‘Twas the night before impeachment and all through the house

the swamp creatures were conspiring led by that shifty louse.

All of the traitors that should be hung for treason with care

were in hopes of their coup working, hatched in their bunker basement lair.

The Dems were festered all smug communist reds

while visions of imminent takeover danc’d in their heads.

And Pelosi spewing bull**** and Schiff the rat

sought to poison American’s brains with their baseless hearsay crap.

With a blind eye to the real corruption dismissing Clinton’s treason as a matter

When Hillary smashed subpoenaed bleachbit hard drives with hammers.

Away from the rule of law they flew like a flash

They tried to tear up the Constitution and throw it in the trash.

Baying at the moon portraying themselves as pure as the wind driven snow

they worked to open the gates of hell and unleash the demons below.

But what to my wondering eyes should appear

But President Trump getting in their faces with no fear.

He has made America so much greater so quick

That it makes those evil leftist traitorous bastards sick.

More rabid than vipers the cabal they came

and he tweeted, and shouted and called them out by name.

Try Obama! Try McCabe! Try Clapper and Brennen!

Try Comey! Try Schiff! Try Pelosi and Clinton!

From the top of the Hill to deep within the Gitmo walls!

Traitors Away! Traitors away! Traitors away all!

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