Breaking: Both Trumps SC Picks Sided With The Liberals To Opens The Door To Illegals Possessing Guns!

We live in a society that is so emotional about mere words. What you can say and not be racist or homophobic or well you know. The thing we are losing sight of is what really matters, ACTIONS! Talk is cheap and today finding someone that walks their talk is as rare as a liberal telling the truth!

A few days ago a case slide by the American people because the media, so quick to cheerlead for the illegal alien, knew this would upset American citizens.

Here is a link to the case REHAIF v. UNITED STATES CERTIORARI TO THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE ELEVENTH CIRCUIT No. 17–9560. Argued April 23, 2019—Decided June 21, 2019

This was a 7-2 decision Here is what the dissenters wrote and liberty desperately needs more men and women like this, “So today’s decision is no minor matter. And §922(g) is no minor provision. It probably does more to combat gun violence than any other federal law. It prohibits the possession of firearms by, among others, convicted felons, mentally ill persons found by a court to present a danger to the community, stalkers, harassers, perpetrators of domestic violence, and illegal aliens. Today’s decision will make it significantly harder to convict persons falling into some of these categories, and the decision will create a mountain of problems with respect to the thousands of prisoners currently serving terms for §922(g) convictions.”

What blows the mind is the 7 that overturned this conviction argued that the state did not prove he knew his immigration status. Yet here is a fact direct quote from the case “Petitioner Hamid Rehaif entered the United States on a
nonimmigrant student visa to attend university. After he
received poor grades, the university dismissed him and
told him that his “‘immigration status’” would be terminated unless he transferred to a different university or left
the country. App. to Pet. for Cert. 3a. Rehaif did neither.”

How did he not know? Seems to defy logic. This is not the only time.

Kavanaugh sides with liberal justices against Apple, deals blow to tech giant in App Store challenge

Kavanaugh, Roberts side with liberal judges on Planned Parenthood case

See the patteren? And you all fought so hard for him! HMMM (me too). I make no apology for stating the truth! I am a Constitutionalist that loves America! I voted for Trump and he has done some good. That being said I follow no one Blindly except God. I wrote this about Trumps Attorney General pick. He is for Red Flag Laws! Is William Barr A Good Pick For AG? He IS For Gun Control! Is Trump Who We Think He Is?

Actions, my fellow citizens!  Have we all been hoodwinked? What good are our rights if we do not exercise them? What was all the sacrifice and loss of life for? To Live Free!

Though any thinking American can see the treason of the last Administration and Trump promised to lock her up, have we seen a bit of action? No just words. Again, I only state the truth. Iran had our attention while this decision was selectively edited out of the news. We can not trust our politicians, our media nor Americans begging for socialism because they want a handout.

We are having hearings on reparations for past sins that only 8 percent of Americans are responsible for. I watched the beginning of the opening statement at the hearing and had my fill of propaganda for a year.

The Politician ( Democrat) said Lincoln ( Republican)  promised 40 acres and a mule but was killed (by a Democrat) before he could fulfill it. So by his logic Republicans whose party was started to oppose slavery (Google it if you doubt), fought to abolish it and paid plenty of blood in the civil war to enforce it owe blacks today, how? Democrats are the party of the KKK. They voted against civil rights. Why are Blacks so quick to forgive the slavers?

They claim “it switched”!  Is that just a pathetic attempt to schuck years and years of mistreatment of blacks, hanging them, and exploiting them on their political opponents who actually walked their talk? Again actions! ~RJH

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Democratic National Chairman Believes “All Men’s Masculinity Becomes Toxic At Some Point”

Yes, you read that right. This Democratic National Chair thinks all Masculinity becomes toxic. So much for the self-proclaimed party of the tolerant. The Democrats have declared war on men! Here is his gameplan to fight the war as reported in Quartz in DNC chair Tom Perez suggests toxic masculinity is not a partisan issue

Do not let the headline fool you, the democratic party under Obama tried to redefine sex according to a Texas judge when he found Obama’s Transgender bathroom policy Unconstitutional. The real crime is Obama tried to withhold Federal Funds from schools districts who had the nerve to disagree with his decree.

“In an Aug. 12 hearing in Fort Worth, lawyers for Texas told O’Connor that an injunction was necessary to thwart the Obama administration’s attempt to override the will of local school districts by imposing its definition of “gender identity” on all public schools.

“Schools are facing the potential loss of funding for simply exercising the authority to implement the policies that best protect their students, ” Paxton told O’Connor in a brief. “Every employer is now being threatened for not bowing to anyone that identifies as the opposite sex.” from The Statesman in: U.S. judge blocks transgender rules for schools

Now back to Tom here are some quotes, beliefs and what he has fought for.

6. What is your biggest anxiety about being a man?

“I think every man, no matter how strongly he claims to be a feminist, has moments where his masculinity becomes toxic. That’s one of the side effects of living in a society beset by systemic sexism and gender inequality. And that’s why it’s important to be aware of one’s bias”

He believes that every man is bias and toxic!

3. What do you do on a daily basis to advance gender equality?

“The short answer: help elect Democratic women.The short answer: help elect Democratic women. 356 Democratic women filed to run for the House in 2018. We’re seeing an unprecedented wave of female candidates at every level of politics. My job as DNC chair is to elect Democrats up and down the ballot, across the country. And the Democratic Party is fighting for gender equality every day, especially as Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress continue their all-out assault on women’s rights.”

What war on women and their right?  What this so-called American politician does not understand is sex does not give us our rights, being born American does. First off, women are not a minority in the world they are the majority. That is a lie. Just voting for a candidate because they are a woman is emotional, not logical. We as Americans should want the best candidate for the job regardless of sex. To just vote for a woman because of her sex would be by definition sexist. The knife cuts both ways unless we use liberal logic.

We have written about this constant pattern to paint anyone that is against illegal aliens and abortion are automatically to the Democrats a White Supremacist. I would like to ask what if a black American woman was against abortion, but liberals do not think things out very well. This belief has been in our government for years and here is proof from an official government report in 2009 and they were following Janet Reno’s policy. Read it for yourself. Official Report Shows If You Are Anti-Abortion or Illegal Immigration You Are A White Supremacist So Says The Obama Administration!!

This is why they are making up so many new words or genders. It is a great label war. If you do not agree you are a bigot or nazi.

Here are somethings Tom Perez fought for in his career.

Student discrimination

In 2009, the Civil Rights Division under Perez’s tenure filed suit against a Herkimer County, New York school for “alleged violations of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972″.[79] The plaintiff, a 14-year-old high school student from Mohawk, New York, who “dyes his hair, and wears make-up and nail polish”,[80] was reportedly subjected to verbal sex-based harassment and was “threatened, intimidated, and physically assaulted based on his non-masculine expression”.[80]

In J.L. v Mohawk Central School District, the settlement required the school district to begin “training staff in appropriate ways to address harassment”, to “review its policies and procedures governing harassment” and “report to the New York Civil Liberties Union (which previously represented the student in the lawsuit), as well as the Department of Justice, on these efforts as well as its ongoing response”.[81] This was the first time since the Clinton administration that Title IX was applied to gender identity discrimination.

Police discrimination

Perez giving a speech in Washington D.C. on July 26, 2012

After the shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, by George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida, in 2012, Perez was brought in by Representative Alcee Hastings and Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplet to investigate the police department’s handling of the case.[90] A full-scale investigation was later launched by the Civil Rights Division, where Perez led an inquiry on the shooting investigation. After a thorough investigation was promised by Attorney General Eric Holder, Perez went to Florida, meeting with U.S. Attorney Robert O’Neil, family members of Trayvon Martin, and local officials to investigate whether the shooting was a racially motivated hate crime.[91] The Justice Department launched a probe into Sanford police chief Bill Lee, who was fired two months after the beginning of the investigation

Maricopa County, Arizona investigation

In June 2008, the Civil Rights Division opened an investigation into the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, following allegations that the MCSO was engaged in a pattern of practice of unlawful conduct.

Voter I.D. laws

The Obama administration directed Perez and the Civil Rights Division in challenging South Carolina‘s 2011 voter ID law, over concerns that the law violated Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.[105] Perez successfully blocked the law from taking effect, after the Justice Department alleged that South Carolina had failed to prove that the law would not have a disproportionate effect on minority voters.[106] In a letter to South Carolina’s Deputy Assistant Attorney General, C. Havird Jones, Jr.,[107] Perez questioned whether 81,000 registered voters, all of whom were minorities who didn’t have government-issued or military photo identification, would be able to exercise their right to vote, citing “significant racial disparities in the proposed photo identification requirement”.[107]

Perez also oversaw the Obama administration’s efforts in challenging a 2011 voter ID law signed by Texas Governor Rick Perry, the second voter ID law consequently found to have violated Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.[108] Addressing the Supreme Court case Crawford v. Marion County Election Board, where the court upheld the constitutionality of Indiana‘s photo ID requirement, Perez argued that “[Texas’s] submission did not include evidence of significant in-person voter impersonation not already addressed by the state’s existing laws”.[109] Perez also stressed data from the Texas Department of Public Safety that found that registered Hispanic voters were 46.5% to 120% less likely than non-Hispanic voters to have a government issued driver’s license or state required photo ID.

New Black Panther Party case

On May 14, 2010, Perez testified to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights that political leadership was not involved in the decision to dismiss three of the four defendants in the NBPPcase. However, on March 12, 2013, the Department of Justice Inspector General released a report stating that Perez’s testimony did not reflect the entire story, as AAG Perelli and DAAG Sam Hirsch were involved in consultations on the case. However, the Inspector General found that Perez did not know about these consultations at the time of his testimony, and therefore he did not intentionally mislead the commission. However, because of his role as a Department witness, the Inspector General believed that Perez should have inquired further on this issue before testifying.[113]

In the same report, the Inspector General found that the Civil Rights department exhibited a clear priority in enforcing the motor-voter provisions of the NVRA over the list-maintenance provisions. However, the Inspector General did not find sufficient evidence to conclude that these differences in enforcement were for political reasons.[113] In particular, they found that Perez sent letters about list-maintenance enforcement in December 2010, so as not to be viewed as interfering with the 2010 elections.[113] However, this letter provided no guidance on how states were to enforce list-maintenance procedures, instead leaving it up to the states.[114] Overall, the report stated that: “The conduct that we discovered and document in this report reflects a disappointing lack of professionalism by some Department employees over an extended period of time, during two administrations, and across various facets of the Voting Section’s operations.”

Yes, Black Panthers with batons in their hands calling whites voters that entered “crackers” is not racist or intimidation in this Champion of “civil rights’ book. It is amazing at the hypocrisy of liberals.

America needs to wake up to the threats against freedom that the Democratic party is pushing. They invent new “rights” while oppressing your Constitutional Rights. The Democratic Party has a war on men led by weak men and women!~RJH

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Nancy Thanks Illegal For Breaking The Law. She Also Refuses To Release Her Tax Returns While Trying To Force President Trump To Release His!

Here is a video of Nancy Pelosi showing her true colors advocating for Illegals she does not represent!  She actually thanks them for coming her thus breaking our law and says we owe them a debt! Yes, that is the Democratic Leader of the House!

She thanks Illegals for breaking our law and actually says we owe them a debt.

She does owe them a debt and why/ They keep her in office. California won 9 more seats in the house as reported by us in The Dirty Truth About Why Democrats Support Illegal Immigration. They Are Counted For Congressional Appointment

Here is an example of why so many come to California. Reported in Illegal Immigrants Flock to San Francisco “SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Undocumented immigrants have been arriving here in bus after bus, lured by the welcome of city officials.

Anticipating that many immigrants will lack resources as they arrive in the Bay Area, the city council announced Friday that it will provide free housing, a job, free food and free transportation to persons who can prove they are in the country in violation of federal law.

“Unfortunately, unemployed persons who are not illegal immigrants are already coming here to take advantage of our offer,” said councilman Lou Z. Nett. “Some of them are even dying their hair black and pretending to talk in broken English. We have a meeting with law enforcement officials tomorrow to figure out ways to determine for certain who should be here and who is a U.S. citizen who should be deported from California.”

Meanwhile, Greyhound Bus Line announced that it would provide a free service to the city by transporting to Arizona at no charge any U.S. citizen whom municipal officials want deported.

“We have lots of empty buses going back to Arizona to pick up people who want to come here,” company spokesman Knox R. Sauxauff said at city hall. “We might as well give somebody a ride while we’re at it.”

As officials search for a solution, San Francisco Police Chief Bellows Moak said he has instructed his officers to demand that persons who ask for aid hand over their papers if police suspect they are U.S. citizens masquerading as undocumented aliens.

“These bums give up their rights when they try to take food, money, shelter, and jobs that are meant for undocumented foreigners,” he said.

Yes, they are aiding illegals and not U.S. Citizens in San Fransisco!

This is amazing and so corrupt and wrong. Does CNN tell you this? MSNBC? NBC?CBS?ABC?  They have all sold out Americans. 

Now we switch to her call for President Trump to produce his tax returns. Nancy thinks there is a connection to Russia in there. Listen for yourself.

The Hil report in Pelosi: I’ll release my tax returns when I run for president  She has not produced her tax returns and also works for the people. How hypocritical is that?

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) pushed back hard Thursday against the notion that congressional leaders should release their tax returns, saying the standard applies only to presidential candidates.”

How can this be if there is no law on it? It is her standard only.  Is she afraid to show America just how she hot here estimated 120 million working in Public service since 1987? A congresswoman salary is 174,000 a year times 17 years equals Approx 3 million.

How do you grow that into 120 million? Insider trading? This woman should not represent anyone in America. She is a prove liar and nut case. “You have to pass the Bill first to see what is inside the Bill” what a joke that is and a pure contempt for those she is supposed to serve.

It is Time to Investigate all members of Congress and see what connections we find!  They work for us and NEVER forget that!~RJH

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Why Should 1 Cent Of Taxpayer Money Go To Support Illegals?

“At the federal, state, and local levels, taxpayers shell out approximately $134.9 billion to cover the costs incurred by the presence of more than 12.5 million illegal aliens and about 4.2 million citizen children of illegal aliens. That amounts to a tax burden of approximately $8,075 per illegal alien family member and a total of $115,894,597,664. The total cost of illegal immigration to U.S. taxpayers is both staggering and crippling. In 2013, FAIR estimated the total cost to be approximately $113 billion. So, in under four years, the cost has risen nearly $3 billion. This is a disturbing and unsustainable trend. The sections below will break down and further explain these numbers at the federal, state, and local levels.” according to FAIR  ( Federation For American Immigration Reform) in The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers

Of course, you find those on the left who support illegals before their fellow citizens attacking the truth in this report. They are fueled by the Southern Poverty Law Center which uses feelings and propaganda to justify their own hate. They provide no facts to their declarations putting churches and anything that supports America and our Constitution as “hate groups” on their pathetic site.

One of their Founders Morris Dees is in fact not a man of his word. Just ask his Ex-wife. I will say this and I mean it just as with the Bill Clinton case. If a man can not keep his oath to his wife they are untrustworthy and dishonest. A liar is a liar! Here read the divorce case for yourself and ask yourself would you trust this man’s word. Here it is Morris Dees — Child Molester, Pervert, and Liar?

One thing missing from this so-called expert site is any and all communist, Marxist and socialist groups.  ANTIFA not there even though they attack U.S. Citizens with violence and call for the violent overthrow of the United States of America. So could the absent and defense of ANTIFA thus give us a glimpse at their motives and true colors?

Here could be their so-called justification. As we have reported that the Obama official stance was if you are Anti-Abortion or Anti- Illegal Immigration you were considered a White Supremacist by the Obama Admin. Here is the proof in Official Report Shows If You Are Anti-Abortion or Illegal Immigration You Are A White Supremacist So Says The Obama Administration!! Those are their words, not mine and the official report to go with it.

This report came out in 2013. Should Illegals be allowed to collect any welfare? Cutting this off would help stem the constant flow over our southern border. We have states and cities defying Federal Law.  Those states and cities should be cut off of any Federal Funds until they comply with our existing laws and they stop obstructing Federal agents from doing their jobs to protect American Citizens.

By far the majority of Non-Citizens households are receiving some sort of welfare, not to mention free schooling. See 63% of Non-Citizen Households Access Welfare Programs Compared to 35% of native households

Why do they defy the law? It is all about power and votes as we have reported in The Dirty Truth About Why Democrats Support Illegal Immigration. They Are Counted For Congressional Appointment

Who does the modern Democratic party represent? The Citizens or the Illegal and why should U.S. taxpayers fund this illegal behavior? Is it time to Demand they stop? You can read the facts for yourself and decide!~RJH

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren Defends Illegal Instead Of Her Own Citizens. Treason?

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Thank You and God Bless America~RJH

Who else is tired of seeing these so-called representatives of We The People defending the actions of Illegals?

Here is a Senator’s oath when taking office!

” Oath of Office. Upon taking office, senators-elect must swear or affirm that they will “support and defend the Constitution.” The president of the Senate or a surrogate administers the oath to newly elected or re-elected senators. The oath is required by the Constitution; the wording is prescribed by law.”


Nowhere does it say defend those trying to enter our Country illegally? Who does Elizabeth Warren really work for? It sure is not the American People who trusted her to have our interests in mind, first.  Sure is not the Tibbetts’ family. What about American Citizens that have been separated from their families by the hand of illegals? Is that not a “real problem” to Sen. Warren? HMM! It is time to hold these fake, phonies and frauds accountable for their words and actions!

This emotional politics has to stop in America. You can not govern a nation on feelings! We need real leaders who understand that their job is to defend America and uphold the Constitution which means enforcing the laws we have on the books whether you agree with them or not! ~RJH

Please, if you like what you see follow and share. We do not do this for money. We have never made a dime. The liberals and their control over the media make sure of it. God has put me in a position where I have time and facts from years of paying attention. I know our policies of destruction over the past many years has made it necessary for both parents to work leaving no time to look into facts for yourselves. I will pass on as much Unconstitutional behavior as I can dig up. All I ask is you share and help me sow seeds of freedom back into the American mind. If you have a tip or something you think needs attention email us at :

We The People’s News
Thank You and God Bless America~RJH

The Dirty Truth About Why Democrats Support Illegal Immigration. They Are Counted For Congressional Appointment

From the United States Census Bureau: Congressional Apportionment:

What is apportionment? 

Apportionment is the process of dividing the 435 memberships, or seats, in the U.S. House of Representatives among the 50 states.
Who is included in the apportionment population counts? 

The apportionment calculation is based upon the total resident population (citizens and non-citizens) of the 50 states. In the 2010 Census, the apportionment population also includes U.S. Armed Forces personnel and federal civilian employees stationed outside the United States (and their dependents living with them) that can be allocated, based on administrative records, back to a home state. This is the same procedure used in 2000.”

What affects does this have on America? You would think this would be a question our Politicians and media would ask if they had The U.S. Citizens interests in mind.  Instead, all you hear are the emotional arguments pounded day and night on our media. They do not report the truth that because of Illegal Immigration California has gained 9 seats in the House of Representatives and Michigan has lost 2.

A New Report by The Center for Immigration Studies: Immigration’s Effect on the Redistribution of House Seats  Shows:


“We examine how current immigration policy affects the allocation of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. Because the current level of immigration is so high (eight to 10 million immigrants arrive each decade) and because immigrants settle unevenly across the country (75 percent live in just six states), immigration causes the population in some states to increase much more rapidly than in others. Since seats in the House are reapportioned every 10 years based on each state’s population relative to the rest of the country, and all persons — citizens, legal immigrants, and illegal aliens — who are counted in the census are included in the apportionment calculations, immigration is having a significant effect on the distribution of seats in the House. And as seats are redistributed, so is political power in Washington.”

“There are now a number of districts in the country where the majority of adults are non-citizens. In the 1996 election, for example, only 55,000 votes were cast in the immigrant-heavy 33rd district of California, and in the 25th district of Texas only 51,000 votes were cast. This is about one-fourth the average vote count of 226,000 for the typical district in Michigan — one of the states losing the most from immigration. In fact, in 1996, there were a total of 11 districts in California and seven in Texas where the total number of votes cast was less than half the number cast in the typical Michigan district. The small number of votes cast in many California and Texas districts is almost entirely a by-product of mass immigration. In California alone, there were nearly six million non-citizen immigrants in 1997, enough to create eight or nine congressional districts. As a practical matter, this situation gives significantly more political power to voting citizens living in districts made up mostly of non-citizens.

In effect, the ballots of voters in high-immigrant districts carry far more weight than the ballots of voters who live in districts made up of citizens. This seeming contradiction of the principle of “one man one vote” exists because the courts have interpreted this principle to mean that districts should be equal in total population — not ineligible voters. This, coupled with the fact that some districts are drawn to ensure a Hispanic majority, makes for districts with very few citizens.”

As you can see there are very serious Consequences for turning a blind eye to this issue.  This is about votes and control. Democrats could care less about Refugees to them it is all about votes. They do not even care about their fellow citizens. Our media ignores facts like this and call you a Nazi or white supremacist for dare mentioning them.

This was the Offical Obama Admin Stance: Official Report Shows If You Are Anti-Abortion or Illegal Immigration You Are A White Supremacist So Says The Obama Administration!! Too many in America let the TV and the Media Control how they think. ~RJH

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See Also: The Communist Seed OF The “CARAVAN”!!

Caravan Supporters Are In Violation Of Federal Law!

Merkel Proclaims, “The U.N. Migration Pact Is Legally Binding Even For Countries That Did Not Sign It Because that is how Majorities work!”

Muslims Are Protesting Amazon Because “They Do Not Have Enough Time To Pray The Required 5 Times A Day While At Work”!

You would think people who were given refuge from terrible places would be a tad bit more grateful. Amazon offers a great employment opportunity with excellent pay – ranging here from $16.25-$20.80 an hour, and comprehensive benefits including health care, up to 20 weeks parental leave, paid education, promotional opportunities, and more.

Any sane person would think this would be enough of an opportunity to be happy, not Muslims.  Muslim workers at an Amazon warehouse in Shakopee, Minnesota, are protesting against their employer, claiming rigorous work requirements prevent them from praying.

So as we see Christmas and Christians Holiday’s being painted as racist and being attacked. We have to watch as ungrateful so-called refugees protest the wonderful opportunities many Americans would like to have.

reported by The Blaze in Muslim Amazon workers protest against tech giant, claim they don’t have enough time to pray

Why didn’t they have the nerve to protest the conditions in their homelands that made them so-called refugees? Once again we have ungrateful third world immigrants demanding we change for them. Who else is sick and tired of seeing this shit in our Country. If you do not want the job quit and let someone that is willing to do it work.  Get a ticket back home if America does not suit your demands! ~RJH

Britain And America Are Under Seige By The Globalist Army: ANTIFA, COMMUNIST, SOCIAL WARRIORS, Community Organizers, ANARCHIST, UNIONS, Islam, “Non-Profits” ETC… In An Effort To Destroy FREEDOM!

How to Destroy a Country:

  1. Attack Law and Order
  2. Spread propaganda
  3. Agitate those who have less with perceived social injustices
  4. Claim the side that loves their country are in fact far right, Fascist Nazis.
  5. Build a civilian army made of those who favor Lawlessness.
  6. Attack those who love their country, and use self-defense as an excuse for the attack because you labeled the nation’s flag waving, country loving patriots as Nazis thus justifying your violence.
  7. Control the media and selectively edit the news to push your agenda and silence the opposition with labels of Far Right, Alt-Right, White Supremacist, Nazis, and other vile names.
  8. Silence good people with the guilt of a select few from past generations labeling an entire race as slave traders, racist and on some pulpits in America, Evil. Even though it is this evil you label that freed slaves and defeated Nazis.
  9. Attack all The Countries Culture as racist their traditions as racist and now even their candy.
  10. Take over the schools and teach social justice Marist agenda.
  11. Make up new “Rights” like abortion, identity gender as tools to label your opposition as bigots and Nazis. Thus to silence them and their love of Freedom!
  12. Us Non-Profits to fund your agenda though they are supposed to be non-partisan. Oppress the other side with the federal power of the IRS as you ignore all the liberal non-profits that violate the law every day.
  13. Use the Power of the Federal Government to Spy on the opposing political opponent using False Evidence created by an ex British spy which was paid for by the Hillary Clinton and used by the FBI knowingly to dupe the FISA court to spy on their opponent.
  14. Attack American and British Flag waving Patriots on our streets while carrying communist flags and the justification that you are attacking Nazis. Take our word for it and that being praised by our sold-out globalist controlled MEDIA. Then blaming the American loving Patriots for the violence that was actual LEGAL self-defense.
  15. Passing new Human Rights AKA The Right to Migrate in the UN to trap sovereign countries into violating what you now consider international law whether countries signed up for it or not. In which the U.N. promises to assist governments in silencing any opposition to this new human right! Good Bye Free Speech

Here is a Video of what Britain is dealing with and how they feel about the Brexit Betrayal. They want out and voted to get out of the Europen Union and here is why. Please, pay attention to the similarities!~RJH



Illegals Murder Naturalized Citizen To Cover Their Multi-Million Dollar Crime

Authorities allege Pablo Rubio-Rangel paid Perez-Bravo to assist Juan Rangel-Rubio in killing Montoya in retaliation for reporting the conspiracy that is believed to have netted the brothers more than $3.5 million during the approximately 10-year period of the scheme.

“Eliud Montoya was a naturalized citizen of the United States who worked hard and raised a family,” according to Bobby L. Christine, Southern District of Georgia U.S. Attorney,  adding, “He went to the proper authorities to report a federal crime and for that, he was murdered. Our office is committed to ensuring justice for Eliud Montoya, a man killed for doing the right thing, by those intent on protecting their illegal profits.” AKA CRIME!

Who else is tired of reading about illegals killing American Citizens? It is the for the wall! ~RJH

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