The Media and the Democrats Believe It Is Their Job To Control How You Think: In Their Own Words !!

Come see Demonacratic Deception at its best!! #WETHPEOPLESNEWS ~RJH

This video was created to inform WE THE PEOPLE!! Hope you enjoy.

“Children should be able to do anything they want?” #AMERICANPRIDE

Is this what the liberals think is normal? This is an amazing video!! IF your parents don’t agree you need new parents. Sounds like this poor little girl needs some that are for sure.

Why is this acceptable behavior? Why if we speak against this are we labeled bigot by that verbal assault weapon of political correctness? Rules on free speech do not equal free speech. You can not silence one side using your right to free speech “safe spaces” You can not DEMAND another opposing opinion remain silent!!

Watch the video for yourselves!! See for yourself click to watch!! This is the liberal Utopia? It is time to end this poison running through this country. We must stand up and DEMAND better from ourselves!!! This does not represent WE THE PEOPLE!!! ~RJH


Hey Man Nice Shot!!!

Hey, the jig is up!! The game is over!!Liberals it is time to come clean! You made the mistake of underestimating WE THE PEOPLE !!! Sure you fooled many .but when you control the sources they get their “trusted” information from that is called agenda!! When you tell a lie day after day the weaker minded start to tell it as fact and why? Because they “heard it on the news” I have heard that statement numerous times as an excuse for a flat out lie!!

If we can not trust those that are supposed to be the Guardians of free speech the ” FREE PRESS” (another right surrendered willingly by many) where do we turn? For years, before social media, they spoon feed us reasons “for our safety” to nibble and nibble away at our rights until all we have left is the bone!!!. I say we demand better journalist!! I have no training nor did well in high school, but I stand as an American (makes me a journalist in the 1st amendment )  I cry for ALL Americans to unite and demand politicians that can stay within the budget they are given!!!!, stand up for human rights by banning and deporting ANYONE who believes in sharia law ( it oppresses women and children & Christians, Jews, Hindu,, etc… #AMERICANPRIDE ). Demand that JOURNALIST OR CELEBATIES GIVING THEIR OPINION SPEAK THE TRUTH !!! Let us decide!!! We are tired of being played as fools because FOOLS WE ARE NOT!!! ~RJHFeatured Image -- 614

We The People Of The United States

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are the glue that strengthens all our rights.

Freedom of speech is essential to all of our rights. The freedom of the press is the biggest check and balance afforded to Us as a free society. Without being able to freely communicate ideas with each other freedom is doomed.

Political correctness is a direct assault on free speech. This is being fed to us through the Guardians of free speech, the free press. Journalist today through political correctness try to ban words. This equals rules on speech. This is not free speech and is only about control. Freedom of speech has stopped groups like the KKK in America. It allowed the members of the KKK to spew their vile hatred. This, in turn, made Americans see the evil in their hearts and public opinion turned. That is what freedom of speech does and why it is so important.

The right to speak freely with no repercussions is essential to freedom. The current administration bans words, why? Because they believe they have the answer only and you have no right to disagree, again UN-AMERICAN! If the free press would do their jobs and care more about the facts than their bottom line we would have less corrupt politicians. Free speech is supposed to guard us against that but the Guardians of that free speech are failing America

Freedom of speech ended slavery. It got started by people being able to communicate freely sharing ideas. Without being able to communicate freely how long do you think our other rights would stand up?We as a people should demand more from our journalist that poor gasoline on a fire to sell stories.

We have evolved as a country trying to right wrongs of the past. As a people united we could demand facts from a journalist. We have the power to get the country back to the rule of law, the only way to freedom. Instead, we see an Administration that ignores laws and re-writes them himself, why? Journalist do not hold him accountable.

There is no color, race nor religion clause added to our rights. Think of them as a muscle the more you exercise them the stronger they become and vice versa. Remember when you brush this off that good men died to bring us the rights and freedom we enjoy. It is our duty as Americans to honor that sacrifice by invoking those rights as often as possible.

____ Roger Hoekstra

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