Campesinas wrote a letter of solidarity to the Hollywood women involved in exposing the sexual abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein. The letter, published in Time, described experiences of assault and harassment among female farmworkers. The letter stated that it was written on behalf of the approximately 700,000 female farmworkers in the United States.

Who is  Alianza Nacional de Campesinas? 

From there website: https://www.crlaf.org/


Mónica Ramírez is the daughter and granddaughter of migrant farmworkers. She is also co-founder of Alianza Nacional de Campesinas. Mónica is dedicated to ending gender based violence in the workplace and achieving gender equity. She has served farmworker, Latina and immigrant women as an organizer, advocate and activist for more than two decades. In addition, she has represented farmworker and low-paid immigrant women in civil rights and employment cases. Mónica employs a holistic, victim-centered approach to her work and she is an ardent supporter of worker-led movements. She also has a long history promoting women’s leadership and political power, including leading Latinas Represent, the only national non-partisan initiative focused on increasing Latina representation and participation in public leadership positions.


Mily Treviño-Sauceda is Vice-President and Co-founder of Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, Inc. She began working in the agricultural fields alongside her family from eight years old until she was a young adult. Mily is credited for co-founding the farmworker women’s movement in California. Prior to this, she worked as a union organizer with the United Farm Workersin 1970s and early 1980s. She also worked as a community worker with California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA). Mily raised her son, “Humberto,” as a single mother. Humberto is affectionately referred to as “El Hijo de la Comunidad” (Son of the Community) because he would attend meetings and adults with his mother throughout his childhood.

Mily first co-founded “Mujeres Mexicanas” (Mexican Women), in the Coachella Valley. With support of the CRLA Foundation, she co-founded Líderes Campesinas, in 1992, the first state-based farmworker women’a unique grass roots organization that became a statewide movement of campesina leaders advocating on behalf of campesinas. Mily served as the Executive Director of Lideres Campesinas for more than 12 years and was later named President of Emeritus of the organization and a board member.

From their website ALIANZA NACIONAL DE CAMPESINAS This has Unions and Democratic socialist written all over it.


I knew this story sounded familiar. Had to go back into the memory bank but finally, it came to me. I have put this video together for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!~RJH

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