Do Unions Destroy Democracy in America?

In this video, you will hear a common thread that is ailing cities across America!! That is Union Corruption along with corrupt politicians. Unions work hard and spend big dollars to elect certain politicians. They later negotiate with those politicians they helped place in the office.

This has produce contracts that cities can no longer afford!! There are other factors such as wasteful spending and economic downturns that have helped cause this problem in American cities. But who is responsible for the politicians that were elected? Those paying for their campaigns through donations?

Let’s take a look at the money and see where it leads. From: Open


That is an awful lot of Blue!!! So I ask who is responsible?

This is the end result! American citizens duped into Unions that parasite money every way they can!! Illinois even passed a law making it illegal challenge unions. You can’t make this stuff up.

” Our example today is a pro-union bill in the Democrat-controlled General Assembly that would prevent Illinois municipalities from setting up right-to-work zones, in which employees in union-protected positions could choose whether to join and pay dues. For legislators who are tightly aligned with organized labor, the proposed ban hits the spot. But it apparently wasn’t enough of a hint to local officials and employers about who really runs Illinois. So the bill’s backers included a stunning clause that said any elected official who defies the state ban on right-to-work zones would be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.” by in the Editorial Board of the Chicago Tribune Challenge Illinois unions, go to jail. Seriously?



This video doesn’t exist

Maybe it is time to re-think Unions in America and the role they play in Protests and the Resist movement. The truth is the root of unions comes from the old Soviet Union sent out to spread dissension in other countries. Sort of what Community Organizing is today!!

“How would you like to wake up tomorrow to find that you had no more voting rights? And that an unknown, appointed and foreign bureaucrat now controlled your city? That the mayor’s key to the city was confiscated, and the city council was disbanded? That the new rulers governed by decree? And you were now a de facto serf where you had yesterday been free?” The Trumpet writes about this issue in Central Falls, R.I., Loses Democracy Was this the long-term plan of Unions from the beginning to Destroy Democracy?~RJH


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Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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