Not A Single Communist Organization On The So-Called “Experts” In Hate Groups List By The Southern Poverty Law Center

The Red Guards Austin Chapter is calling for the violent overthrow of capitalism and America. Surprisingly this nor does any other Communist group make the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate groups of America.

austin tx

Here is their list Check it out for yourself. You can be anti-everything but American and make it. If you want to destroy our way of life, freedoms, Constitution, Rights and do it by killing people who believe in these values is not hate according to the Southern Poverty Law Center! Southern Poverty Law Center: Hate By State Map

That should make a reasonable person and every American Citizen a tad bit suspicious of The Southern Poverty Law Center. Why does our so-called “media” miss this fact? Who is behind this “resist” movement? All legit questions that we should be demanding answers too!

Here is their blog Post read it for yourself: Red Guards Austin

“So what does paramilitarized antifascism look like?

To anyone who is sick and tired of being let down, put at risk, or wasting time at these demoralizing failures there is a better and more effective way to make an impact against fascists. Many of the left-liberal groups just run candidates, tail yellow capitalist unions, and in essence preach pacifism; unity with them is not going to get you anywhere. Real working class unity against fascism is what matters.

To begin, antifascism must be popularized among the broadest and deepest sections of our class, whom already stand far to the left of this spectacle which we have called the left-liberal alliance. Working people are not interested in performing an act in front of those whose racist ideology wants them disempowered, then dead. To make antifascism appeal to them we must stop playing into the most negative stereotypes and start proving our capacity at community self-defense and bold revolutionary actions. The left-liberal model of “antifascism” actually draws support for the enemy and alienates the masses from taking up antifascism as their own thing.

The post WWII “antifa” model has met its natural limitations, it has plateaued and stagnated. Instead of disorganized unarmed “affinity groups” which rely on nothing but a vague cultural identity for their points of unity, we encourage the formation of paramilitary organizations on two levels. The first being those who are mainly unarmed but are prepared and trained to carry out fist fighting or using blunt weapons like axe handles or flagpoles as well as shields and basic armoring. The second level is the more advanced embryo of a Red Army, which is trained militarily and operates as soldiers all the time, engaging in production and mass work among the proletariat and the oppressed nation’s people. We support the formation of street committees and rapid response networks of masses who have secure means of communication and clear leadership.

Our methods differ greatly from the liberal-left who fall short of any combat action—in one arrest affidavit from one of the antifascist actions we led last year the Department of Public Safety, while lying about who started the riot got a few things right—showing the difference between hard and soft antifascism, between antifa as a fighting unit which closes ranks on an enemy and “antifa” as a goofy performance art troop which puts on plays for fascist spectators and their collaborators.”

This is as hateful as it gets. This is against every Freedom loving American man, woman, and child. Yet not one single group like this gets a hate designation by the Southern Poverty Law Center, HMM~RJH

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Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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