Iranian Spy Rings Caught in America. Why Was The Media Silent?

The first plot that has been uncovered even may have targeted members of our Congress and tried to influence our elections. According to the local Abc news in Chicago in Feds charge man in Chicago in bizarre Iranian spy plot  “An Iranian-American man was arrested in Chicago in connection with an alleged bizarre spy plot that may have targeted some members of Congress, the ABC7 I-Team has learned.”

Here is the actual compliant Federal Criminal Complaint.   This is as anti-Jewish as it gets. They also tried to influence our elections which our media has failed to report. Maybe if Obama was not too busty spying on Trump when he was the presidential candidate we could have uncovered this sooner. That would have made Iran look bad though and Obama could not have that after paying them all that money and signing a”treaty” with them which has NEVER been ratified through our Congress thus illegal.

Here is the second case. Compliant from the Department of Justice  Again our media is silent, why? This would justify the sanctions Trump has put on Iran. The Complaint states. ““These nine Iranian nationals allegedly stole more than 31 terabytes of documents and data from more than 140 American universities, 30 American companies, five American government agencies, and also more than 176 universities in 21 foreign countries,” said Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein.  “For many of these intrusions, the defendants acted at the behest of the Iranian government and, specifically, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.  The Department of Justice will aggressively investigate and prosecute hostile actors who attempt to profit from America’s ideas by infiltrating our computer systems and stealing intellectual property.  This case is important because it will disrupt the defendants’ hacking operations and deter similar crimes.”

One would think this would be breaking news to America, but the media selectively edit it out to control how you think. This was the only media source I could find. From Wired DOJ INDICTS 9 IRANIANS FOR BRAZEN CYBERATTACKS AGAINST 144 US UNIVERSITIES  I remembered this and finally found the time to write about it. The Trump haters will call this Fake news, but as you see it is very real. It is time to stop listening to the “media”. Why would Americans not want to hear when their Country is attacked by a foreign land? Please, share this and help get the word out. We write and bring you facts the media edits out for free. We do not have ads on and do not get paid. We do this because we love America and understand it is the only true free Country left in the world. Looking the other way will not help us stay free. Please, if you like what we do share our articles!~RJH


Author: We The People's News

Patriot fighting for freedom and rights . Weapon of choice the pen and 1st Amendment ! The Truth shall set you free~RJH

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