Imam Explains How Homosexuals And Whores Are Made At Birth. You Can’t Make This Shit Up!

You here all this nonsense about Islamophobia and how Islam is a religion of peace. Yet a clear look at what their leaders say and do will show you a completely different picture. What is your choice to keep your head buried in the sand and listen to our corrupt media and politicians or point out the truth!

Here is one of their leaders one MEMRI TV explaining how Homosexuals and whores are made. It is quite a claim. What is the scariest part about this is not the nonsense fairytale he tells, but the belief that if you are not born a Shiite this is what happens to you!

If that is not the definition of fascism and supremacy what is?

Here it is in his own words.

We have been warning about the strategy to take America over from within. More and more Muslims are running for office! Please, wake up. Here are some related articles!~RJH

Low Birth Rates Historically Destroy A Race And Culture!!!

Want Proof Islam Is In Our Schools? Teachers Are Being Taught To Promote Islam In Our Public Schools!

Is Islam Guilty of INFEDELPHOBIA? Exposing The 4 Stages Of Islamic Conquest!!

Muslims Are Patrolling The Streets Of New York In Police Uniforms and Cars. Our Media Silent!

Islam Is Spreading Peace One Bomb At A Time!!



Remember That Cash To Iran? Here Is The Real Mind-Blowing story. How Is This In America’s Best Interest?

Many have heard about the pallets of cash that were sent to Iran! Where did this money come from? Was it appropriated by congress to be spent this way?  Why did we “owe” Iran one of our biggest enemies and a State Sponsor of Terror money in the first place?

The press praised this and never really asked in-depth questions as was the case during the Obama Administration. If ya dug too deep your computer may be hacked or you way get spied upon. How easily Americans forget the oppression of the press during the Obama admin. Not accusations, actions!

So where did this money come from? It was money that Iran had deposited in the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Trust Fund account. Well,400 million was. The 1.3 billion in interest payments. The money was deposited to buy weapons before the 1979 revolution.

Then they took our Citizens hostage and the money was frozen.  Personally, I believe they forfeited it when they kidnapped my brothers and sisters. What happened tho this frozen money?

Victims sued Iran for and won a settlement that could never be collected on. This frozen account was discovered.  Congress passed a law in 2000 under which the U.S. Treasury could pay compensatory judgments (plus a portion of punitive damages) issued for claims against Iran (as well as Cuba). All told, about $400 million was paid out in relation to court judgments against Iran covered by the law and subsequent legislation in 2002 — about the equivalent of what was in the FMS trust fund.

Seems fair right? Well, not to Obama he needed an excuse to pay the ransom for our 4 hostages. Yep, once again Iran kidnaps our citizens. Obama knew it was against the law to pay ransom to terrorist but that has never stopped the czar!

So he claimed we owed Iran this money that was gone to the victims of Iran’s crime and terrorism. We also paid 1.3 billion on the interest of this money. So the taxpayer is fleeced once again.

What makes matters worse is the deal he cut in secret. The nerve these liberals have when they try to lecture America on morals and corruption is hypocrisy like we have never seen before!

NBC reported in The Obama administration secretly sought to give Iran access to the US financial system

“The Obama administration secretly sought to give Iran access — albeit briefly — to the U.S. financial system by sidestepping sanctions kept in place after the 2015 nuclear deal, despite repeatedly telling Congress and the public it had no plans to do so.”

Now they have secret meetings behind closed doors over a phone call? Really?

The Associated Press puts it this way: “As the Treasury and State Department worked behind the scenes to help Iran access the dollar, the message to Congress remained the same: The JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) did not allow Iran to access the U.S. financial system.”

Remember the “after the election I will have more leeway” to the Russian official? Back door deals seem to be the norm for the Democrats, yet a Republican can not make a phone call and inquire about some past misdeeds? Why not? ~RJH

Want Proof Islam Is In Our Schools? Teachers Are Being Taught To Promote Islam In Our Public Schools!

We Christians have been told over and over “what about the separation of church and state” when it comes to Christianity in our Public Schools. Democrats for years have tried to convince us and re-write history that our Constitution actually asya those words. It does not in fact ne could argue the very opposite was meant by our framer’s words:

First Amendment – Religion and Expression

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” 

So does a ban on the Bible qualify as a law? You be the judge! It sure seems like Islam is ok to teach in our schools and even promoted by our Public School System today, and goes with hand in hand with this is Social Justice! Included in that is the LGBT community and their propaganda shoved down our kid’s throats in our Public schools.

As reported by Freedom Project Media in: Public School Teachers Instructed to Promote Islam

“Over four hundred teachers underwent mandatory training in Michigan recently that exalted Islam but denigrated Christianity, America, and of course, white males. The training leads people to believe Islam is the peaceful, one true religion while Christianity is a man-made, false religion.

Richard Thompson, president of the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) described it as a well-orchestrated Islamic propaganda campaign and said:
“We found that the teachers were subjected to two days of Islamic propaganda, where Islam was glorified, Christianity disparaged, and America bashed…

In the training, Christian scriptures are described as being “corrupted” while the holy book of Islam, the Quran was said to contain the “pure” word of God. According to the report, of hundreds of teachers attending the workshop, not one teacher challenged the fabrications about Islam, the disrespect toward Christianity or attacks on America.”
These cases make me wonder what our great grandparents or founding fathers would say.

Who was in charge of this “training”?  Meet Huda Essa



She runs Culture Links LLC which did this “training” of our public school teachers in Michigan.  Hours about how Muslims have it right and you Americans are satan ( I am paraphrasing)! That is the gist of it and we should all submit to Allah!

Here is a link to the website of her company and their indoctrination training!

Interested in learning more about the highly relevant topic of the growing population of Muslims today?

This is the result of Americans being so secure in their safety that they let the enemy sneak in not only to America but all the way to the White House.  Need Proof of that? Here he is in his own words!

Remember he also declared to the world, “America is no longer a Christian Nation” I just wished that mattered as much to Americans as it does Muslims! What did Jesus say?

Matthew 12:30 He that is not with me is against me, and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

That makes Obama an ANTI-Christ. He did all he could with your tax dollar to promote Islam in the world. He praises Islam and bashed Christianity every chance he got. Make no mistake this man brought over 1 million Muslims into America, and now they lecture our teachers on how we should educate our children! The sad part is most Americans don’t care.

If you dare speak up and your skin is to light you get called racist, nazi, blah blah blah. Every culture in the world seems sacred except American. American culture is under attack. Why? It is the only culture in the world that believes in freedom. Our rights are bestowed to us by the Creator! Destroy the creator destroy the rights! It is just that simple. Are you willing to stand up for your beliefs/ If not you will lose them and sooner rather than later? God gives us free will for a reason and a standard to judge that is foolproof! Jesus said “you judge a tree by the fruit it bears” ~RJH

God Bless America!!

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Tommy RobinsonTrail Date Is July 4th. His Crime? Reporting On Muslims Pedophiles And Making Them Feel Anxious!

There is no freedom left in the world except in America. There is no Freee press nor Free Speech left in Europe! Tommy does not even get a trial by jury! Why? He wanted to expose a Muslim pedophile ring that had been charged. 45 Children A Day Are Targeted By Muslim Grooming, Rape Gangs In Britain, Yet The Media Calls Them “ASIAN”.

This should be a warning sign to America, yet the Democrats seem to embrace Islam with open arms no matter how many Ant-Semitic things they say. Why? It defies everything America stands for. Just look at how much Europe has changed because of the influx of Islam! Why would we want that in America?~RJH

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Sharia Law and Constitutional Law Cannot Coexist!

Need proof Islam is not peaceful? Imagine a world without Muslims! How can sharia law and Constitutional law Coexist? One calls for the suppression of rights and one upholds rights! Why are Americans expected to be tolerant when Muslims are not tolerant?~RJH


Is Islam Guilty of INFEDELPHOBIA? Exposing The 4 Stages Of Islamic Conquest!!

Muslims Are Training Inside America! What are they Training To Do?

Syrian Rep To The UN, Threatens The West With “10’s Of Thousands Moderate Terrorist”

45 Children A Day Are Targeted By Muslim Grooming, Rape Gangs In Britain, Yet The Media Calls Them “ASIAN”.

How American Muslims Show Their Tolerance For Other Beliefs. U.S. Rep. Offended By Prayer In Jesus’ Name!

Islam Is Spreading Peace One Bomb At A Time!!

Muslims Are Patrolling The Streets Of New York In Police Uniforms and Cars. Our Media Silent!

How American Muslims Show Their Tolerance For Other Beliefs. U.S. Rep. Offended By Prayer In Jesus’ Name!

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Muslims Are Training Inside America! What are they Training To Do?

There have been reports of this, but the mainstream media ignores it. The million dollar question is why. We have reported about this more than once in:

Why Is Islam Allowed To Establish No Go Zones in America?

A Ride Through Islamberg. Why The Need For All The State Troopers What Were They Guarding?

Why is this allowed? It is time to deal with this clear and present danger on our own soil. If they are training for terror in America why is the US law enforcement not eager to stop them?

Here we an FBI agent tried to do the right thing back in 1991 but the FBI would do nothing. Instead, the Governor of Colorado stepped in. The FBI under orders from Washington did nothing. The locals raided and found terrorism. This is one of 35. The only one to be raided. It is time to raid the other. These Muslims are plotting to take America over!~RJH

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Syrian Rep To The UN, Threatens The West With “10’s Of Thousands Moderate Terrorist”

Bashar Jaafari, the Syrian Arab Republican’s representative to the United Nations, Threatened the West with Tens of thousands “moderate Terrorist”

“Let me just say that on our borders with Turkey and the Separation Zone in Golan we still have tens of thousands of good, moderate terrorists with their light weapons, long beards, black banners and white elements. Whoever wants to adopt them, please submit an application to their operators. They’re ready — they’re ready to be adopted. They can go to West, they can go to Europe as refugees.”

Granted the Obama Administration and their globalist foreign policy got us into this mess. To this mans create there is more and more evidence coming to light every day that points to Obama and America assisting ISIS under the 8 years of Obama. We have uncovered some ourselves in the research of an up and coming article! ~RJH


Three Smolia Gangs Indicted For Underage Sex Ring in Minnesota

Girls, including some who were 13 and younger, were shuffled across state lines to work as prostitutes in a wide-reaching sex-trafficking operation controlled by Somali gangs

At a news conference in Nashville Monday morning, U.S. Attorney Jerry Martin announced the 24- count indictment against three women and 26 men. The alleged victims, all minors, were listed as Jane Doe 1 through 4

Three Minneapolis gangs allegedly operated the ring, including an all-female gang

In all, 29 people were indicted on charges of sex trafficking of juveniles and other crimes. The sex ring operated in the Twin Cities, Nashville, and Columbus, Ohio.

Indictment: Somali gangs ran sex ring in 3 states


We reported on Somalis fleecing our welfare program a while back Somali Immigrants Stealing Millions and Carrying Back Home in Suitcases!!!! This is how they repay America for the refuge we so graciously granted. Just because you change the soil under one’s feet does not mean their hearts and minds change. That is why we have immigration laws.~RJH

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Muslims Are Patrolling The Streets Of New York In Police Uniforms and Cars. Our Media Silent!

This is not a joke nor a fake news story. Muslims have created their own police force and have 30 officers. They have no Constitutional authority and should be arrested for impersonating a police officer like you and I would be. Media? Silent of course!

Muslim cop car

NYC Muslims New Community Patrol, With Squad Cars, Have Residents Worried About ‘Creeping Sharia Law’

Our media is silent. Cnn did a video on Muslims patroling in Europe but has not touched the subject since. Now we have it here in America. They are not trained in Constitutional law so what law are they enforcing? Sharia? Here is the CNN video on Europe and this is now starting in America. It is time to wake u America the barbarians are past the gate!

Here is the video of their patrols in America also in this video is an example of their demands and reaction to being told no. They have some nerve to DEMAND things from those who gave them “refugee” Now put all that together with those who call Isalm peaceful and you will find those who are betraying their own country!

If this video made you angry there is still hope for America. Please, share and help spread the word. Our media is not honest and have not been for a long time. The Guardians of free speech have sold us out and it is up to us citizens to keep freedom. Stop listening to liberal lies and research before you believe! We try to bring you the news that the mainstream media selectively edits out to control your mind. Unfortunately, many Americas fall for it because they do not get the proper information to make an informed decision. Instead, they make emotional ones based on propaganda! It is our duty to protect and ensure freedom!~RJH

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