Adam Shiff – The Man from Bad

They wait until the commander-in-chief is out of the country to try their lame, last gasp attempt to try to impeach Trump which by the way all the Dems said during the midterms that it was not their primary focus. And who is their star witness – a convicted felon, convicted of lying to Congress. Shiff and the rest of the socialist Dems have no solutions to actually doing the jobs they were elected to do, coming up with solutions to improve the country. The fact is they don’t want to improve the country. They want to destroy the country. They are inraged that President Trump has done so much to improve America which is driving them out of their minds to stop at nothing to remove him from office. They are all traitors and anti-American. There was no Russian collusion by Trump or his team. The real Russian collusion was committed by Hillary and her surrogates in the fabrication of the fake Steele dossier. That is what they do, accuse the other side of what they do. So millions of tax dollars have been wasted over the last two years in this Meuller collusion delusion rolled out by the deep state to put the focus on Trump as a cover to take attention away from their many crimes including a treasonous soft coup attempt.





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