This is the best thing CNN has ever aired!! The last Administration has divided this country !! Why? To Conquer it? ~RJH

Fareed Zakaria: Liberals think they’re tolerant, but they’re not



This is an awesome read!!! FREEDOM!!~RJH


Who’s Justice is being done?

Chiseled in stone on the Union County  courthouse in Jonesborro, Il is the symbol and stamp of the Masons. I dare to ask why a “secret societies” symbol is on We The People Illinois’ courthouse and how did it get there?

Why would a society and secret group be allowed on the courthouse? I will be calling tomorrow to ask for comment. Who’s justice is being done in that courthouse? The people of union county paid for the new courthouse through a 1 % sales tax increase. How much did this secret group contribute to get their name etched in the stone?

I hope I am not the only American appalled at this . Feel free to comment AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!~RJH  (Sorry the picture is blurry. Will get a better one soon)


Who's justice masom memme

Convert or die!!! In the Philippines!!! Islam takes away choice by force and death!!! It is Anti-American and Anti-Freedom!!~RJH

Islam is peaceful says our media!! They DO NOT report the truth, and call anyone who does fake news!! Time to stop the spread of this poison. How many more have to die at the hands of this barbaric cult? How many American journalist sell their country out every day by not reporting the truth? Why do you still turn to them for the news even though they lie to you and you know it?
How many more have to die at the hands of this Barbaric cult?~RJH

To bad aborted Unborn babies never got a chance to live and celebrate a Memorial day!!!~RJH

What has happened to our society ? These people talk about killing babies like we talk about a baseball game. To them this is normal . God help Us.
In Memory of all the aborted babies!!~RJH

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