Britain And America Are Under Seige By The Globalist Army: ANTIFA, COMMUNIST, SOCIAL WARRIORS, Community Organizers, ANARCHIST, UNIONS, Islam, “Non-Profits” ETC… In An Effort To Destroy FREEDOM!

How to Destroy a Country:

  1. Attack Law and Order
  2. Spread propaganda
  3. Agitate those who have less with perceived social injustices
  4. Claim the side that loves their country are in fact far right, Fascist Nazis.
  5. Build a civilian army made of those who favor Lawlessness.
  6. Attack those who love their country, and use self-defense as an excuse for the attack because you labeled the nation’s flag waving, country loving patriots as Nazis thus justifying your violence.
  7. Control the media and selectively edit the news to push your agenda and silence the opposition with labels of Far Right, Alt-Right, White Supremacist, Nazis, and other vile names.
  8. Silence good people with the guilt of a select few from past generations labeling an entire race as slave traders, racist and on some pulpits in America, Evil. Even though it is this evil you label that freed slaves and defeated Nazis.
  9. Attack all The Countries Culture as racist their traditions as racist and now even their candy.
  10. Take over the schools and teach social justice Marist agenda.
  11. Make up new “Rights” like abortion, identity gender as tools to label your opposition as bigots and Nazis. Thus to silence them and their love of Freedom!
  12. Us Non-Profits to fund your agenda though they are supposed to be non-partisan. Oppress the other side with the federal power of the IRS as you ignore all the liberal non-profits that violate the law every day.
  13. Use the Power of the Federal Government to Spy on the opposing political opponent using False Evidence created by an ex British spy which was paid for by the Hillary Clinton and used by the FBI knowingly to dupe the FISA court to spy on their opponent.
  14. Attack American and British Flag waving Patriots on our streets while carrying communist flags and the justification that you are attacking Nazis. Take our word for it and that being praised by our sold-out globalist controlled MEDIA. Then blaming the American loving Patriots for the violence that was actual LEGAL self-defense.
  15. Passing new Human Rights AKA The Right to Migrate in the UN to trap sovereign countries into violating what you now consider international law whether countries signed up for it or not. In which the U.N. promises to assist governments in silencing any opposition to this new human right! Good Bye Free Speech

Here is a Video of what Britain is dealing with and how they feel about the Brexit Betrayal. They want out and voted to get out of the Europen Union and here is why. Please, pay attention to the similarities!~RJH




Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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