We have all been privileged to be able to witness the unprecedented
unraveling of the globalist agenda and the resurgence of American
greatness in less than a year and a half since President Trump took office. He has reasserted our national sovereignty by removing us from the onerous and unfair TPP and Paris Accords. He has beefed  up border security and reestablished the much-needed enforcement of our immigration laws by deporting illegal aliens and foreigners who
have overstayed their visas. He has worked tirelessly to bring America
back to the lowest unemployment rate in many years and the lowest level of unemployment ever among African-Americans and Hispanics. He has staunchly supported and strengthened our military and has sent the message by his strong leadership to our allies and to our enemies that America will no longer cower to the enemies of freedom. And here at home, in arguably the greatest achievement of his administration, he has added a strong constitutional constructionist to the Supreme Court in Neil Gorsuch who will bolster the upholding of the Constitution in the high court for years to come

The bottom line is that for the most part until POTUS #45 the American people have been duped by the illusion that we have had a real choice in our elections by the left right paradigm. The elites have had their candidates in both parties in the presidential elections as well as in most of the congressional races for decades. Trump broke that cycle much to the chagrin of the elites. In his short time in office he has undoubtedly saved us from the abyss already. It is a sea change of epic proportions just to have a president who is actually trying to fix the country instead of trying to destroy it. In other words if we had a president who did nothing at all it would have been a drastic change for the better over what we’ve had for decades. And we have much more than that in President Trump.

While President Trump has been fixing America at a feverish pace the deep state and Obama holdovers have been working just as hard to derail all of his efforts and work against him on every front. Just think how much more he would have accomplished at this point if they had not been fighting him every step of the way! It truly boggles the mind.

But what lurks in the shadows behind all of the establishment’s efforts to undermine Trump and destroy his presidency is something far more sinister. It is a systemic corruption that has permeated and essentially overtaken our institutions by criminally treasonous traitors of the highest order and is no less than a shadow government, unelected and to this point above the law.

Sadly the tentacles of the Clinton crime family have reached so far into the bowels of our government that it raises the specter that the possibility of her being brought to justice for her many crimes is practically nil. The corruption is so rampant that it threatens to change our form of government and many have contended that it already has. This is more than just a coup d’etat in the works. What we are looking at in the current situation we now find ourselves in is the end of America as we know it if these people are not stopped.
To date there has not been one single shred of evidence presented since the beginning of this so-called Russian probe that President Trump or anyone in his campaign ever colluded with the Russians to influence the 2016 election, yet there is a mountain of evidence that Hillary and Mueller himself acted as no less than Russian agents by proxy in the uranium one deal to aid Russia, for profit of course, to tilt the balance of power in nuclear supremacy to Russia by securing the transfer of 20% of our uranium reserves to Russia. Can anyone say treason?! And the guy who killed the investigation into the uranium one deal now heads this bogus investigation into this fantasy of Russian collusion. You can’t make this stuff up! That’s like having Al Capone spearhead an investigation of the mob.


To save his own butt, Mueller, with the ever-present dutiful assistance of all of the fake news outlets has managed to keep the focus on Trump so that the real criminals, himself included, not only get away with their many treasonous high crimes but they get to go on a fishing expedition to try to dig up something on Trump. Wow!, an investigation with no crime; talk about turning jurisprudence on it’s head! And just think, the only basis for this drawn out insane circus of a ruse even existing in the first place was a made up dossier presented to a FISA judge as official intelligence community intel, a crime in itself, and oh yes, don’t forget that it was paid for by Hillary.


All of this steaming plate of banana republic skunk works has been foisted upon the American people under the auspices of being a process that is being conducted to protect our ‘democracy’ when in fact this cover story couldn’t be any further from the truth, which is that it is the absolute up turning of the rule of law in our country. In actuality it is even worse than one set of rules for them and another set of rules for the rest of us. This evil cabal, by their sustained ever-increasing systemic corruption over many years, have succeeded in making themselves a law unto themselves. A fitting moniker for this cabal could surely be the outback gang, because for them there are no rules, just rights!

So now what not so long ago that which would be too fantastic to be penned in the craziest imaginable novel is actually going on in our country before our very eyes. This destruction of the rule of law by this insidious cabal is the one biggest obstacle to President Trump fully making America great again. But the scariest part of this whole crime spree is that if we the people don’t bring this horrible chapter in our history to an end by bringing Hillary and her co-conspirators to justice and then reforming our institutions so that we can depend upon them to do the work of the people as set forth under the rule of law then there could very well not even be an America to make great again very soon.

Nathan Anderson

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