Obama Showing His True Colors!!

Shawn Hannity put this together. It is Obama praising Islam. He has always been Anti- American and freedom!! Time to face the facts!! ~RJH

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This man did more damage to national security than terrorism!! He divided Americans on purpose with every label his mind could think up!! He weakened this great nation by pitting us against each other!!  Enough is enough!~RJH


fighting each other
Divided we Fall!!




Posion being taught in Public Schools

This is real life news !! Imagine if this was your little son or daughter? Please watch, subscribe and share!! More videos of real life to come!!~RJH

via (5) Hate being taught in our Public shcools – YouTube

Real Answers On Refugee Questions!

This is an everyday American that started looking into why Refugees being poured into their town which was ill-equipped to handle them.

This site has answers to many questions and exposes the human trafficking of people so others can profit!!~RJH

via Refugee Resettlement Watch

Rules on Speech Is Not Free Speech!!!

Americans have had political correctness jammed down their throats by a steady feeding in our Nightly News.   Rules on speech can never, ever equal free speech!!

LONDON Americans often cite free speech when controversial statements offend certain groups of people, but what if you went to jail for making an ill-humored joke on Facebook? That’s what happened to one British man recently, over his status update. But the case raises questions about free speech laws in the U.K.8 –CBS REPORT

We have a resolution in Washington D. C. which may just bring that to America On April 4, 2017, the US Senate passed Senate Resolution 118, “Condemning hate crime and any other form of racism, religious or ethnic bias, discrimination, incitement to violence, or animus targeting a minority in the United States.” The resolution was drafted by a Muslim organization, EmgageUSA (formerly EmergeUSA) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). Congress.GOV

“Thanks to the hard work of Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Susan Collins and Senator Kamala Harris we have achieved the approval of Senate Resolution 118, an anti-hate crimes bill drafted by Emerge-USA. It is days like this that Americans are reminded of this country’s founding principles: equal opportunity, freedom, justice. We are proud to help support the protection of these rights #amoreperfectunion #theamericandream.”Youngnewswire.com is reporting

This is going to create a conflict because on June 19th of 2017 the Supreme Court ruled as follows: Supreme Court unanimously reaffirms: There is no ‘hate speech’ exception to the First Amendment  June 19 Washington Post Report!

What are these Politicians up too? It is time to hold our politician’s feet to the flames of the Constitution which they swore an oath to uphold!!!!~RJH


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