Why Doesn’t The Media Show You Stories Like This? Hard Work And Rational Thinking Equals Whiteness?

The National Museum of African American History and Culture part of the Smithsonian had this gem hanging on it’s wall. The graphic, titled Aspects and Assumptions of Whiteness and white culture in the US

The museum’s ” Whiteness Chart” was shared to Twitter by conservative commentator Bryon York.

What is amazing is the response to this. Where is the outrage? Our tax dollars were spent on garbage like this. So if rational thinking is whitness is irrational thinking Blackness? Who writes this shit?

I would love to know who the author or authors of this hatred are?


Please, share and help educate people so they can make informed decisions! Allowing this Cancer to grow is why cities are burning!~RJH


Is burying Pedophile Rings In The State Department The Kind Of Work Hillary Wants To Do For Biden?

“NBC News has obtained documents tied to ongoing investigations at the State Department involving eight cases of alleged misconduct by state department workers, contractors, and a United States ambassador. The incidents reportedly occurred during Hillary Clinton’s tenure, according to the documents.” http://www.nbcnews.com/id/52184794/t/new-allegations-state-department-cover-up/#.Xz1pyehKiyI

What happened to this stunnng revelation made by NBC? Nothing! The media just dropped it as they do for their partners in crime! Could this be why Wiki Leaks later exposed Chuck Todd as one of the sold out reporters to Hillary Clinton? https://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/289126-todd-tapper-respond-to-being-named-in-leaked-wikileaks

Is this the kind of work she wants to do for Biden in his Administration? Why do people still support those who hurt children? Is America that far gone that we don’t recognize evil anymore? Have we quit protecting our children?

The coruption goes on and on.

“State Department Inspector General officials edited out passages of a high-profile report in 2013 that could have embarrassed Hillary Clinton just days before she quit President Obama’s Cabinet.

The officials excised details of a cover up of misconduct by Clinton’s security team.

The edits raise concerns that investigators were subjected to “undue influence” from agency officials.” https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/hillarys-officials-cut-criticisms-out-of-state-dept-reports

Worse they have tried to scrub the internet of this cover up. Click on links in this story and they no longer exsist. Our government report just disapperead? This is your choice in Novenmber more perversion of our Country or your chance to stand up for kids with your vote!~RJH

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Michael Moore’s Plan To Win Posted on His Facebook page! This is Treason and a call to action, not free speech!

This so called American has appeared on many of our so called “news” channels spewing hate! He is a completle liar and should be imprisioned for his slander which is treason!

Here is his plan and also his slanerous charges against Trump! This is your Democrat Party! vHate and division! NO THANK YOU!

MY PLAN FOR HOW TO MAKE SURE WE HAVE AN ELECTION, TRUMP IS REMOVED, AND THE REPUBLICANS ARE GONE FOR GOODby Michael MooreTRUMP HAS DECLARED WAR ON US AND OUR DEMOCRACY. IT’S TIME FOR US TO PUT OUR LIVES ON THE LINE, IF NECESSARY, AND TO MAKE HIM THE LAST REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT OF OUR UNITED STATES. Trump, right now, tonight, is up to some very nasty, scary stuff — stuff we can’t even imagine — and of course we can’t imagine it because we don’t think like Trump. Our brains are wired for love, empathy, solidarity, compassion, freedom, person, woman, man, camera, TV. You know like I know that Trump has a devious, wicked plan to destroy this Election. We need to declare, immediately, that it is he and the Republican Party who have to go, for the sake of this country’s existence, they must be crushed and removed. Trump actually has an arsenal of plans already in action to ensure he never leaves office. He has them all in high gear — some visible, some not. If you could see them all you’d be so stunned, you’d have to immediately convince yourself that there’s no way he can pull this off. We are all caught in Trump’s Matrix, a mad web, the work of a psychopath-in-chief with tricks so devious that fascists of old, if alive today, would marvel at what Trump has accomplished.For the next 11 weeks — and then for the 12 weeks between the Election and the Inauguration — Trump is planning nothing but anarchy, chaos, a call to arms of his angry white male followers and the complete destruction of our democracy. You think I’m kidding? You think I’m overstating the case? Do you want to take the risk that I might not be wrong? Most of you understandably chose not to listen to me four years ago when I warned you Trump was going to win the Presidency by taking Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. May I please ask that you now give me your serious attention for what I am about to say — because if I’m right again this time, there won’t be a next time. There will be nothing left for me to warn you about. There probably won’t be much left of me. Here’s how Trump plans to end our right to choose the next President and Congress. It will happen fast. I am also laying out here a battle plan for us to defeat this takeover of our democracy. We must act now.HERE ARE TRUMP’S 5 PLANS ALREADY IN MOTION:PLAN #1: Create Chaos. Instill Fear. Fire Up the Base with Racist Vigor. Pandemonium Ensues. CHECK. DONE.PLAN #2: Suppress the Vote•Dismantle the Post Office.•Create 4-Hour-Long Lines by Drastically Reducing Number of Polling Locations. •Throw Black and Brown Voters Off the Rolls. •Stop Those Who’ve Served Time from Voting. •Place 50,000 “Poll Watchers” at Voting Sites Around the Country to Intimidate Voters. VOTER SUPPRESSION IN ACTION AS WE SPEAK. PLAN #3: Postpone the Election. Place the blame on a “legitimate” national tragedy or emergency — massive deaths from the pandemic, a terrorist attack, an assassination, a deadly hurricane, a civil war in the streets, one or both Presidential candidates falling ill to Covid-19 — anything that reasonable people, even people who are opposed to Trump, will agree that “we just can’t hold an election right now! We just need to postpone it for a couple days, a couple weeks (a couple months… a couple years…)” Or perhaps he’ll just cancel the Election outright and see if he can get away with it. TRUMP READY TO PULL THE TRIGGER. PLAN #4: His September Surprise.His October Surprise. His November Surprise.His January Surprise. You think you can guess what it will be, but trust me, it’ll be far worse. We need to be ready. Stay on high alert, my friends. Millions of us will need to act on a moment’s notice. It’s the grim reaper of Democracy at our doorstep. We made the mistake of letting Trump get this far — why wouldn’t he now think he can get away with everything??THE SURPRISE IS UNKNOWN. THAT’S WHY IT’S A SURPRISE.PLAN #5: He Will Not Leave.When Trump loses, he will declare the Election invalid, rigged, stolen — and he will refuse to step down. So, what will we do then?HERE IS OUR BATTLE PLAN TO REMOVE TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICANS:1. Do Not Wait — Biden/Harris Should Start Running the Country Now.We simply don’t have time to wait until January 20, 2021. Nearly 200,000 of us have already died from Trump’s reckless incompetence with the coronavirus. By Election Day it’s possible another 100,000 to 200,000 of us will have needlessly died. A total of 400,000 dead? That’s the equivalent of one hundred and thirty-three 9/11s! Or 532 planes being flown into 532 buildings. If something that horrific ever happened, and the President not only didn’t do anything about it, but tried to pretend it wasn’t all that bad – “it is what it is” – he would be run out of the White House by an angry mob of millions of Americans, lucky not to have his head put on a spike on the Key Bridge over the Potomac. It doesn’t have to come to that. Biden and Harris should present to America a simple nationwide plan to end the pandemic — and then act on it immediately. They should call a meeting of all the Governors and ask them what help do they need — and then find a way to get them that help, going around Trump and just making it happen. They should ask industry, in lieu of campaign contributions, to produce hundreds of millions of instant-result tests. They should call their Heads of State friends overseas and ask them to send all the PPE they can spare. They should get 250 million Americans to take the “Face Mask Pledge.” And they should promise the scientists in our top universities all the money and help they need once they’re in office. Ignore Trump. Treat him as if he’s irrelevant and get the job done. 2. The Republican Party Must Be Crushed and Destroyed. Trump Must Become the Last Republican President. In the Michigan county where I live, the August primary this month set a record turnout for a presidential-year primary. In fact, more people this year voted by mail-in ballot than ALL those who voted in 2016 — by mail-in AND in-person combined. This is a highly encouraging sign for what we now need to do: • We must create an historic massive turnout between now and November 3rd — a tsunami of voters the likes of which have never been seen, and may never be seen again. In 2016, 66 million Americans voted for Hillary Clinton. This time, though, we have to WALLOP Trump with an electoral concussion, a blow so profound he won’t know what hit him. This must be a defeat so crushing, so humiliating, a whooping of such epic proportions that he will be forced to leave 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with his tail between his legs on January 20th. This mammoth landslide must not only ensure that no president ever behaves this way again, we need to see to it that Trump is the last Republican president. The Election Day Uprising must put an end to this party of Trump enablers and traitors. They had a choice. They chose Trump over Democracy. They chose Putin and Netanyahu over fair elections and freedom for all. They chose the 1% over the 160 million working Americans. They chose the NRA over the massacred children of Sandy Hook. They chose to rig our elections, our textbooks, our economy. Democrats helped them along the way, and we’ll take the stick to them and fix that. The Republicans, though, chose to let hundreds of thousands of their fellow citizens perish from Covid-19 because loyalty to Party and to Trump was greater than their duty to the American people. For that alone, the Republican Party must be put out of business for good. Vote out every last one of them. Conservatives will have to form a new party, much like when the Whigs were sent packing in the 1800s. The Republicans must pay for their crimes. • We must flip the Senate —- and not just by the three seats we need for control. We should shock the pundit class and, as the Republican Party is reduced to ashes, grab a solid 55+ seat majority. Colorado, Arizona, Maine, North Carolina, Georgia, Iowa, Montana and even Kansas, South Carolina and, yes, Texas (a state that is now 57% non-white) — are all possible Democratic Senate wins. Think about spending a weekend or a week helping out in one of these states. The Republicans will wish they had managed this pandemic better and had everyone busy back at work by now. All this “free time” should make for their undoing. • Finally, we have to vote the local Republicans out of office, too. State Houses and Senates will be drawing the electoral map for the next ten years. We can’t let the cheating Republicans do this again. Do what you can to elect Dems in your state and local elections. The punishment of the Republican Party — a certified terrorist organization for having helped kill at least 200,000 Americans — is an imperative.3. Who Would Be Willing To, If Need Be, Put Their Life on the Line To Ensure This Election Is Held and EVERYONE Gets to Vote? I Would. Would You? These steps must be taken immediately: • The Secret Service, the FBI, the Capitol Police and the Joint Chiefs of Staff must be called before Congress and swear under oath that they will guarantee that the election will be held, they will enforce the Constitution they swore to uphold, and if he’s defeated but refuses to leave, they will escort the former President of the United States out of the White House. • Biden and Harris must put Trump on notice that if he does one more thing to interfere with the Election or issues one more threat to suppress the vote, they will turn him and his crime family over to the new Justice Department for prosecution. • Every single one of us must be strong in our publicly-stated resolve that there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON ON EARTH TO POSTPONE OR CANCEL THE ELECTION. That’s our unmovable and intractable position. No national tragedy, disease, threat or the melting of all of Greenland will cause us not to vote on or before November 3rd. Even if, God forbid, either candidate passes in their sleep between now and Election Day, the Election will continue — and the winner’s VP – or Nancy Pelosi – will become President on Inauguration Day. • Let’s all pledge that, if Trump tries to cancel the election or if he refuses to accept its results, millions of us will go to DC and encircle the White House, a thousand deep, until he backs down, resigns or is removed. • And, if you can, quietly make this commitment to yourself: “There are only a very few things I’d be willing to give my life for. This is one of them.” I know. That’s dark. And heavy. And awfully sad because it shouldn’t have come to this. But if we can’t even say that, then what good are we? If we aren’t willing to make that sacrifice, then America is already over and we might as well just fold our tent and see if Canada will take the non-racist, non-homophobic, non war-mongering ones of us who have manners and get satire. 4. Become an Election Defender. Each of you should form an urgent action group – a rapid response team – in your neighborhood or town and do the following: • Hold a daily protest at your local post office • Picket the home of your local Postmaster (he/she may be on your side, so bring them some baked goods) • Chain yourself to a local blue USPS dropbox if you can find one. Or chain it to something that won’t move. • Sign up with the city clerk to be a poll worker on Election Day – especially if you’re young. Because of the pandemic, polls will be very short of poll workers. If you’re told they have enough help, then call the local Democratic Party and offer to be a “poll watcher”, the group of people from each party who get to oversee the voting to make sure there are no irregularities. • Demand your city create more voting locations. Convince owners of arenas, theaters, ball parks, malls – places with large open spaces – to offer their facilities as polling places so that everyone gets a chance to vote. • Canvas your neighborhoods over the next month to get people to fill out the form you’ll have them sign to get a mail-in ballot — and if they want to vote in person, let them know when the first day is so they can do that. Make a list of who needs a Covid-safe ride. The earlier the better!5. The Uprising We’re In Is Only Getting Bigger. The People Will Now Call the Shots. Why wait for the politicians to fix the mess of a country we’re in when they helped orchestrate the mess in the first place? Why don’t we just declare how we want to live — a new way to govern and function as a country — and we will finally fulfill the promise of the American Dream that has never been realized. Life, liberty, true equality, a sharing of the wealth, being good citizens of this world and kind stewards of a fragile Earth. What have we learned from this pandemic? What we already knew: That employer-based health insurance can evaporate in an instant. Health care is a human right. That being told “we can’t afford that!” (free college, free child care, free medical care – the things most advanced nations have) is total BS — the government CAN afford anything we decide we need! We’ve learned that teachers, nurses, the mailwoman, farm workers, mass transit drivers and the minimum wage workers stocking the grocery shelves at 3 in the morning are our most important citizens and they need the respect and income they deserve immediately. 74% of the country now believes a guaranteed annual income is a great idea — fifty percentage points higher than when Andrew Yang proposed it 7 months ago! We’ve learned to slow down, consume less — and that is what may be the path to saving the planet (when the 4% of its inhabitants [US] is no longer sucking up 25% of its resources and hoarding more than half its wealth). We’re about to go elect more women than ever before — a time to turn the reins over to the gender that stands a better chance of getting us through the deadly viruses of Covid, Capitalism and Republicans(R.I.P.). None of this will be launched by politicians. It will only come about through you and me taking action as part of the largest protest movement in our history — still growing, still going strong! — to end the racism, the abuse of the police state, the disgusting income inequality and the hateful misogyny that is going to come to an end in our lifetime. America, post-pandemic, must become a very different place. Let’s make this happen. Doing the above will be the best cure for the trauma of these past four years.Commit to being the change.Organize your friends and family today. Make your plan to campaign in a swing state Sept. or Oct.VOTE AS EARLY AS YOU CAN—and take 5 people along with you!We can do this. Trump – we’re coming for you. I’ll be in the first U-Haul truck that pulls up to your door.


CNN Caught In Another Lie! And MSNBC Admits Live On Air They Believe “It Is Their Job To Control Your Mind”!!

CNN went with The Bernie when he visited Mt. Rushmore 4 years ago! What a  completely different tune than when President Trump did.

Here Is MSNBC admitting live on air that they believe it is their job to control your mind. We believe in giving you the facts and allowing you to make up your own mind!

Please Share and help expose these, liars and Traitors!~RJH

Dr. Ngozi Ezike, director of Illinois Dept of Public Health, explains what counts as a COVID19 death! This is Fraud!

Dr. Ngozi Ezike, director of Illinois Dept of Public Health, explains what counts as a COVID19 death:

This is fraud they use these padded numbers to fear monger We The People and defraud us out of the Billions up for grabs because COVID DEATHS PAY MORE! The same crooks masquerading as public servants! ~RJH

Please share and help spread the Truth! 


Breaking: Officers On Duty During Epstein’s “suicide” Will Be Facing Charges!

Breaking: Officers in charge of Epatien’s well being while in Federal custody will be facing charges later this week!

NBC is reporting in   Criminal charges expected this week against Epstein guards

“Two correctional officers responsible for guarding Jeffrey Epstein when he took his own life are expected to face criminal charges this week for falsifying prison records.

The federal charges could come as soon as Tuesday and are the first in connection with Epstein’s Aug. 10 death.

That’s according to two people familiar with the matter who spoke to The Associated Press. They weren’t permitted to publicly discuss the investigation and spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The wealthy financier’s death was ruled a suicide. He was found unresponsive in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York.”

But was his death a suicide like NBC wants you to believe? There are many questions in this case that need answers. The media has been very quiet and even sat on this whole story 3 years ago as we watched a whistleblower be hunted down and fired for exposing the truth about ABC. ABC News Anchor Caught on Mic Saying Network Quashed Jeffrey Epstein Story! Thatbwhistle blower was fired. Why?

Is ABC accountable for the women and minor children that suffered those 3 years? Can you trust a thing ABC says anymore?

Private pathologist questions whether Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide; medical examiner stands by conclusion

Once again the simple version and silence of the media seem to be adding to this story.

Is this yet another story that embarrasses the Democratic politicians? Bill Clinton di fly on Epstein’s plane multiple time and many democrats and world leaders visited the now dubbed “pedophile island” Both Hillary And Bill Visited “Pervert” Island Owned By Their Friend And Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Could this be the drive to remove Trump from power because their secrets are coming to light and they are powerless to stop this from happening? Time will tell!~RJH

Please, Share and help truth be told!

Hillary Tells America To”Get Over It’ When It Comes To Late Night Sneaky Joe Bidens Fondling Of Children!

Hillary Clinton shows her obvious lack of character and honor once again. The democrats are the self-proclaimed party of the woman, aren’t they or so they tell us. The rules just don’t apply to them!

In an interview with people at the end of September, she describes the inappropriate touching of children as an “annoying habit” and says to “get over” it. Wow, what words of wisdom from one of the evilest humans to walk this earth.

When she was Secretary of State this Chuck Todd reported this and then it got shut down. No more press no follow up! This was her department!

From: This is an Unclassified Executive Summary of the Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) report provided to Congress and the Department of State.

“OIG found that there was undue delay within the
Department in adequately addressing the 2011
misconduct allegations and that the alleged incidents
of similar misconduct prior to 2011 were not timely
reported to appropriate Department officials.7
OIG also
found that, notwithstanding the serious nature of the
alleged misconduct, the Department never attempted to
remove the RSO from Department work environments
where the RSO could potentially harm other employees,
an option available under the FAM.8
Notably, the DS
agents investigating the 2011 allegations reported to DS
management, in October 2011, that they had gathered
“overwhelming evidence” of the RSO’s culpability.
The agents also encountered resistance from senior
Department and DS managers as they continued to
investigate the RSO’s suspected misconduct in 2011.
OIG found that the managers in question had personal
relationships with the RSO. For instance, the agents were
directed to interview another DS manager who was a
friend of the RSO, and who was the official responsible
for selecting the agents’ work assignments. During the
interview, the manager acted in a manner the agents
believed was meant to intimidate them. OIG also found
that Department and DS managers had described the
agents’ investigation as a “witch hunt,” unfairly focused
on the RSO. Even though OIG did not find evidence
of actual retaliation against the investigating agents,
OIG concluded that these circumstances, including the
undue delay, created an appearance of undue influence
and favoritism concerning DS’s investigation and the
Department’s handling of the matter”

Now Hillary has this to say about Biden’s inappropriate touching of kids and women!

We all know she has defending her husband’s womanizing and sexual assaults. The 2 have also been involved with Epstein and his island of sexual sin! Both Hillary And Bill Visited “Pervert” Island Owned By Their Friend And Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Is it no wonder here response to this is “get over it” kind of like “what difference now does it make”?~RJH

Please, share and help us expose this evil!

Imam Explains How Homosexuals And Whores Are Made At Birth. You Can’t Make This Shit Up!

You here all this nonsense about Islamophobia and how Islam is a religion of peace. Yet a clear look at what their leaders say and do will show you a completely different picture. What is your choice to keep your head buried in the sand and listen to our corrupt media and politicians or point out the truth!

Here is one of their leaders one MEMRI TV explaining how Homosexuals and whores are made. It is quite a claim. What is the scariest part about this is not the nonsense fairytale he tells, but the belief that if you are not born a Shiite this is what happens to you!

If that is not the definition of fascism and supremacy what is?

Here it is in his own words.

We have been warning about the strategy to take America over from within. More and more Muslims are running for office! Please, wake up. Here are some related articles!~RJH

Low Birth Rates Historically Destroy A Race And Culture!!!

Want Proof Islam Is In Our Schools? Teachers Are Being Taught To Promote Islam In Our Public Schools!

Is Islam Guilty of INFEDELPHOBIA? Exposing The 4 Stages Of Islamic Conquest!!

Muslims Are Patrolling The Streets Of New York In Police Uniforms and Cars. Our Media Silent!

Islam Is Spreading Peace One Bomb At A Time!!


Barbara Lee has introduced Bill H.H.1111 In An Attempt To Create A Federal Department Of Peace That Calls For “Peacekeepers” And Reporting To The UN

This is not fake news and the media would never inform you that this bill has been introduced. This is a Bill that starts to give away America’s sovereignty to the United Nations and establishes a new Federal Department of Peace!

1 Thessalonians 5:3
While people are saying, “Peace and security,” destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

Here comes a bill from a “politician” who: Barbara Lee

“In 1968, Lee began volunteering at the Black Panther Party’s Community Learning Center in Oakland, California. Lee also worked on Bobby Seale’s 1973 campaign for mayor in Oakland.

Lee disagreed with the National Park Service removing funding for a Black Panther Legacy Project in 2017. The Representative released a statement saying, “It is outrageous that the National Park Service has stripped resources from the Black Panther Party Research, Interpretation & Memory Project. The Black Panther Party was an integral part of the civil rights movement and the public has a right to know their history. I call upon the National Park Service and the Department of Interior to provide a full explanation as to why these critical federal resources have been taken away”

The Black Panthers are not exactly known for their views on world peace!

Here is a link to the Bill so you can read it for yourself!  H.R.1111 – Department of Peacebuilding Act of 2019

Here are a few snips I took from it! Please, take the time to read it! The news in America will not show you this even though itis your money that would fund this. We The People have the right to know!






Is this why they want to impeach President Trump? They know he would never sign this. This is a Bill that will expose who the traitors are in Washington D.C. to vote yes on this is a violation of the oath Public servants swore to We The People! It is time to stop being silent. Be loud and Proud USA, USA, USA! Are you willing to fight for your freedom? You only have it because others did!~RJH

P.S. The media will not inform our fellow citizens of this. Please, share! Help us stand for our Country!

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