Our Military Is Now Under Sharia Law!

Everywhere in American Christianity is under attack, yet we are bending over backward for Islam.  Now our Military is choosing to allow Muslims to keep their beards because of their religious belief.

Military.com is reporting in Air Force Grants Beard Waiver to Muslim Airman that:            “An airman from the 821st Contingency Response Support Squadron at Travis Air Force Base, California, can now wear a beard in keeping with his Muslim faith, thanks to a recently granted religious accommodation waiver, service officials said.

Travis Air Force Base officials had previously said Staff Sgt. Abdul Rahman Gaitan was the first Muslim airman to receive such a waiver. But Capt. Carrie Volpe, an Air Force spokeswoman, told Military.com Nov. 27 that Gaitan was the sixth airman to receive such a waiver. One additional waiver has been granted since Gaitan was given the OK, and an eighth waiver is currently being processed, Volpe said.”

On the other hand, we have this attitude on Christianity. This is from Christianity Today Faith under fire: Christians in U.S. military ‘openly under attack,’ says retired Navy chaplain  “Has the U.S. military become hostile to Christianity?

The answer is “yes,” as far as retired Navy chaplain Wes Modder is concerned. Modder came under attack from his superiors in the Navy last year for expressing his support for biblical marriage, according to CBN News.

“If you’re a Christian and you come into the military today, it’s going to be difficult for you,” Modder said in a recent interview with OneNewsNow.

Modder said his case shows that Christianity is “openly under attack” in the U.S. military, adding that the problem is getting even worse.

Modder said it’s a “new reality” that Christians working in the United States Armed Forces will be attacked for their beliefs.

He said the White House set the tone last year when it “championed” homosexual marriage and lit the White House in the so-called rainbow colors.

“Our leaders have done abominable things in the sight of God,” Modder said.

Before he was forced to quit the Navy, Modder worked at the Navy Nuclear Power Training Command in Charleston, South Carolina.

Modder found himself in trouble when a lieutenant asked him about his personal views on gay marriage during a private conversation, which became a public case for the Navy chaplain.

The lieutenant turned out to be a gay activist who was backed up by the chaplain Modder was working with at the Navy facility in Charleston.

Modder said his fellow chaplain, “a very liberal United Methodist command chaplain,” decided to escalate the issue and brought charges against him, calling him “intolerant and not able to function in a diverse pluralistic environment.”

His Navy superiors later accused him of harassing sailors with his conservative views on homosexuality and marriage and recommended his dismissal from the service.”

I wonder if they asked these Muslims about their view on homosexuals?  After all, they kill them while Christianity only rebukes it.  There is a huge difference.

America is caving into sharia law. Why? This Country was started and based on Judeo-Christianity and that is what made us great. We are turning our backs on God and that will be our destruction. ~RJH

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Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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