Proud Boys Attacked By Communist ANTIFA. Media Slants The Truth Again!

One would think that in America when a Communist group stalks and attacks American Citizens the police and media would be on the side of the American citizen.  Not in today’s America where Democrats have made socialism and communism their bedfellows against America and freedom.

The Press fails to report that ANTIFA was there “protesting?” with masks on and that in fact, they broke the windows out of the Metropolitan Republican Club on East 83rd Street the night before the meeting.  They also fail to report that while the meeting was happening ANTIFA jumped and beat up a reporter just trying to report the news.  Where is the brotherhood for Journalist media?

Another key fact missing in their reporting is the urine being thrown on the Proud Boys by ANTIFA. NBC selectively edits their reporting in New York police looking for 9 people involved in ‘Proud Boys’ brawl  “At some point, we have six individuals wearings masks … we believe yelling at the group going south on Park Avenue and some of the [Proud Boy] members from the Park Avenue side begin to go on to 82nd Street and interact”

THEY DO NOT EVEN IDENTIFY ANTIFA BY NAME, WHY? This is a Communist organization that stalked the Proud Boys meeting with the purpose to cause violence. What is wrong with our media and police? the article continues:  “Surveillance video released by the police appeared to show one of the anti-fascist protesters throwing a bottle at the Proud Boys, who rush in to throw punches. Several of the men fell to the ground and were kicked, the footage shows. Shea said of the nine wanted by police: “We feel confident we can sustain charges of riot of attempted assault.”

Yeah, that is right ANTIFA came to fight, attacked a reporter, threw urine on the Proud Boys, threw a bottle at them and then get what they were looking for.  They lost and the police are looking for Proud Boys to charge.  What is wrong in our Country?

The media refuses to report the truth.  They want to paint the Proud Boys as a “racist, violent group”.  They are in fact hiding the facts and protecting the democrat’s foot soldiers, ANTIFA!~RJH

Here Gavin McInnes gives the real truth about what happened that night. 

If you think America is not in a constitutional crisis, guess again.

Our Constitutional Crisis: Social Justice, Positive Rights vs. The Constitution, Negative Rights. Civil War Is Here. Which Side Are You On?

Democrats Think It Is Ok To Use Violence, Harassment, and Intimidation On Their Fellow Citizens!

Liberal Media Smear Campaign Launched Against The Proud Boys! Exclusive: Photos And Details Proves Communist Sympathizer Was Not A Proud Boy!



Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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