Liberal Media Smear Campaign Launched Against The Proud Boys! Exclusive: Photos And Details Proves Communist Sympathizer Was Not A Proud Boy!

The Kansas City Star published this article Alleged white supremacist is taunted and punched in Westport, and a video goes viral  The title is biased.  If something is alleged it lacks the evidence to be proven that is a key ingredient. A little due diligence and simple investigative work would have exposed the truth.

al·leged: adjective, (of an incident or a person) said, without proof, to have taken place or to have a specified illegal or undesirable quality.

To label something in such a manner shows bias.  The article further alleges more slander and dirt flung at the Proud Boys by so-called “experts”.  Slander is contagious amongst the left-leaning liberal media!

The article claims “The Star left phone messages to the man in the polo shirt and wrote messages to the Proud Boys Kansas City chapter seeking comment, but neither responded.”

Mike, the President of the Kansas City Chapter told We The People’s News that in fact “they were only contacted after the article was published”.  As for the man in the “Fred Perry-brand polo shirt with yellow trim and laurel insignia — the unofficial uniform of the Proud Boys movement, considered by experts to be a right-wing hate group, here is what we found:  From University News: UMKC”S Independent Student NewsPaper

Meet  Alan St. Onge: tatoo

Does this sound like a Proud Boy or an indoctrinated college communist?  You really have to believe in Communism to ink it on your body! The article states:

“Junior, Alan St. Onge’s tattoos are symbolic of his political perspective, teenage rebellion, and cultural views.

St. Onge’s most significant tattoo is a hammer and sickle on his forearm, which is commonly recognized as a symbol of communism.

“Beyond its political significance, it represents a kind of optimistic ideal for which to aspire,” he said. “It has also been the source of scorn from the right [wing] and curiosity to those unfamiliar with communistic ideas.”


Anyone can buy a polo and claim to be something! Yet here just 6 years ago he believed in communism enough to tattoo his body! ANTIFA is communist:

Here the Proud boys meet with Alan St. Onge to confront and get his side of the story!

All of these pictures are from the video of Alan St. Onge explaining his actions!

Here Alan St. Onge is reading from the video that these stills came from the legal documents he signed stating he is not a Proud Boy nor has he ever been here. 

Which is easier to believe the Kansas City Star’s version that is lacking in investigative standards and written with bias from so-called “experts in hate”,  or the truth which we have just shown you?  This article was referenced nationwide on left media sites

pd nw

Yet, Not A Single Communist Organization On The So-Called “Experts” In Hate Groups List By The Southern Poverty Law Center  AND Antifa isn’t a ‘hate group,’ Southern Poverty Law Center claims from the Washington Times.

“You can find conservative policy centers like the Family Research Council on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate map,” but not the violent left-wing extremist group antifa.

Why not? Antifa’s radical activists are known for beating up those they view as “fascists,” but according to SPLC president Richard Cohen, antifa doesn’t actually espouse hate.”


There it is more bias and slander. Who are these so-called experts? 

“The Southern Poverty Law Center describes the Proud Boys as one of the latest entries in a growing list of hypermasculine, hostile, conservative white nationalist groups.

Their evidence for such a claim: 

In its own words

“It’s such a rape culture with these immigrants, I don’t even think these women see it as rape. They see it as just like having a teeth [sic] pulled. ‘It’s a Monday. I don’t really enjoy it,’ but that’s what you do. I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t have the same trauma as it would for a middle-class white girl in the suburbs because it’s so entrenched into their culture.” — Gavin McInnes, Get Off My Lawn, June 19, 2018

In A place like England where we can see the truth and judge by evidence of the “culture of Islam” does all they can to suppress the truth aided by our CNN saying it was “white males” who were the Perps.  See:45 Children A Day Are Targeted By Muslim Grooming, Rape Gangs In Britain, Yet The Media Calls Them “ASIAN”.  Western values are very much under attack. The Presumption of innocence it being attacked by Planned Parent Hood, MeToo and their 501.3.c and 501.4’s of the left which are not suppose to be political!

The Truth is now under attack.   Tommy Robinson went to Prison for reporting on the Grooming Rape Gangs that the media dared not name.  Is this Islamophobia or being dominated? Why is it so wrong to ask that question?

More “Proof”

“Muslims have a problem with inbreeding. They tend to marry their first cousins…and that is a major problem here because when you have mentally damaged inbreds — which not all Muslims are, but a disproportionate number are — and you have a hate book called the Koran…you end up with a perfect recipe for mass murder.” — Gavin McInnes, Get Off My Lawn, April 24, 2018

This is, in fact, Truth and we also reported on it in Islamic Inbreeding, When Telling The Truth Makes You Racist!! 

Here Is TheKansas City Proud Boys Offical Response:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“The Proud Boys are a cover for white supremacists,” says Leonard Zeskind, president of the Kansas City-based Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights.

Here is what their Expert does!! Do you agree with him and his “reverend? I do not and am not afraid to say it!  This is from their website and entitled A NEW STATEMENT BY A RENEWED ORGANIZATION FOR NEW TIMES

“We begin with an optimistic, yet un-blinkered understanding of our situation. The political landscape in the United States has changed considerably since IREHR’s founding in 1983. Our long-held dreams for social and economic justice have become imbued with new hope in the future.  More, the drive towards a truly multi-racial, multicultural democracy and individual human rights have gained new and powerful adherents.

Nevertheless, racial discrimination against people of color, and housing and social segregation are facts of daily life.  The overwhelming majority of white people continue to take for granted the relative privileges accruing to their skin color. Our government’s many broken treaties with Native American Indian nations remain unrepaired, and anti-Indian racism plagues the individual and collective lives of this continent’s original people. Bigotry, both the theologically based and the ordinary secular kind, continues against gay men and lesbians. Despite the many strides towards gender equality, women remain underpaid at work, too often mistreated at home and subject to the strictures of a patriarchal society.  Reproductive rights remain at risk in many parts of the country. The worse aspects of nativism have become manifest in vigilante action, hate crimes on the streets, and mean-spirited legislation.  Anti-Semitism continues to bedevil our society, both in its most overt swastika-emblazoned form as well as in the far more frequent assertion that the United States of America is, or should be, a Christian nation.”

We have written about this in Paying the Price Of Freedom: 80% Of Deaths In U.S. Wars Fighting For Freedom Have Been Labeled By U.S. Universities, “Evil White Males”!

This is Marxist, Socialist beliefs and We The Peoples News Believes are UNCONSTITUTIONAL and thus ANTI-AMERICAN Nor do they portray what America believes.  

Christianity is the most adhered to religion in the United States, with 75% of polled American adults identifying themselves as Christian in 2015. This is down from 85% in 1990, lower than 81.6% in 2001, and slightly lower than 78% in 2012. About 62% of those polled claim to be members of a church congregation.

That is still a vast majority! What made America great was not the belief of Christianity, but the morality of it.  Christian Charity has feed countless hungry mouth around the world.

In fact, Christianity was very much the backbone of America for many years being the major contribution to making it great! Our schools used the

The New England Primer: 

The New England Primer was the first reading primer designed for the American Colonies. It became the most successful educational textbook published in 17th century colonial United States and it became the foundation of most schooling before the 1790s.

In the 17th century, the schoolbooks in use had been Bibles brought over from England. By 1690, Boston publishers were reprinting the English Protestant Tutor under the title of The New England Primer. The Primer included additional material that made it widely popular with colonial schools until it was supplanted by Noah Webster‘s Blue Back Speller after 1790.

The primer remained in print well into the 19th century and was even used until the 20th century. A reported 2 million copies were sold in the 18th century. No copies of editions before 1727 are known to survive

Many of its selections were drawn from the King James Bible

now I lay
Recognize This?

This is indeed what America is built upon and is very much under attack by those who want to “Fundamentally change” the United States of America! That was the promise and wow have they delivered using your dime to wage a war on your own way of life!

To sum it up. The left uses dis-information and the word “alleged” as weapons to spread lies and re-write history. They use accusations as facts which they surely are not! Just ask Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh 🙂

This is by design. Here is the Obama’s Admin policy on Racist: Official Report Shows If You Are Anti-Abortion or Illegal Immigration You Are A White Supremacist So Says The Obama Administration!!

The West is not a color nor a race it is an idea, and that Idea is to live Free! America is the only Country left in the world that has Frees Speech and The Right To Bear Arms though they are watered down licensed rights to many today! Even defending American Values and the Constitution while being white will get you labeled “Alt-Right”, “far right”, “racist” etc.. which is the just slander by those pushing communism and socialism down our kid’s throats in schools across America~RJH

 See Also: If Islam Kills Their Children. They will Surely Kill Yours. Think!!

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