Debra Kats, Ford’s Attorney With Hillary Who Downplayed Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Clinton, Franken

Justice is supposed to be blind, but the attorney for Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser seems to be biased when it comes to Democrats being accused. Here is a picture of her walking behind Hillary who worked to shut up accusers of her husband. DID HILLARY CLINTON HELP BILL CLINTON INTIMIDATE AND DISCREDIT HIS RAPE AND SEXUAL MISCONDUCT ACCUSERS? “Bill Clinton raped me, and Hillary Clinton threatened me,” Kats meme

“Broaddrick first spoke out about Hillary Clinton’s attempts to silence her in 1999, when she told the Drudge Report that Hillary Clinton approached her at a political rally to thank her for keeping quiet about the alleged assault.

“She caught me and took my hand and said, ‘I am so happy to meet you. I want you to know that we appreciate everything you do for Bill,'” Broaddrick recalled. “I started to turn away and she held onto my hand and reiterated her phrase—looking less friendly and repeated her statement—everything you do for Bill.'”

Broaddrick said Hillary Clinton wouldn’t let her “get away until she made her point.”

“Willey has leveled similar accusations against Hillary Clinton, telling the Washington Examiner in October 2016 that the conversation about Bill Clinton’s alleged assaults should include discussion of the Democratic nominee’s complicity.

“Hillary Clinton’s been calling me a bimbo for 19 years, as well as Paula and Juanita and Gennifer [Flowers],” Willey told the outlet.

“This [is] no longer about Bill Clinton’s transgressions or his infidelities or girlfriends or sex … it’s not about that anymore,” she continued. “What it’s about is the actions that his wife has taken against the women that he has raped and assaulted.”

We all know about Paula Jones and her case. What many do not know is Debra Katz said about it. “In 1998, Katz stated that Paula Jones did not have a viable case against President Bill Clinton.”

“In the Court’s opinion in Clinton v. Jones, Stevens had written, “…it appears to us highly unlikely to occupy any substantial amount of petitioner’s time.” The Supreme Court’s ruling in Clinton v. Jones led to the District Court’s hearing of Jones v. Clinton, which led to the Lewinsky scandal when Clinton was asked under oath about other workplace relationships, which led to charges of perjury and obstruction of justice and the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

On April 12, 1999, Wright found Clinton in contempt of court for “intentionally false” testimony in Jones v. Clinton, fined him $90,000, and referred the case to the Arkansas Supreme Court‘s Committee on Professional Conduct, as Clinton still possessed a law license in Arkansas”

Clinton Will Pay $850,000 to End Paula Jones Suit

So I guess Katz is not such the expert that Democrats think she is. It is amazing that she thinks all victims have the right to be heard except those accusing her Friend Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton. The Full List Of Bill Clinton Sexual Assault Allegations By 12 Different Women So do the Democrats have any moral high ground to stand on? Selective outrage? There are even STATE TROOPERS who guarded Bill when he was Governor of Arkansas that have spoken up. Yet Democrats and the media ignore it all!

So Debra Katz believes an unprovable 35-year-old accusation should be investigated by the FBI, but Paula Jones and the other women accusing her pal Hillary’s husband had no merit. This is not justice it is SELECTIVE OUTRAGE!! This is a smear campaign plain and simple. The actions of those involved prove this. Katz’s does not actually believe that all accusers should be heard by her prior actions and statements about those who accused Bill. You know a tree by the fruit it bears!!~RJH

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