Remember That Cash To Iran? Here Is The Real Mind-Blowing story. How Is This In America’s Best Interest?

Many have heard about the pallets of cash that were sent to Iran! Where did this money come from? Was it appropriated by congress to be spent this way?  Why did we “owe” Iran one of our biggest enemies and a State Sponsor of Terror money in the first place?

The press praised this and never really asked in-depth questions as was the case during the Obama Administration. If ya dug too deep your computer may be hacked or you way get spied upon. How easily Americans forget the oppression of the press during the Obama admin. Not accusations, actions!

So where did this money come from? It was money that Iran had deposited in the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Trust Fund account. Well,400 million was. The 1.3 billion in interest payments. The money was deposited to buy weapons before the 1979 revolution.

Then they took our Citizens hostage and the money was frozen.  Personally, I believe they forfeited it when they kidnapped my brothers and sisters. What happened tho this frozen money?

Victims sued Iran for and won a settlement that could never be collected on. This frozen account was discovered.  Congress passed a law in 2000 under which the U.S. Treasury could pay compensatory judgments (plus a portion of punitive damages) issued for claims against Iran (as well as Cuba). All told, about $400 million was paid out in relation to court judgments against Iran covered by the law and subsequent legislation in 2002 — about the equivalent of what was in the FMS trust fund.

Seems fair right? Well, not to Obama he needed an excuse to pay the ransom for our 4 hostages. Yep, once again Iran kidnaps our citizens. Obama knew it was against the law to pay ransom to terrorist but that has never stopped the czar!

So he claimed we owed Iran this money that was gone to the victims of Iran’s crime and terrorism. We also paid 1.3 billion on the interest of this money. So the taxpayer is fleeced once again.

What makes matters worse is the deal he cut in secret. The nerve these liberals have when they try to lecture America on morals and corruption is hypocrisy like we have never seen before!

NBC reported in The Obama administration secretly sought to give Iran access to the US financial system

“The Obama administration secretly sought to give Iran access — albeit briefly — to the U.S. financial system by sidestepping sanctions kept in place after the 2015 nuclear deal, despite repeatedly telling Congress and the public it had no plans to do so.”

Now they have secret meetings behind closed doors over a phone call? Really?

The Associated Press puts it this way: “As the Treasury and State Department worked behind the scenes to help Iran access the dollar, the message to Congress remained the same: The JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) did not allow Iran to access the U.S. financial system.”

Remember the “after the election I will have more leeway” to the Russian official? Back door deals seem to be the norm for the Democrats, yet a Republican can not make a phone call and inquire about some past misdeeds? Why not? ~RJH


Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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