An 84-Year-Old Korean War Veteran Has His Guns Seized By Red Flag Laws Because, a Waitress Reported Him To The Police!

A Tisbury School crossing guard has been relieved of duty and had his personal firearms confiscated for alleged threats to the Tisbury School overheard by a waitress at Linda Jean’s restaurant in Oak Bluffs.

The Tisbury Police Department relieved Stephen Nichols, a resident of Tisbury, Massachusetts, from his duties as a crossing guard and confiscated his legally-owned guns because of complaints from a waitress at a local diner.

Nichols was having a conversation with a friend in a local diner called Linda Jean’s on September 18, according to the Martha’s Vinyard Times. He was criticizing the Tisbury school resource officer for making trips to get coffee while children were arriving in the morning. Nichols reportedly told his friend that someone could “shoot up the school” in the officer’s absence.

That is how easy the buse of Red Flag Laws works. Anyone can report you and you have to prove you are not a danger after they took your guns. This is how we repay those who fought to keep our country free?

He also lost his job! Is this what America is coming too/ JUst think all those reporting conservatives on social media will be able to do real damage with these laws.

As we have reported Trump and Pence are for these laws. Mike Pence’s Stance On Red Flag Laws Is Not Constitutional! America Is Being Brainwashed Into Giving Up Their Constitutional, Rights! Please, let that sink in. Is the whole impeachment circus a way to distract from these unconstitutional laws being passed? Is William Barr A Good Pick For AG? He IS For Gun Control, AND DEFENDED THE SNIPER IN THE RANDY WEAVER CASE! Is Trump Who We Think He Is? Think!~RJH

Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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