Hillary Tells America To”Get Over It’ When It Comes To Late Night Sneaky Joe Bidens Fondling Of Children!

Hillary Clinton shows her obvious lack of character and honor once again. The democrats are the self-proclaimed party of the woman, aren’t they or so they tell us. The rules just don’t apply to them!

In an interview with people at the end of September, she describes the inappropriate touching of children as an “annoying habit” and says to “get over” it. Wow, what words of wisdom from one of the evilest humans to walk this earth.

When she was Secretary of State this Chuck Todd reported this and then it got shut down. No more press no follow up! This was her department!

From: This is an Unclassified Executive Summary of the Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) report provided to Congress and the Department of State.

“OIG found that there was undue delay within the
Department in adequately addressing the 2011
misconduct allegations and that the alleged incidents
of similar misconduct prior to 2011 were not timely
reported to appropriate Department officials.7
OIG also
found that, notwithstanding the serious nature of the
alleged misconduct, the Department never attempted to
remove the RSO from Department work environments
where the RSO could potentially harm other employees,
an option available under the FAM.8
Notably, the DS
agents investigating the 2011 allegations reported to DS
management, in October 2011, that they had gathered
“overwhelming evidence” of the RSO’s culpability.
The agents also encountered resistance from senior
Department and DS managers as they continued to
investigate the RSO’s suspected misconduct in 2011.
OIG found that the managers in question had personal
relationships with the RSO. For instance, the agents were
directed to interview another DS manager who was a
friend of the RSO, and who was the official responsible
for selecting the agents’ work assignments. During the
interview, the manager acted in a manner the agents
believed was meant to intimidate them. OIG also found
that Department and DS managers had described the
agents’ investigation as a “witch hunt,” unfairly focused
on the RSO. Even though OIG did not find evidence
of actual retaliation against the investigating agents,
OIG concluded that these circumstances, including the
undue delay, created an appearance of undue influence
and favoritism concerning DS’s investigation and the
Department’s handling of the matter”

Now Hillary has this to say about Biden’s inappropriate touching of kids and women!

We all know she has defending her husband’s womanizing and sexual assaults. The 2 have also been involved with Epstein and his island of sexual sin! Both Hillary And Bill Visited “Pervert” Island Owned By Their Friend And Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Is it no wonder here response to this is “get over it” kind of like “what difference now does it make”?~RJH

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Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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