Pelosi Praying for Trump About Like She is Praying for Homeless People Around Her House

House speaker Nancy Pelosi says she is praying for President Trump. Meanwhile there are homeless people in her neighborhood around her house in San Fransisco who she has done nothing for. You would think, if she really cared, she would band together with some of her rich neighbors and help these people. Is she praying for them too? More platitudes designed to paint the President as losing it. Who knows, maybe this is backup plan to envoke the 25th amendment since the Russian collusion delusion came up empty. And what has added insult to injury is it has totally on the Dems by spawning an investigation which will no doubt finally bring Hillary, Obama, Comey (the real criminals) and the other co-conspirators to justice who attemped to bring about a treasonous coup of a duly elected president.





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