Nancy Thanks Illegal For Breaking The Law. She Also Refuses To Release Her Tax Returns While Trying To Force President Trump To Release His!

Here is a video of Nancy Pelosi showing her true colors advocating for Illegals she does not represent!  She actually thanks them for coming her thus breaking our law and says we owe them a debt! Yes, that is the Democratic Leader of the House!

She thanks Illegals for breaking our law and actually says we owe them a debt.

She does owe them a debt and why/ They keep her in office. California won 9 more seats in the house as reported by us in The Dirty Truth About Why Democrats Support Illegal Immigration. They Are Counted For Congressional Appointment

Here is an example of why so many come to California. Reported in Illegal Immigrants Flock to San Francisco “SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Undocumented immigrants have been arriving here in bus after bus, lured by the welcome of city officials.

Anticipating that many immigrants will lack resources as they arrive in the Bay Area, the city council announced Friday that it will provide free housing, a job, free food and free transportation to persons who can prove they are in the country in violation of federal law.

“Unfortunately, unemployed persons who are not illegal immigrants are already coming here to take advantage of our offer,” said councilman Lou Z. Nett. “Some of them are even dying their hair black and pretending to talk in broken English. We have a meeting with law enforcement officials tomorrow to figure out ways to determine for certain who should be here and who is a U.S. citizen who should be deported from California.”

Meanwhile, Greyhound Bus Line announced that it would provide a free service to the city by transporting to Arizona at no charge any U.S. citizen whom municipal officials want deported.

“We have lots of empty buses going back to Arizona to pick up people who want to come here,” company spokesman Knox R. Sauxauff said at city hall. “We might as well give somebody a ride while we’re at it.”

As officials search for a solution, San Francisco Police Chief Bellows Moak said he has instructed his officers to demand that persons who ask for aid hand over their papers if police suspect they are U.S. citizens masquerading as undocumented aliens.

“These bums give up their rights when they try to take food, money, shelter, and jobs that are meant for undocumented foreigners,” he said.

Yes, they are aiding illegals and not U.S. Citizens in San Fransisco!

This is amazing and so corrupt and wrong. Does CNN tell you this? MSNBC? NBC?CBS?ABC?  They have all sold out Americans. 

Now we switch to her call for President Trump to produce his tax returns. Nancy thinks there is a connection to Russia in there. Listen for yourself.

The Hil report in Pelosi: I’ll release my tax returns when I run for president  She has not produced her tax returns and also works for the people. How hypocritical is that?

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) pushed back hard Thursday against the notion that congressional leaders should release their tax returns, saying the standard applies only to presidential candidates.”

How can this be if there is no law on it? It is her standard only.  Is she afraid to show America just how she hot here estimated 120 million working in Public service since 1987? A congresswoman salary is 174,000 a year times 17 years equals Approx 3 million.

How do you grow that into 120 million? Insider trading? This woman should not represent anyone in America. She is a prove liar and nut case. “You have to pass the Bill first to see what is inside the Bill” what a joke that is and a pure contempt for those she is supposed to serve.

It is Time to Investigate all members of Congress and see what connections we find!  They work for us and NEVER forget that!~RJH

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Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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