‘Twas the night before impeachment and all through the house

the swamp creatures were conspiring led by that shifty louse.

All of the traitors that should be hung for treason with care

were in hopes of their coup working, hatched in their bunker basement lair.

The Dems were festered all smug communist reds

while visions of imminent takeover danc’d in their heads.

And Pelosi spewing bull**** and Schiff the rat

sought to poison American’s brains with their baseless hearsay crap.

With a blind eye to the real corruption dismissing Clinton’s treason as a matter

When Hillary smashed subpoenaed bleachbit hard drives with hammers.

Away from the rule of law they flew like a flash

They tried to tear up the Constitution and throw it in the trash.

Baying at the moon portraying themselves as pure as the wind driven snow

they worked to open the gates of hell and unleash the demons below.

But what to my wondering eyes should appear

But President Trump getting in their faces with no fear.

He has made America so much greater so quick

That it makes those evil leftist traitorous bastards sick.

More rabid than vipers the cabal they came

and he tweeted, and shouted and called them out by name.

Try Obama! Try McCabe! Try Clapper and Brennen!

Try Comey! Try Schiff! Try Pelosi and Clinton!

From the top of the Hill to deep within the Gitmo walls!

Traitors Away! Traitors away! Traitors away all!



This meme shown below was the pinned post on the Trump is Saving America Facebook page. Facebook said it violated their community standards. Apparently Facebook doesn’t want the truth disseminated that these people are traitors to our nation and are part of an ongoing coup of a duly elected President to effect a total takeover in which they and their fellow elites become our rulers and we become their slaves. Please share this far and wide to stand in defiance of Facebook’s censorship of the truth getting out.


Here are the screen shots sent to the editorial staff of Trump is Saving America just before the meme was taken down –






The full house is set to vote on this sham impeachment resolution in which President Trump did nothing wrong. He was merely asking a foreign country to check into alleged interference in the 2016 election. I thought the Dems were up in arms about foreign interference in our election for the last 3 years? Isn’t that what the Russian collusion delusion was about where there was no collusion by Trump? Millions of taxpayer dollars and resources wasted on a hoax! They have no problem with it if they are the ones doing the interfering and colluding with a foreign power. There was no collusion by Trump but plenty by the Dems starting at the top with Obama and Hillary her campaign, the DNC, the intelligence community and many other leftist swamp dwellers with Ukraine before the 2016 election to smear Trump!

we’ve got em on the run now. The Dem congressman who hold seats won by Trump in 2016 will now have to go on record voting for this sham Thursday which will definitely put their reelections in great jeopardy!  All Trump supporters in these 31 districts need to call their representatives now and tell them to vote against this sham impeachment so-called inquiry. Turn the heat up on them folks and spread this article far and wide now! It is of the upmost importance to our nation’s future! Let’s go patriots!


YouTube Busted!; Caught Cutting Hannity Tonight Full Episodes Down to 2 Seconds the Next Day Every Day

We all I am sure are aware of the campaign of the social media platforms to silence conservative voices in various forms such as shadow banning, Facebook jail, removal of posts and accounts, and the infamous deplatforming of Alex Jones on over 100 platforms virtually simultaneously.

Well here is a new technique I recently discovered that YouTube is employing to throttle truth getting out to the people of this country from one of the foremost conservative talk show hosts. I refuse to pay the exorbitant cable or satellite bills so I had been watching the full episodes of Hannity Tonight on YouTube up until about 6 months ago. At that time I noticed that I was unable to pull up the full episodes anymore on YouTube. After a while I thought YouTube was taking them down as part of their war on free speech so I kinda gave up on it.

But then one night after Hannity Tonight was done airing live, about 10:00 eastern or so, I was surfing on YouTube and noticed the full episode of that night’s show was up. So I thought I had better watch it before YouTube took it down. Then the next day I looked in my history and saw that this same video was marked as a 2 second video; hmmm.

Over the course of several days I noticed that YouTube was doing this the next day to every Hannity Tonight full episode video that patriots had been putting up. Who knows why they are doing it this way; maybe so no one can say that they are taking the videos down. Well what the hell is the difference between taking them down and cutting full episodes down to 2 seconds; I guess maybe some sort of plausible deniability to charges from congress and the public that they are infringing upon the free speech rights of conservatives.

So for now anyway, as long as patriots keep uploading the full episodes of Hannity Tonight and YouTube keeps doing things the way they’ve been doing it, within an hour after Hannity Tonight is over, about 10:00 eastern time or so, you have a good shot of finding the full episode, for that night’s show only, on YouTube.

Here’s the screen shots that back up what I am saying here. The first one shows the full episode that I watched the night of the show. Even though the length is not shown on this shot you can see the start of red at the left end of the timeline at the bottom of the video. I’ll guarantee you that you couldn’t take a screen shot showing that small of a portion of red on the timeline on a 2 second video. Just try it. Obviously the portion of the full timeline that is red is an extremely small percentage of the full timeline. From this you can see this certainly has to be a fairly long video. The next 2 screen shots more definitively nail them to the wall.


The second screen shot shows the length of this video. The video is located on the bottom right of the screen, my history, showing the length of this video to be 41:30, which is consistent with what one would expect to be the length of a full episode of Hannity Tonight.


The third screen shot is the smoking gun. Check this out. You can clearly see that it is the same video with the same title as the above video of length 41:30 and it is the full episode for 10/25/19. But now look at the timeline for this video on the next screen shot below. Clearly it now shows a length of 2 seconds for the same video. This happens to all of these full episode videos of Hannity Tonight the next day after they go up. Sorry YouTube, You’re busted!

This isn’t too surprising that YouTube is pulling this crap since Hannity has been hammering on the deep state corruption and the ongoing coup attempts of a duly elected president Day in and day out probably more than anyone out there for the past 3 years. Please spread the word so as many people as possible who opt out of cable and satellite highway robbery or don’t have access to Fox News can at least for now watch Hannity the night of the airing on YouTube and keep up with this vital information about the deep state corruption and what the Barr justice dept. is doing to bring these traitors of our nation to justice! God bless you Hannity! YouTube not so much.



CBSN Lies Again Stating no Wrongdoing By Biden Even Though He Was Recorded Admitting Quid Pro Quo

CBSN is at it again telling another bold face lie. This time they came right out and said there was no evidence of wrongdoing by Biden even though we have him recorded admitting to extorting Ukraine to the tune of a billion dollars to fire the prosecutor that was in the process of investigating his son’s involvement in a Ukrainian gas company. Why was Biden so worried that he used his influence (a federal crime) to get this guy fired?

McCabe; the First Cabal Domino to Fall

Could it be? Have the wheels of justice finally started to turn against the treasonous deep state cabal who plotted to perform a soft coup to overthrow a duly elected President of the United States? The patriotic U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia has now sought clearance from the Deputy Attorney General to pursue filing charges against Andrew McCabe for lying to the IG and to the FBI regarding the Clinton foundation investigation on multiple occasions after he was even given chances to recant. And the patriotic Deputy A.G. refused to block the request after an appeal from McCabe’s attorneys , clearing the way for McCabe to actually be indicted for these crimes and will no doubt lead to much more serious charges regarding his involvement in the plot to remove President Trump from office.

This guy is a major player in the attempted coup on multiple fronts. He talked with Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein 4 times about Rod wearing a wire into the White House in an effort to get Trump recorded saying things the cabal might be able to use to invoke the 25th amendment to remove him from office. And McCabe also admitted discussing with Rosenstein trying to identify and enlist the efforts of other cabinet members in this plot to overthrow a President.

McCabe was also in the laundering pipeline of the Steele Dossier with a steady stream of information coming from Bruce Ohr at Justice, which was passed to him from his wife Nellie Ohr who worked for Fusion GPS (the opposition research company paid by the Hillary campaign to create and disseminate the fake Steele dossier) then passed on to Peter Sztrok at the FBI and then up the ladder to McCabe and then to Comey.  This pipeline was set up after the FBI ended their relationship with Steele for leaking (not revealed to the FISA court; a crime). Comey and McCabe used this dossier as the basis, more than anything else, in the four FISA applications, after they were warned at least 3 times that there was nothing in existence to corroborate the veracity of the dossier and that Steele hated Trump and was desperate to stop him from getting elected. More than one FBI representative, including McCabe himself, has stated that without the dossier there is no FISA application, consequently no warrant. This dirty fake dossier was illegally fraudulently presented to the FISA court and is the reason that a warrant was issued to spy on a former member of the Trump campaign and thus get a back door to spy on the Trump campaign.

Think about it. This phony, Hillary bought and paid for ‘so called’  dossier was compiled by a person the FBI obviously didn’t trust since they cut ties with him just a few days after the first FISA application was submitted to the court, to get a surveillance warrant to spy on a U.S. citizen and then via him, a presidential campaign. And they did not inform the court of this fact; a crime. And McCabe is signatory on at least one of the four FISA applications, which by the way is stamped VERIFIED at the top, to obtain a warrant to spy on Carter Page, an American citizen, in which McCabe admitted that the application was largely based on the Steele Dossier.

So not only was Comey, McCabe and others at the top echelon of the FBI warned on multiple occasions by multiple sources that the dossier was unverifiable but also Steele himself admitted in open court in the U.K. that he had no idea if any of it was true; the author no less of this Hillary bought and paid for opposition research. McCabe knew all of this as well and never revealed any of it to the FISA court; a crime. These are multiple frauds upon the FISA court, each one of them a crime in and of themselves. But again it is extremely important to remember that these are all enabling crimes that were committed in the course of this attempted coup, which is a high crime, namely treason!

This, folks, opens the door for all of the coup conspirators finally at far too long last to begin to be brought to justice, which must happen for this Republic to be restored. But this is just the beginning of the reckoning of these traitors to America. Make no mistake about it, McCabe is the low hanging fruit of this cabal. We had all better hope and pray that more patriots stand in the gap in the D.C. cess pool to reestablish equal justice under the law in this country. For if that does not happen, we no longer have a country. When there exists a ruling class who tacitly commits treason, along with a host of ancillary crimes to try to affect a coup of a sitting President, including among many, fraud upon a FISA court, abuse of power, and obstruction of justice, conspiring to undo the election of a duly elected President, then the Constitution has been effectively shredded and the rule of law in this country has been supplanted by the rule of rulers! And to date this cabal is getting away with this attempted coup.

Meanwhile General Flynn, Roger Stone and others have been indicted for process crimes in which Flynn was entrapped by FBI agents telling him that he did not need an attorney present during his questioning, deceptively inferring that it was just an informal interview and then BAM he gets charged with lying to the FBI just because he didn’t remember something correctly, with no chance to recant like McCabe was afforded. And oh, yeah you guessed it; McCabe had his attorney present at his questioning by the I.G. and by the FBI.

The bottom line was the cabal needed to frame someone on the inside of the Trump campaign as the impetus to rev up their attempted coup. So they set their sights on Flynn, a decorated war veteran of 30 years, to get this concocted Russian collusion investigation against Trump going. And also in which then FBI Director Comey bragged and even laughed about it that he took advantage of the chaos of the transition to send a couple agents over to the White House to get to Flynn. He admitted he never would have tried this in the Obama or Bush white Houses.

The contrast of this ongoing two tier justice system is beyond stunning. Think about it, Hillary gets away with illegally keeping classified documents on a private server, against State Department policies, which was being hacked in real time by the communist Chinese, a clear violation of the espionage act, which makes her a traitor to this country of the highest order. And when her emails are subpoenaed, she deletes over 30000 of them and then bleach bits the hard drives and has them smashed with hammers. Try getting away with that! She was selling our country’s most closely guarded secrets to the highest bidders, putting our intelligence operatives at risk and maybe even resulting in the death of some of them, using the power of her position of Secretary of State to run a pay for play crime spree.

And then what happens? She is exonerated by the FBI brass before the investigation even gets started in which the statute triggering wording of ‘gross negligence’ in reference to her keeping classified documents on a private server, as originally stated in the report on ‘The Matter’ gets changed to ‘extreme carelessness’ by Comey, which he knew full well would not trigger the statute. And then ‘super patriot’ Comey illegally pulls the rug out from under the investigation and illegally drops the case at the illegal request of A.G. Lynch coincidentally shortly after the tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton in which they were just talking about grandkids. Yeah right!

Keep in mind, as the rats start turning on each other, the Trump tower meeting in Jan. 2017 of Clapper, Brennen and Comey with President elect Trump, in which Comey tried to set a trap for Trump to try to get him to say anything they could use to get this made up Russian collusion investigation going, was the very next day after these same bad actors met with Obama at the White House where they hatched this scheme. The genesis of this whole traitorous coup attempt leads right back to Obama. So much for the smooth transition of power that our electoral system was built on.

Make no mistake about it, Obama had his fingers in the coup pie more than just this meeting. The mysterious Joseph Mifsud, who told Carter Page he knew a Russian with Putin ties who had dirt on Hillary Clinton, which by the way Page expressed no interest in (exculpatory evidence withheld; a crime), and who was presented by coup conspirators with the help of the MSM as a foreign intelligence asset, who was later exposed to be actually an American intelligence asset. This supposed tie between Russian intelligence and the Trump campaign was used as justification to initiate the investigation within the intelligence community; another fake set up by the cabal.

But here’s the kicker. All counter intelligence operations are always started at the the top, at the behest of the commander-in-chief. So this whole ruse can be laid at the feet of Obama. What do you think the reaction would be from the media mob if the roles were switched and all of this came to light about an outgoing Republican President orchestrating an attempted coup against an incoming Democrat President-elect? Can anyone say constitutional crisis? Well a constitutional crisis is indeed what we have here. As President Trump said that we have to get to the bottom of this so that it never happens again. And the only way that can be accomplished is that all of the coconspirators of the worst scandal in American history, including Obama, be brought to justice. And let’s not forget Hillary’s part in this attempted coup. Remember, money from her campaign was used to create this fake dossier which was the real Russian collusion since Steele got info for the dossier from Russian operatives. By the way, if she and Bill get away with her pay for play betrayal of America which her and Bill made millions from, the republic does not survive that either.

If these coconspirators of this attempted coup of an American President are not brought to justice along with the Clinton crime family, this will be the beginning of the end of America! We can’t let our wonderful country be taken out by these traitors. But on a positive note at least we have a window of opportunity to right the ship? We would never have known that the institutions of our government were coopted by criminal traitors if Hillary was elected. We would all now no doubt be living under a totalitarian regime!

Fox News Undermines Investigation of the Origin of the Russia Probe

We caught Fox News engaging in propoganda to try to taint the conferring  of the power to declassify the documents concerning the origins of the Russia probe which will most certainly reveal a deep state plot to overthrow a duly elected President, which if it were not thwarted would be the effective end of our constitutional republic. This makes Fox News coconspirators in this plot just as much as the other journoterrorists at the rest of the fake news outlets. Just watch this video and see how the Fox correspondent, Jillian Turner trys to cast legally necesary review of the origins of this witch hunt as being a threat when the real threat is the deep state cabal who attempted this treasonous coup –

Pelosi Praying for Trump About Like She is Praying for Homeless People Around Her House

House speaker Nancy Pelosi says she is praying for President Trump. Meanwhile there are homeless people in her neighborhood around her house in San Fransisco who she has done nothing for. You would think, if she really cared, she would band together with some of her rich neighbors and help these people. Is she praying for them too? More platitudes designed to paint the President as losing it. Who knows, maybe this is backup plan to envoke the 25th amendment since the Russian collusion delusion came up empty. And what has added insult to injury is it has totally on the Dems by spawning an investigation which will no doubt finally bring Hillary, Obama, Comey (the real criminals) and the other co-conspirators to justice who attemped to bring about a treasonous coup of a duly elected president.




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