Democrat Politicians And American Journalist Praise This Communist Group. This Is How They Treat Journalists!

Make no mistake many on the left have praised ANTIFA for their violence against your fellow citizens. What is their crime? They are ANTIFA proclaimed Nazis! What is the evidence? Because they say so. This gives them, in their traitours minds, the right to attack physically all who don’t agree with them.  How is this happening in America?

Here is what they did to Conservative journalist Andy Ngo. This is an unprovoked attack as is their M.O. 

This is not the first of the attacks by far. They are doing this and our media is hiding it.  They are also praising this group of communist.

Here are some examples:

Joe Biden Starts Presidential Campaign By Praising Antifa 

CNN’s Lemon defends Antifa after Trump comments: ‘No organization is perfect’

Keith Ellison invites antifa to the party

Dem Congressman tweets praise for Antifa handbook

Those are just a few examples. We have reported on the ANTIFA handbook and the Author of it.  It is a long video, but in the end, you will have no doubt who and what this Communist group is. You will also see their goal of OVERTHROWING the United States!

Listens to His words!! CNN’s puff piece is in this also!


Make no mistake the Democrats have a goal which is to take your freedom and control everything you do!  They have allied with groups like the LGBT,  Islam, Communist, Socialist, Marxist, and Anarchist todo just that! There is a civil war going on in America. It is time to choose a side. Socialism or freedom! What say you?~RJH

Please help fight conservative censorship and share. Let free speech reign!!



Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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