The Government Doesn’t Want To Hear About Vaccine Deaths Or Side Effects Says Federal Govt. HHS Worker.

A whistle blower that works for the HHS has come forward with news every honest American should hear. Why aren’t you hearing this? Because the Federal government does not want you too. She calls what is happening evil.

We pointed out how the numbers of the so called covid deaths are being counted fraudulently from the very begining. Our video shows that even if you didn’t die from covid ,but tested positive for covid after death you were automatically a covid death. How covid deaths are counted from an experts mouth

Now a whistle blower has come forward from the government to expose the evil of this all! Project Veritas has the exclusive interview.

The media can not be trusted to bring you the truth nor will the government who had a hand in making this virus be honest with you! They are not studying the side effects of this vaccine , yet so willing to make humans their guinea pigs. Mandates leave no room for exceptions. I,personally, already have congestive heart failure, yet when I go to a health appointment they try to force me to wear a mask even though they do not work. The Government claims there is a medical exemption, yet it is not honored even by health workers.

Before you allow this vaccine in your body make sure you know all the facts. That is what an unbiased media would report if they were not scared of the government and cancel culture.

When did Cancel Culture become more powerful than the 1st amendment?

Before you make a decision please arm yourself with facts from honest journalism not the lies on cable news written and scripted in an attempt to contol what you think!

Please share, Twitter has banned us and we no longer participate on Facebook. Everyone who loves freedom should dump the social media! We can beat them by making them go broke! ~RJH

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